Free for All: 06/21/12

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  1. savefarris Says:

    Commerce Secretary Resigns:

    Say, who’s up for a cabinet nomination battle centered around the economy?!?

    Obama’s other option is to simply leave the post vacant. However, that might not be feasible both legally & politically.

  2. libertyandjustice Says:

    This and several other departments should be abolished!! Did I tell you what I think of NPR’s news division?

  3. If your show has the hosts reading the news and interviewing newsmakers, it’s a news show. In this case, a GOP propaganda one. It’s embarrassing.

  4. Did I tell you what I think of NPR’s news division?”

    No, tell us L&J. I’m always up for a good Soviet Union era joke.

  5. ^^ Oops, wrong thread.

  6. savefarris Says:

    If your show has the hosts reading the news and interviewing newsmakers, it’s a news show.

    I’d tweak that definition if I were you. Because that could just as easily apply to Hannity, Maddow, Beck et. al. Hell, it would include Stewart, Colbert & Maher as well.

  7. Opinion hours don’t do news headlines. They have newsbreaks for that.

  8. Okay, who broke Twitter while I was out?

  9. Joey broke the twitter!

  10. Mitt told Latinos he was going to supercede Obama’s temporary Dream Act solution with a permanent one. Without a word about what it is. This is the McCain campaign that worked so well last time: “Trust me, I know how to fix stuff. No worries”.

  11. The Four. SE, Krystal Ball, Toure, and Steve Kornacki. Just introed on Ratigan’s show.

  12. DR may have been kidding about the name. I saw a tweet from Krystal mentioning “Cycle”.

  13. Ok, it’s called The Cycle.

  14. From POLITICO’s Dylan Byers:

    “The Cycle” will be an ensemble show; all four hosts will appear every day, with each one taking turns facilitating the discussion. If that sounds like a certain 5 PM Fox News show, the team behind “The Cycle” is well aware of it. In the Thursday interview, Cupp, Kornacki, Touré and Ball all jokingly pretended not to know what “The Five” is, and Friedman flatly rejected the notion that his new show was derivative.

  15. Fritz3 is stumbling around posting in a stuper. You put th bath salts in the tub Fritzo.

  16. carolmr Says:

    “The CYCLE”?? Another War on Women.

  17. Every time Shep shows the recording of Zimmerman,he makes a point of mentioning that it’s edited, but not in such a way that would change the context. Second time I’ve seen it today. And the entire recording is available on the website.

  18. Zimmerman got out of his truck. To read the street sign. In a tiny neighborhood he patrolled regularly. Because looking at the sign through the window..on a street you already know the name too hard.

  19. What’s striking to me is that the behavior is not all that unusual, if you believe all the hype about ‘bullying’. What IS unusual is the victim. What kind of generation are we breeding when they can’t even be nice to Grandma?

  20. readerj Says:

    carollmr, I had that exact same instant reaction to “The Cycle.” LOL. Are there no women executives with input on these decisions at MSNBC?

  21. Geez, you guys. NEWS cycle!

  22. carolmr Says:

    Joe, I don’t think NEWS cycle is what most people will think of first. At least not women viewers.

  23. I thought it was gonna be about bikes in the Tour De France. 😉

  24. Ok, Rachel is talking about the gun control conspiracy again. Tonight with clips – many of them – from FNC, including Darrell Issa himself proclaiming Fast & Furious a trick to create an environment supportive of gun control.

    The administration let guns run rampant into Mexico so they could get gun control on the table. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard since Bush created 9/11 so he could go to war. What the hell is wrong with people?

  25. lonestar77 Says:

    Did Rachel mention the reaction of the Terry family? Or, it’s she just focused on conspiracy theories that have nothing to do with the fact that somebody misled Congress and that holder refuses to release information regarding the killing of a border patrol agent? I’m guessing she does what she normally does and just runs interference for the white house?

  26. She mentioned the craziness that FNC has apparently been feeding its viewers for months. I had no idea you guys were listening to this madness. It’s like if truthers had taken over a network and Congress during the Bush Administration.

  27. lonestar77 Says:

    Keep in mind that Rachel used everything she could whether in context or not. You watch some fnc and said you’d never heard of it. I had maybe heard it once in passing but never thought about it. Sounds like its Rachel’s propaganda that worked…on you.

  28. I don’t watch FNC anymore..I’d had enough. I can’t even sit through Red Eye anymore. Now that Greg’s a big shot, he’s not funny.

  29. lonestar77 Says:

    Well, I watch it and don’t recall anything about this theory. Rachel is a master of deception. I wouldn’t take anything fromher at face value.

  30. She’s gotten enough wrong, and MSNBC is in no position to judge another network for allowing individuals to express questionable opinions.

  31. So is it happening or not? Colbert did a spoof on it, and I saw clips of Issa and several other Congressman promoting this theory.

  32. lonestar77 Says:

    I told you I’ve heard of it maybe once. I’ve heard all sports of things once.
    Sounds like she wants you to think about something other than what’s actually going on. Shocking.

  33. She wants to know the same thing I do: Why is Issa targeting Holder about something that was going on before he was there, but ignoring the ATF crew who ran it?

  34. savefarris Says:

    For the 8 millionth time, F&F started in 2009. Last I checked, Bush wasn’t President then.

  35. Anyone watching O’Reilly tonight in HD, check out the quality of hte video feed from GBTV compared to O’Reilly in the side-by-side shots. Perhaps it’s merely an illusion created by the different lighting used on their respective sets, but Glen Beck shows up crystal clear and Bill O looks fuzzy.

  36. For the 8th millionth time, changing the name of a gun-tracking (or lack thereof) operation does not make it a new thing. Until someone from the ATF shows up on my TV to explain what the hell happened, I don’t wanna hear about the f***ing Attorney General!

  37. Joe is as wrong about this as he has ever been wrong about anything. They need to release the documents.

    If you weren’t convinced:

  38. Yeah, I’m gonna change my mind because of a comedian. Screw Darrell Issa.

  39. I’m certainly interested in finding out who fell down on the job of monitoring Fast & Furious and why. It’s very interesting that the programme was ended in December 2010, which was before AG Holder claims he first learned about it.

  40. savefarris Says:

    they did more than just “change the name”, joe. And you know it.

  41. Joe is going through his OWS-is-great phase, which includes burying his head in the sand.

  42. Daily Caller reports the wisdom of Nancy Drew, um Pelosi:

    “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that House Republicans attempting to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress are part of a ‘nationwide scheme to suppress the vote… ‘These very same people who are holding him in contempt are part of a nationwide scheme to suppress the vote.'”

    Yes, Nancy, that makes so much sense. Or maybe it appears AG Holder is hiding many documents in Operation Fast and Furious.

  43. “And you know it!” Whatevs, I’m off to NASCAR in Sonoma. Carry on, haters!

  44. carolmr Says:

    Larry, Brett Baier just said that Joe Williams tweeted that he is done at Politico.

  45. There are plenty of opportunities out there for his racist views I’m sure.

  46. readerj Says:

    Doug McKelway on Fox Report opens a segment on the possible effect of throwing out the health care mandate.. by presenting analysis from the Cato Institute. not very fair and balanced of him

  47. Funny, I heard Shep parrot the line about how repealing Obamacare will increase the deficit, which is left-wing fantasyland. So it depends who you listen to.

  48. savefarris Says:

    There are plenty of opportunities out there for his racist views I’m sure.

    Lean Forward

  49. JUSTICE! Jerry Sandusky convicted on 45 of 48 counts.

  50. ^ And Fox News goes to Shep. Good.

  51. And Ed Schultz is anchoring the MSNBC Special Report? Complete joke.

  52. It’s only a joke, Andy, if MSNBC is a news channel. If it’ss a POV channel, however, Ed Schultz can handle it just fine.

  53. icemannyr Says:

    FNC is the first one done at 11:10pm ET.
    Does Bill’s contract force them to go back to his show?
    CNN took a break and is back live.
    MSNBC is still covering.

  54. readerj Says:

    I watched the live coverage on FNC. Switched to CNN after they went to the Factor. It’s too bad CNN got the interview with Amendola, because Cooper hasn’t asked him very good questions. But Amendola still with the crazy talk! About the charges, he said he wasn’t there when these things happened, but his client has always denied them. What?? It’s like he thinks it’s part of his job as a defense attorney to do meta analysis of the process on camera. Just bizarre.

  55. icemannyr Says:

    The best part on CNN, Jason Carroll was reporting after the press conference when Amendola walked over for an interview .
    CNN stays on Caroll who told Amendola he would be live on CNN and Amendola asked of the host, “Is it somebody cute?” 😛

    MSNBC ended coverage at 11:30pm.

  56. Well, AC’s pretty cute. Seriously, this is about the lawyer you’d expect him to have.

  57. icemannyr Says:

    12am ET CNN live with Piers Morgan.
    FNC and MSNBC regular programming.

  58. Once a live breaking story has played out and there’s been extensive analysis presented, what’s the point of continuing live coverage? I don’t understand the desire for staying live well into the night.

    I’m pretty sure Shep’s coverage pe-empted the first few minutes of O’Reilly’s rerun.

  59. It’s a bit like a commercial for chewing gum. What do you say after you say, “Our gum is good gum and the flavor is spearmint”.

    What do you say after you say “The jury found Sandusky guilty of 45 of 48 counts sending him to jail for the rest of his life. There likely could be further legal action in other states and by other victims”.

    MSNBC can continue the coverage on LOCKUP.

  60. I think Ed was against free speech before he was for it, Laura. So Krystal Ball is tied to people that are suspects in the “swatting” case? Nixon’s merry pranksters were content to order dozens of pizzas for delivery, not send SWAT teams.

    Fun fact: Krystal was named by her older brother, Dodge.

  61. Well, Ed at least suddenly realized that boycotting one host affects all hosts. Leslie Marshall (I think) has mentioned that as well.

  62. Apparently Kystal Ball couln’t forsee that.

  63. Or could it possibly be that our 14-year-olds can do something that theirs can’t, which is ‘find an audience’? Kinda goes for their adults, too.

  64. It was 40 years ago today Richard Nixon signed TITLE 9 into law. Tell me again what our hope and change piece of fluff has done the last four years?

  65. And Billo read a letter on Friday where the writer said that that Fast and Furious was a ploy to get rid of the Second Amendment. O’Reilly said that the writer was “quite the conspiracy theorist” and had a “future as a novelist”. I anxiously await Maddow and her massive intellect attacking that one.

  66. When Maddow and Krugman took the Krell brain boost, the monsters of the id took control.

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