Chris Hayes Profile…

The New York Times’ Alex Williams profiles Chris Hayes…

Social media, in fact, have played an unusually important role in driving traffic to the program, an MSNBC spokeswoman said. About 45 percent of the visitors to the program’s Web site, which contains complete episodes, linked through sites like Facebook and Twitter. In April, those users spent an average of 51 minutes on the site each visit.

But Twitter is still the hotbed of “Up” fandom. Even so, the program’s feed is not just an online clubhouse for New York media types like Lizz Winstead, a creator of “The Daily Show,” and members of Le Tigre, the too-cool electro-pop band. Cher and Chad Ochocinco have chimed in, too.

Whatever their political leanings, fans are responding out of frustration with the status quo, said Jim Rosenberg, a recruiting consultant in Greensboro, N.C., and frequent tweeter. “It’s the pent-up demand for voices other than the well-rehearsed and seasoned insider professionals who have dominated television delivering practiced meaninglessness for years,” he said.

“Up” comes off as a rebuke to traditional cable shout-fests like CNN’s late “Crossfire.” Thanks to its early weekend time slot, the program has the freedom to unwind over two hours each Saturday and Sunday. Guests are encouraged to go deep into the issues of the week, and not try to score cheap-shot points to win the debate.

It is a point that Mr. Hayes hammered home at 7:15 a.m. on a recent Saturday, when he strode into the green room off Studio 3A at 30 Rockefeller Center to fill in two guests, both college professors, on the ground rules.

“The first and foremost important rule of the show: we’re not on television — no talking points, no sound bites,” he said, his hair still a bed-head tangle and his suit collar askew. “We have a lot of time for actual conversation. So actually listen, actually respond.”

9 Responses to “Chris Hayes Profile…”

  1. Hayes is one of only three people who have blocked me on Twitter. The others are KOS’s chief lieutenant and Joe Scarbourgh. Joe later unblocked me at the request of a liberal blogger.

  2. Down with UP.

  3. “Hayes is one of only three people who have blocked me on Twitter.”

    ^^ When you comment on every media twitter site or blog on line, I guess even a few will randomly notice your existence and ban you.

    But if how many places and subjects you comment on is your goal then I guess your a huge success. 🙂

  4. Fritz is a stalker?

  5. “Fritz is a stalker?”

    ^^ Maybe but at least I only do it ICN 2.0.

  6. But you seem interested in me in other places as you have mentioned so several times. Is that not a bit creepy? Do you have any outstanding restraining orders? Schoolyard proximity restrictions? Ankle bracelets?

    And it’s “you’re a huge success”.

  7. Get a room.

    Meanwhile, UP is excellent, continuing my perfect record of being wrong about how a new host would do with their own show (LOD, Bashir).

  8. I think our old room is still available, Joe, but you never made the bed.

  9. I’m with Joe, Up w/Chris Hayes is a great show. As a progressive, I’d say it is the best show on cable news. I DVR and never miss an episode. I like it because they go in-depth on issues and really go into to the weeds on policy.

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