Free for All: 06/26/12

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40 Responses to “Free for All: 06/26/12”

  1. Democrat chickens coming home to roast everywhere. The bought politicians by the government employee unions ponzi scheme of taxes for benefits has collapsed. Even in Stockton, Ca, bankruptcy plans $7 million in savings would coming from cutting retiree health care benefits for one year and then phasing them out. Stockton officials have said the benefits are a crushing expense due to their fast rise and projected liability of $417 million.

  2. Another weird video glitch on CNN, similar to the one on Outfront. Kenny Chesney is…twitching. You’d think that the anchor might notice.

  3. You’d think the anchor would notice they’re interviewing a country singer on a news show for no apparent reason.

  4. It was the exact thing as on Outfront, but for about four minutes instead of ten. Still, you have to wonder if anyone’s watching.

  5. Here’s a bit ‘o memory lane for ya. I don’t think he mentioned Donahue.

  6. But, but…what about Nachman?

  7. He’s dead. Might be bad taste..even for Mediaite.

  8. Awful. They all were AWFUL. How do you get to be a network executive? Fail as a house sitter?

  9. They didn’t mention Donahue, either. How soon we forget.

  10. Jackie Gleason was given a prime time game show in the 60’s. Signed a contract to do 8 shows in the summer. The first show was a bomb and Gleason knew there was no fixing it. The second show, he walked onto the stage, appologized to the audience for the horrible show and finished out his run just sitting on a stool and just talking. Turmed out to be great TV. I never missed a one.

  11. Tough to do a show like that, these days, since no one has a personality.

  12. Keyes trivia. I don’t know if these events continued, I only watched the first unbearable installment. He started in a business suit, then mysteriously came back from the first break with a sweater in place of the blazer. And he didn’t look at the camera. He panned back and forth like he was speaking to a crowd. There was no crowd.

  13. I’m sorry I missed him. Sounds trippy.

  14. and no, he didn’t make sense.

  15. and Savage was basically nuts. God, how did he pass the job interview?

  16. What I gathered from Savage on the radio is that he hates everyone. Virtually everyone. Bush, Condi,;Rush, Hannity, Billo, name it. Charming, in his way, but radio’s different. “Nuts” is easier to deal with when you don’t have to look it in the eye.

  17. carolmr Says:

    Anyone know why Red Eye was a rerun last night/this morning?

  18. icemannyr Says:

    Sandusky verdict coverage pre-empted it.

    On an unrelated note. Anyone else notice the font on the FNC news scroll font is now bolder and a brighter color?

  19. erich500 Says:

    Prediction: The Court will uphold the mandate but Chief Justice Roberts will write the majority opinion and will essentially cabin in the legislation that it will have no effect on future Commerce Clause cases.

    In other words, the government will be allowed to do this – and only this – but any future attempts to coerce economic activity can be challenged.

    Or maybe not.

  20. ^ They might have a spot for you on CNN.

  21. We’re gonna have to leave it there…

  22. erich500 Says:

    Couldn’t be worse than Jeffrey Tobin. Plus, I don’t hit on other guy’s daughters.

    I think the Court’s ruling is going to be so dense and complex that it’ll take six months to figure everything out. Five in favor here, three there, one over here, a dissenting opinion on this, a separate opinion on that, two with mayo, one on whole wheat…..

  23. erich500 Says:


  24. Should be ‘Tubin’ cuz he’s all wet. Ar ar.

  25. Watching the geniuses determine who won and who lost the first night will be hilarious.

  26. Wait for Jon Stewart to sort it out.

  27. It will be clear. By Noon Thursay we will inow whether the mandate stands or falls. By One, spin machines will spell out the winners and losers. But Two we will realized we, like grinning Nancy, never did know what was in the law, and we still don’t. Never mind, it won’t be clear.

    And evey man hits on other guy’s daughters. Unless gay..

  28. carolmr Says:

    RIP, Nora Ephron.

  29. Government of, by and for the old farts. Rangel and Hatch win their primaries.

  30. Old people should get out of the way.

  31. Old pols, Hoss.

  32. If you’ve been in office longer than my kid’s been alive, it might be time.

  33. Um, there’s a town burning down. I know this because of Twitter. Wtf is going on with cable news?

  34. lonestar77 Says:

    My prediction:
    No matter what the outcome, LOD will declare the “real winner” is….President Obama! Just like after the Walker victory for those of you who forgot.

  35. lonestar77 Says:

    ^ And, Chris Matthews and Tommy Christopher will undoubtedly call the justices who vote against Obamacare racists.

  36. carolmr Says:

    Joe, there are several towns burning down in Colorado, where I now live. Is that what you’re talking about? Shep has been on the story, but not as much as I’d like. I don’t know about the other cable stations.

  37. Yes, Carol, cable news is doing a terrible job of covering the fires. You stay safe.

  38. Joe, thanks. I’m not TOO close to any of the fires, but my town constantly smells like a campfire! Megyn Kelly just did a short story on the latest fire in Waldo Canyon in Colorado Springs. But I have to agree with you – none of the cable stations, including FNC, are doing much in-depth reporting on these fires and the thousands of people who have been displaced or who have lost their homes. We get almost no rain here in CO and yesterday it was 100 degrees. There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

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