HBO Planning Movie Based on Upcoming Ailes Book…and EP’d by Morning Joe Duo…

Deadline Hollywood’s Nikki Finke scoops that HBO is planning a movie based on the upcoming Gabriel Sherman book on Roger Ailes and the movie will be executive produced by Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. You just can’t make this stuff up…

I’ve also learned that executive producing this latest HBO project are two of Ailes’ competitors: Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, the co-hosts of MSNBC‘s Morning Joe. The deal was negotiated by WME Entertainment, the Hollywood agency run by Ari Emanuel who is a Democratic activist (and the brother of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the former Obama White House chief of staff).

None of this has been announced yet because sources tell me Sherman is still researching the book and plans to finish writing it by the end of the summer for a 2013 publishing date. “Nothing much to say. No book yet to read. No script. We’ll wait to see what the script looks like and then decide whether to develop further,” a cagey HBO exec explained to me. It’s commonplace for Time Warner’s premier pay TV channel to sign up books before they’re published and then turn them into TV movies. In this TV movie, a source tells me, ”HBO prefers to take on Fox News through Ailes. The idea is that it should make Fox News look like a Mafia, and you get into this through Ailes, sidestepping Murdoch, not approaching the story head on.”

23 Responses to “HBO Planning Movie Based on Upcoming Ailes Book…and EP’d by Morning Joe Duo…”

  1. savefarris Says:

    Almost wish I still had HBO just so I could cancel it.

  2. Expect Murdoch to be played by Jabba the Hut.

  3. erich500 Says:

    No, that can’t be true. Must be a joke.

    EP by Joe and Mika? That can’t be right.

  4. donnieboston Says:

    Maybe they’ll hire Lawrence O’Donnell as well…

  5. He’ll re-write history. MSNBC will top FNC in ratings.

  6. I doubt this movie ever gets made. Their may be some limited interest in a expose of Ailes in a book but aside from cable news groupies no one knows, or cares, about Roger Ailes enough to watch a movie about him or where he works.

    Bush vs Gore and Game Change were stories about hugely controversial subjects and/or characters. Unless Alies is having an affair with Sarah Palin nobody will be interested.

    As for Joe and Mika being EP’s, that doesn’t mean much. The EP role in cinema is usually a honorary tile given to financial backers or people that the are owed a favor by the movie producers. At this early stage of the process I doubt it has any real significance.

  7. ^^Their .> There Sorry.

  8. savefarris Says:

    Who wants to lay money that there’s a scene where Ailes strong-arms the Decision desk to call Florida for Bush the night of 11/7/2000?

    Oh, and I’m sure the title is already picked out as well: News Maker.

  9. How is this a story? A traditional Republican and a liberal want to finance a Roger Ailes flick. Free market, baby..go crazy.

  10. RINO and a liberal air head. It’s a great story of the predatory nature of the biased media and their need to destroy freedom of information.

  11. It’s two people with an opinion about a political hatchet man who cheapened the news. Who’s the predator here?

  12. savefarris Says:


    I would humbly submit that your labels are of the “political opinion and not necessarily fact” nature. Though I doubt that this movie seeks to dissuade you of such notions.

  13. It’ll be like The Newsroom. News-porn for the Ailes haters.

  14. ^^The Newsroom is a TV drama with a left wing POV; kind of a West Wing on steroids. This looks like it would be a lot more like ‘Game Change’; a docudrama movie based on a book. It will most likely have more of a left wing POV than ‘Game Change’ but I don’t expect it will have anything near the left wing POV as The Newsroom.

  15. I would humbly submit that your labels are of the “political opinion and not necessarily fact” nature.

    I humbly submit that most thinking people can tell I’m offering opinions here. This isn’t news.

  16. Doesn’t mean I won’t watch it. Fox isn’t the thrill of my existence.

  17. As a consolation prize THE NEWSROOM will introduce a new character, fat guy Roger Whales.

  18. ^ He could play a radio-host.

  19. If The Newsroom would introduce a female character who doesn’t act like a screeching idiot, that would be a start.

  20. savefarris Says:

    Has Sorkin ever written of such a creature?

  21. He had some good ones on Sports Night, West Wing and Studio 60. The EP character on Newsroom is ridiculous, and the annoying actress doesn’t help. Sorkin has a couple more weeks to figure out a way out of the corner he’s painted himself into with her, then I’m out.

  22. savefarris Says:

    While you’ll not find a bigger SportsFan night than me (“You’re wearing my shirt, Gordon” is one of the all-time great TV moments), even I have to admit that Dana was written as quite the scatterbrain (her dating plan, her amazement at The Lion King) and Natalie was living off a generous donation from the Jeremy Goodwin foundation.

    The West Wing’s estrogen roll call included ditz-tastic Donna, ditz-tasticer Ainsley, screwball romantic CJ, no-show Mandy, and Lady McBeth (Abby). The woman written most sympathetically? The one that couldn’t talk back (Joey Lucas).

    Even going back to Sorkin’s back catalog, JoAnn Galloway wasn’t exactly demure.

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