HBO Scuttles Ailes Movie…

Deadline’s Nikki Finke is now scooping that her scoop yesterday killed off the project….

Today I’ve received this email from HBO Films President Len Amato: “We recently decided not to pursue the Ailes project. It had become clear to us before even receiving a script that due to our company’s CNN affiliation the film could never be seen as objective.”

What a bunch of BS. CNN’s affiliation to HBO meant the film could never be seen as objective?!?!?!?

News Flash: It was never going to be seen as objective no matter what network it aired on given whose book it was based on and who was EP-ing it. Don’t use that flimsy CNN excuse because it can’t stand up to scrutiny.

By the way the really big news to come out of this story was never the film itself but the idea of Joe and Mika as an off-MSNBC production team. The duo are clearly trying to leverage their relationship with Ari Emanuel to the hilt and I would not be at all surprised to see more off-MSNBC endeavors announced in the future.

Update: Tablet induced typos corrected. I hate tablet blogging. With my days currently tied up away from the computer, my tablet is my only option. But since it’s such an arduous process, I haven’t been doing a lot of it unless the story merits it.


14 Responses to “HBO Scuttles Ailes Movie…”

  1. Oh my. What will Joe and Mika do now? Maybe option the HBO comedy show, RINO and the Whino.

  2. I tend to agree with Spud here. Whether or not the movie was seen as objective will depend on the POV of the viewer. That’s what happened on Game Change and Bush v Gore.

    The involvement of Joe and Mika; if there actually was any; seemed peripheral at most.

    Sounds like your basic trail balloon to me.

  3. ^^trail > trial Oops!

  4. erich500 Says:

    This does highlight the problem that Joe and Mika face. Or they’re placed in. To wit, they’re essentially trapped in their morning shown. Because Griffin has gone to the left in prime time and MJ is seen as more balanced, they have no role to play during that evening period.

    Scarborough’s not been used during their election coverage since he had that spat with Olbermann. That’s odd, no? And Mika’s nowhere to be seen after 9:00 either. They disappear after the show with no influence or voice on the network.

    That’s got to be grating and if CNN was smart they’d throw a gazillion dollars at them and bring them on.

    If this story is true – and I doubt it – it might be evidence of them trying to break out a bit on their own.

  5. Mika and Joe start their daily show at 6:00 AM. Would not expect to see them on shows after noon as they have families, book tours and naps to take. LOD appears on their show because:
    1) Joe likes him
    2) he is not human

  6. erich500 Says:

    ^Larry, as far as I can tell they’ve never appeared on these shows for the past five years or so. Or even during the special election/campaign coverage. I hate them but there’s something called naps (I always wake up more tired than before I take one).

    Scarborough’s not been on a single election show since his little tiff with Olbermann.

  7. I recall the Olbermann “get a shovel” tiff as being part ot the 2008 convention coverage. Would not be suprised to see Joe doing a bit of that this year.

    I find an afternoon nap is great, but must be kept under an hour. My favorite part of retirement other than senior discounts.

  8. They sell keyboards for tablets.

  9. erich500 Says:

    Don’t you think it’s odd that JS hasn’t been on any of their election/campaign specials?

    Not a one.

    The first excuse, if I recall, was that he was a friend of someone running for office and promised to be with them on election eve.

    Something’s weird here.

  10. Just my hunch, but I think Joe is happy with his own little fiefdom in the morning, and has little interest in being the token conservative on leftwing Election Night coverage.

  11. If he’s out-rating the rest of the sched, it’s tough to see what the percentage is in hanging out with the rest of the loons. If anything, they should be getting up at five oh sh|t in the morning to be on his show.

  12. Get a Zagg keyboard. Mine works great with its case for the pad included. But I’m waiting for the Win 8 tablet with real file system etc.

  13. They sell keyboards for tablets.

    1. Keyboard is just another thing to have to carry around. No thanks.
    2. It’s not the keyboard but the UI for the tablet with regards to selecting text, cutting, and pasting using the tablet’s web browser. I could use the WordPress app but that app is missing a couple of features I use constantly which the web site has.

  14. ^
    Yes, a keyboard would sort of negate the advantage of having a tablet and I can certainly appreciate the irritant factor of its UI. Your minor typos bother you far more than they do anyone else and… hey, what else you got to do for frustration?

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