Free for All: 07/08/12

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  1. Happy Friday!
    Unless you are one of the 8.2% without a job

    (okay, it’s really closer to 15%, including those given up looking, and let’s not forget the underemployed)


  2. lonestar77 Says:

    Bush’s fault. Err, I mean Congress. Well, the republicans in Congress. Okay, everybody in the whole wide world not named Obama…especially Grover Norquist, Karl Rove (Is he still a bogeyman) and all of Fox News!

  3. And the Germans.

  4. Don’t forget the Tsunami.

  5. Obama is in my backyard again today. Well, at least the corner where Democrats hang.

  6. icemannyr Says:

    I find it a bit odd that the lower third for Touré Neblett on MSNBC only uses his first name.
    While it may be his gimmick to be only known by his first name I can’t think of any other host or co-host on a cable news network who is only referred to by their first name on lower third graphics.
    If he’s legally changed it to just Touré then that’s a different story.
    Just now the hosts of the cycle were on MSNBC and Thomas Roberts said their full names except for Touré Neblett.

  7. “Neblett” isn’t particularly cool. Sounds like the brand name for a dog biscuit.

  8. Sounds like a character on WKRP.

  9. His name is Toure. They don’t use full names for Bono or Cher, either.

  10. Or Roseanne.

  11. Or Meathead.

  12. savefarris Says:

    When did Bono and Cher start hosting news programs?

    Oh, and I can’t believe those EEEEVILLLL ATMs escaped responsiblity for the rampant unemployment…

  13. That’s funny. So now it’s Mitt Romney’s fault that Obama is an unprecedented failure.

  14. carolmr Says:

    With the terrible jobs numbers today, NOW (subbed by Ari Melber) focused mostly on criticism of Romney any way they could. Amazing.

  15. savefarris Says:

    I think we’re about 4 weeks away from “Mr. Romney: if you’re so great at creating jobs, then why don’t you go create some?”

    How long can the Democratics wait beofre they enact the Torricelli option?

  16. Mitt may be losing his voice, but Obama’s arms should be getting tired.

  17. Fortunately we have the visionary Mitt Romney to lead us to a glorious economic recovery with his “trust me..I’ll figure it out when I get there” plan.

  18. carolmr Says:

    Joe, Obama is STILL figuring it out.

  19. lonestar77 Says:

    Well, I still don’t know what Obama wants to do other than tax people and regulate businesses. Swell.

  20. I’m sure this will create TONS of new jobs, especially for the IRS.

    Officials have already drafted 13,000 pages of rules & regs for health care law

  21. carolmr Says:

    I can’t believe The Cycle stole Greg Gutfeld’s Banned Word of the Day idea. They have started a Cliche Jar for cliches that should be banned. A couple of them were actually from Greg’s banned words, like At the End of the Day and Slippery Slope.

  22. Well, they will never steal Kimberly’s legs.

  23. Is it the eighth and the sixth?

  24. RT @AlexPappasDC: Thaddeus McCotter says in statement that he’s resigning from Congress after ‘nightmarish’ month to be with family

  25. You know the economy is getting worse when even the Geek Squad gets ambushed:

  26. Thaddeus McCotter was one of the smartest, coolest Republican politicians I’d come across. What the hell happened?

  27. carolmr Says:

    Joe, I feel the same way about McCotter. And he is very funny when he’s on Red Eye. Today Michael Smerconish, subbing on Hardball, said that McCotter wasn’t eligible for his primary. I have no idea what that means.

  28. Someone used copied signatures for his ballot requirement. There’s an AG investigation but the Secretary of State in Michigan ruled that McCotter didn’t qualify to be on the ballot, and the congressman wouldn’t contest the decision. He got screwed but highly likely from a close staffer, friend, or family member.

  29. carolmr Says:

    Thanks, Al. That’s awful.

  30. McCotter is the author of his own demise. If he had spent less time in silly self promotional stunts and more time running his campaign he would still in the House. But seeing as he lives in Michigan I don’t imagine he’ll end up in jail.

    My guess is a Tea Party supporter sabotaged his ballot requirement list because the only one left on the Republican side of the ballot in his district is a Tea Party nutcase.

    Nice going Thaddeus.

  31. ^^ And on the plus side I’m sure Fox can’t wait to hire him as a pundit.

  32. That picture of Romney on a jet ski is just stupid on a whole lot of levels. I know the press is doing the Kerry windsurfing similarities but what really struck me was that Ann Romney was driving. Mitt looks weak and geeky as the passenger while his hot wife is in control of the vehicle.

    A simple google search would have told his campaign staff that jet skis never work as a photo op. A few years ago a Canadian political leader, named Stockwell Day, decided that driving a jet ski onto a beach in a wet suit was the way to make an entrance to deliver a big policy statement. He was ridiculed by the press and soon was ousted as leader.

    This isn’t that bad but it’s yet another case of amateur hour in the Romney campaign.

  33. missy5537 Says:

    Very strange about McCotter. Really. I just keep thinking something else is going on, or else he would have run as a write-in (how hard would it have been for him to win – everyone knows him!).

  34. He’s one of the most honest and sincere politicians I’ve ever met. The person you’ve seen on Red Eye is the real him and he’s consistently won elections in a union-heavy district. In a town hall style-meeting a constituent asked about the pros and cons of a particular bill that was going through and he responded with a very strong liberal argument against it along with his conservative one in favour.

    He’s served long enough, anyway. No one should make a career of congress.

  35. Unemployment numbers from hell today and Fritz is waxing poetic about jet ski does and don’ts. It’s not like they are a rich man’s exclusive. I’ve even been on one. Typical BS going similar to that hatchet faced woman on MSNBC yucking it up over Romney and the automated sandwich machine, EDITED VERSION.

  36. Outsider Says:

    If this economic malaise continues, will Americans entertain the thought of emigrating to other parts of the world where jobs are available? Could be an interesting topic to explore.

  37. missy5537 Says:

    I would like to emigrate to somewhere where I wouldn’t have to hear a two minute commercial about Joe Theisman and his “issues”, to be polite. Enough already!

  38. Fritz probably thinks the pic of John Kerry was bad for the wind surfing or the one of Michael Dukasis because of the helmet. No, the pics were bad because they were caught looking stupid. Romney looks pretty good on that jet ski, and with him behind his wife driving looks especially good.

  39. Outsider Says:

    I found an error on FNC’s ticker on a YouTube video (“Thursdays With Michelle Malkin – Fox & Friends – 7-5-12” at 4:24). Who ever wrote it confused Canada’s Minister of “International Co-operation” with the Minister of Foreign Affairs. They’re not the same cabinet positions. I’m pretty sure this story wouldn’t be even on the ticker if FNC didn’t confuse the two. “Int’l Co-operation” is a joke portfolio among many others to allow more MPs to get paid extra.
    Btw, she “resigned” after switching from a five-star hotel to the even ritzier Savoy in London, billed taxpayers $16 for a single glass of orange juice, and ran up large limo costs by making limo drivers wait between driving her to work and driving her home. Stuff like this really gets your blood boiling.

  40. I can imagine that it is fairly easy to get the names and areas of responsibility of some foreign government positions messed up… simple language issues can make it confusing. But this is CANADA for cryin’ out loud. Sloppy.

  41. So what? What will the Canadians do? Stop being so…nice and bland?

  42. “Fritz probably thinks the pic of John Kerry was bad for the wind surfing or the one of Michael Dukasis because of the helmet.”

    ^^I don’t care what he was riding; although I hate jet skis and the idiots who ride them with a passion. It’s the ineptitude of his campaign I was pointing out.

  43. savefarris Says:

    To be fair, it wasn’t a photo-op. It was the press doing their usual “track every single move of a Republican while leaving Democrats alone” trick.

    An AP photographer across the other side of the lake using a telephoto lens does not a “photo op” make.

    Besides, Fritz: what’s more inept than going on a “Betting on America” bus tour … in buses built in Canada?

  44. Fritz doesn’t care what Mitt was riding but hates “idiots who ride them with a passion” makes about as much sense as most of his comments.

  45. readerj Says:

    I don’t think the jet ski matters any, nobody is watching right now. It’ll only matter if some clever Democrats figure out how to work the footage into a brilliant attack ad, like the GOP did with Kerry windsurfing. This campaign is just boring.

  46. “Besides, Fritz: what’s more inept than going on a “Betting on America” bus tour … in buses built in Canada?”

    ^^ Old story. All these presidential buses are built in Canada on SS specs. When Mitt goes on a bus tour his bus is built in Canada too.

  47. I don’t care about the buses they ride around in, jet skis, or any of the other stupid political games. This president is clinging to old failed policies and people, and our nation, are hurting because of it. Time to boot this inept guy from office and Romney, with his long record of successfully running things, looks damn good to me.

  48. carolmr Says:

    Last night on Red Eye Greg said something like, Now cops have to be social workers on steroids. Andy (hosting) said, I can’t stand it when people say something is on steroids. There should be a show that bans annoying phrases. Greg said, There is – The Cycle. Next week they will have a talking newspaper and an ombudsman.

  49. “This president is clinging to old failed policies and people, and our nation, are hurting because of it. Time to boot this inept guy from office and Romney, with his long record of successfully running things, looks damn good to me.”

    ^^ Couldn’t disagree more Al; but that’s why they have elections. You certainly have a right to your opinion, no matter how wrong it is.

  50. erich500 Says:

    I don’t either man has an idea on how to turn the economy around. Keynesianism doesn’t work right now (why can’t we build things anymore?). And poltically it’s a no-go. Tax cuts won’t work much either when you have half the population not paying income taxes. We need demand and not supply. Neither candidate has a solution.

    But that’s true of, I think, most experts. We’re in uncharted territory both here and globally. Europe is foundering, India, China and Japan look stuck. The political systems of all of them don’t know what to do.

    It’s times like this historically that people turn to new and non-mainstream ideas. Some of them may be good; some may bad.

    My guess is that Obama’s re-elected much like Bush II over Kerry. The people don’t like the current occupant but they find the alternative even less appealing.

  51. I think it goes without saying everyone in this country has a right to his opinion.

    Doesn’t much keep you out of trouble expressing it though.

  52. People like Obama personally just fine. Except the racists. That’s how you can tell ’em.

  53. ^^^ “My guess is that Obama’s re-elected much like Bush II over Kerry. The people don’t like the current occupant but they find the alternative even less appealing.”

    erich500, I think you summed it up well. Yeah, the economy sucks but I just don’t get the sense that most people are angry enough at Obama or convinced enough of Romney to change course at this stage. Obama, even when one disagrees with his politics, seems like a decent, likable, reasonable guy. Given the perilous economic times we are in, I hoped this election could be about bigger issues. Maybe it just seems lame compared to the excitement of 2008, but even for a hard core political junkie like me, I just can’t get that excited about this year’s prospects. This election season seems small, petty, and boring – totally at odds with the seriousness and bigness of the issues the world faces right now. Worse yet, cable news seems perfectly content piddling with all the small things.

  54. erich500 Says:

    “Obama, even when one disagrees with his politics, seems like a decent, likable, reasonable guy”

    And when it’s a tossup most people – at least those who will decide this election and don’t follow things too closely until the last month or so of a campaign – will choose the likeable guy, especially a known quantity, over the not-so-likeable guy, especially an unknown quantity.

    I think Obama, indeed, personally is a good man. But politically he’s a bit more cynical than I like. To be sure, we tend to force them to be cynical but there’s a degree of cynicism he has that is a bit disturbing (his “evolution” on SSM was pathetic).

    And the whining is getting to be a bit much. Bush II was an awful president – probably one of the top five worst ever – but he never complained about things.

    Romney’s a guy whose resume makes him look better than he is. We’re not electing resumes, we’re electing presidents. And he doesn’t have it.

  55. Well, we sure didn’t elect a resume in 2008 and it shows.

  56. erich500 Says:

    As Ellen and I noted above, Obama’s more than resume.

    If it’s a tie then the more likeable, personable guy wins out (call it the “Ophrafication of politics” but there it is). And the view that Romney’s a rich, Wall Street guy out of touch with people is taking hold. Fairly or not (and I’m not so sure it’s not fair).

    I think the public believes that neither guy can improve the economy. It’s a wash. And Obama wins a tie, I think.

  57. savefarris Says:

    And the view that Romney’s a rich, Wall Street guy out of touch with people is taking hold.

    Only if you watch Andrea Mitchell.

    Obama’s running around saying he can’t work with the current Congress. But if he sticks with that message through November (and the public starts to recognize the polls that Republicans will hold the House and, if not take the Senate outright, get real close) people are going to ask themselves “Why send Obama back to Washington when he’s already established he can’t/won’t work with who’s going to meet him there?”

  58. I agree that we don’t need any more tax cuts and Obama ended up extending the “Bush” tax cuts way too late for it to be any help with the economy. The proliferation of expensive regulation on business, the explosion of government spending, and the health care law are holding job-creating expansion down. “Infrastructure” is what you invest in when growth requires it and can pay for it. In this stagnating economy we don’t need more roads, we need to unleash good old-fashioned American entrepreneurial spirit.

    I don’t think Barack Obama is at all likeable. He’s a thin-skinned snob. As for Romney being rich, he earned all that wealth on his own as his parents weren’t anywhere near that well-off, and “success” is a good thing. He has a strong history of compassion (using his own funds) and that’s plenty “likeable” for me.

  59. NOBODY knows how to bring jobs back, and the public knows it. We got hit with a global recession in a country who’s free market policies have us outsourcing our jobs, and buying all our stuff from China. Romney can’t win on that topic, and it’s the only one he has.

    Speaking of which, those busses aren’t available from the US. I’ve explained this before. Try Google before making stuff up.

  60. ‘whose’

  61. erich500 Says:

    “We got hit with a global recession in a country who’s free market policies have us outsourcing our jobs, and buying all our stuff from China. ”

    First, it’s called offshoring. A company can outsource jobs to other companies in the US. If they go abroad it’s called offshoring.

    Second, the rest of the world – especially countries like China and India – weren’t going to be economic basket cases forever. Their governments recognized that capitalism and economic liberalization works.

    One they liberalized their economies and unleashed the energy and skills of their own people it was obvious that companies would invest there. Cheap, plentiful labor.

    It’s a new economic world – the post war era is long gone and won’t return unless our competitors return to their old ways – and I wish liberals in particular would recognize it.

  62. Most grownups know what I mean when I use the common term “outsourcing”, Sparky, and I don’t agree that this country should be reduced to the the labor standards of China to survive in this economy. Our grandchildren are going to be trying to live on minimum wage. If the GOP hasn’t rescinded it.

  63. I don’t personally like Obama personally. I pegged him as a phony long before the election in 2008.

  64. Yeah, I don’t get the “likeability” thing, either. I think he’s a semi-ok President, but he has a distant, slightly arrogant personality. That his opponent is a serial liar with NO personality was a lucky break for Obama. Again.

  65. erich500 Says:

    “Most grownups know what I mean when I use the common term “outsourcing”, ”

    Most folks here who read your stuff have no idea what you’re saying half the time there, Sport. And I was being mighty charitable with that half measure.

    One other point there, Sport: the peoples in Asia are smart and industrious and talented. Once their government unleashed those talents there was no way the US was going to maintain the dominance in manufacturing that we had.

    It’s not just the US that has lost manufacturing jobs to Asia because of those evil Republican “free market” policies. It’s true for the entire western world.

    I don’t know what’s in the drinking water in Oakland but it dulls the brain.

  66. Sport doesn’t live in Oakland, Sparky.

  67. erich500 Says:

    Yeah but he’s drinking the water.

    Insources it.

  68. If you can’t tell what I mean in my posts, you’re not paying attention. Disagreeing and not understanding are not the same thing. EVERYBODY knows what I mean.

  69. But please, let’s fight over a word (offshoring) nobody uses outside of a boardroom. I’m sure the readers will be hugely entertained.

  70. erich500 Says:

    Outsourcing is not the same as offshoring. It’s just not.

    Romney’s been accused of outsourcing jobs when he was at Bain Capital and critics are often mixing (or confusing) outsourcing and offshoring along the way.

    Read that Washington Post piece. It’s confusing as hell. There are companies that Bain invested in (sometimes when Romney was head of it; sometimes when he wasn’t) that invested in other companies that both outsourced job and also sent jobs overseas. The Post isn’t clear about any of it.

    See this from Factcheck:

    The above notes the difference between outsourcing and offshoring and how the two are being mixed.

  71. erich500 Says:

    “But please, let’s fight over a word (offshoring) nobody uses outside of a boardroom. I’m sure the readers will be hugely entertained.”

    See the above.

    Critics are making inaccurate charges against Romney because they’re confusing the terms.

    But since Romney’s a “serial liar” it doesn’t matter, I guess.

  72. Meet #TeamNobodyCares

  73. Btw, if you’re outsourcing jobs in country to save a buck, you’re still killing jobs and replacing them with crappier jobs. Romney is good at it.

  74. well, here are the facts about the outsourcing unfair charges:

  75. Wait..are you saying that a political campaign used hyperbole? You mean like “Obama travels the world apologizing for America”…?

  76. erich500 Says:

    And here’s exactly what I’m talking about but our friend Joe doesn’t care because this is all technical mumbo-jumbo that nobody cares about (since Romney’s a serial liar and all that).

    “Undeterred by independent fact-checkers that have debunked the thrust of their claims, the Obama campaign is redoubling attacks on Mitt Romney as an “outsourcer” in a new TV ad airing in eight battleground states.”–abc-news-politics.html

    This is going to come up again and again and again. It’s going to be a main them in the Obama campaign.

    The Obama campaign will confuse voters with outsourcing versus offshoring and exactly what companies that Bain Capital invested in actually did (outsourced jobs but didn’t sent them overseas).

    Some people will repeat the claims because they don’t know the meaning of the terms.

  77. erich500 Says:

    “Btw, if you’re outsourcing jobs in country to save a buck, you’re still killing jobs and replacing them with crappier jobs”

    See? It doesn’t matter. Outsourcing, offshoring…..Romney’s evil and that’s it.

    As others (including I) have said: Why bother?

  78. As others (including I) have said: Why bother?

    You want an endless debate on the difference between two words, and how Mitt Romney is the bee’s knees and Obama is terrible. It’s one wants to read that.

  79. I haven’t heard “bee’s knees” since Hector was a pup.

  80. erich500 Says:

    “how Mitt Romney is the bee’s knees and Obama is terrible. It’s one wants to read that.”

    You don’t want to read it because you don’t care whether Romney is unfairly attacked. As I said above, this issue – Romney’s work at Bain Capital and jobs – will be a major theme in the Obama campaign’s attacks on Romney.

    It’s going to come up again and again.

    Second, if you think I believe Romney is the “bee’s knees” then you really do have a reading comprehension problem.

    Third, if a candidate is unfairly attacked – Obama or Romney – I’ll note it. You only care if one of them is. Romney is evil. Bain Capital is evil. And that’s all you see.

  81. Ah, now that sounds about right.

  82. You forgot to question my mental health, Sparky. It’s the cat’s pajamas.

  83. erich500 Says:

    I’ve never questioned your mental health, Sport. That’s what (just about) everybody else does.

    I just quote your own words and ideas back at you.

    They’re the ones that need treatment.

  84. Ok, I’m glad we cleared that up, Sparkitus.

  85. savefarris Says:

    Shorter joe: it’s a lie, and I know it’s a lie, but Romney and his defenders explaining it will take so long that the damage will have already been done amon the target audience which is all I care about.

    That about sum things up?

    Now, let’s all go to Wawas!

  86. missy5537 Says:

    Sorry I’m so behind here, everyone. Bur I loved lonestar’s comment (2nd in this thread). It’s the fault of “everyone in the whole wide world not named 0bama…” . That’s his tactic, for sure!

  87. Get back to me about lies when Mitt stops accusing POTUS of apologizing for America. He’s making stuff up out of thin air, and no one cares.

  88. Outsider Says:

    If Obama were truly concerned with jobs, his focus should be on natural resource extraction. The manufacturing industry in N. America isn’t dead but the conditions for it to thrive again is not right and it won’t be so for a long time. When standards in China and India improve, it’s very likely those corporations will look at other places where jobs haven’t been outsourced to yet.
    When you look at who’s thriving, it’s those who are mining and extracting oil. There are costs obviously and these environmental costs can create even more jobs by having companies investing into researching methods to mitigate the negative effects. Of course, for these research jobs to pop up, their needs to be a lot of pressure from the public and government.

    @boogiewoogee: Canadians could always funnel some more money to Obama’s campaign funds. 4 more yrs. 😀

  89. Being willing to admit this country has made mistakes and can do better is not “going around the world apologizing for America”. Mitt lifted this crap directly from Hannity. It is intended to portray POTUS – and liberals in general – as “not liking America”, as Adam Corolla so adroitly put it the other day. It’s not true, which makes it a LIE.

  90. Yeah, this country will be fine if we just drill for a little more oil. That’s a nonsencical comment. And you misused “outsourcing”. You’ll be hearing about it soon..

  91. And yet when we quote them directly saying it, that’s somehow unfair as well. A pattern is emerging.

  92. I didn’t claim the quotes were unfair. What I’m saying is: The quotes, and Romney’s stupid line, do not match. He’s lying.

  93. Or you just disagree and see it differently, sorta like when Obama lies about Romney’s record. See how that works?

  94. And I was actually referring to the America-hating lefties that Michelle Malkin so helpfully pointed to, on July 4.

  95. If Romney is going to simplify things for political advantage, Obama has to fight fire with fire. The guy who stays “above the fray” loses. Every time. Mitt Romney is a ruthless campaigner and Obama knows it. Ask Santorum and Newt…

  96. Obama hasn’t stopped lying since he said that only ‘the rich’ would pay for his healthcare plan. Spare me the thought that he had to be brought down to Mitt’s level,

  97. – Malkin –

    Ok you lost me. I have no idea what that’s about.

  98. I outsource most of my patients’ lab work because they can do it better and often faster, and it saves me the expense of having to keep up with the new technology that comes out every year. And the company doing it pays its employees a premium to keep them.

    More often than not, outsourcing is a good thing for everyone. In my case it doesn’t directly translate to higher profits, but it does allow e to provide services of a higher quality and at lower prices to my customers. A nice by-product of it is that it helps toward keeping a weekly pay check for my employees.

  99. Spare me your condescending “spare me”. I can’t stand that phrase.

  100. Which one of you wants to be thrown in the volcano for sacrifice? Did someone say “spare me”? No? Okay, you all go in.

  101. Ignore the statement in favor of two words. Am I surprised? Probably not,

  102. I also know of an American company that’s had a ongoing project making handyman stuff that’s sold at Lowe’s and Home Depot (under a well-known brand name owned by a foreign company). The battery-powered “unit” is offshored to China – made in a factory with a dirt floor and you just have to tell the guy what the unit has to do and he’ll design it, make everything fit, puts all the labels on, and even provides really inexpensive prototypes for testing and marketing studies. Slick operation.

    Here’s the thing: The unit is just the driver and they’re sold cheap, what makes the project work so well for the handyman and drives the profits is the tooling that fits in the unit. These are made here in the USA by workers who earn a very good wage, get full insurance benefits, paid vacations, bonuses, and many other perks. Without offshoring their jobs probably wouldn’t exist.

    Many of Bain Capital’s successes followed a very similar model. Those ads are flat-out lies.

  103. “Ignore the statement in favor of two words. Am I surprised? Probably not,”

    Bob and weave, bob and weave. He can run, but he can’t hide.

  104. It’s mildly interesting. He’s no more an adult now than he was then, but it’s interesting. I do wish that my fellow conservatives would not have acted childishly in response to his switch, but it seems as though we can’t expect any better.

  105. He’s not an adult, but the list of philosophers he’s been reading that he rattled off to LOD was astonishing. He’s crazy smart, and funny, too. He was watching The Five in the green room before going on Hardball, then told Smerconish (sub) what they said about him. They were somewhat less eloquent than the boy…

  106. As they say, if you’re not a liberal when young you have no heart. Not a conservative when old, no brain.

    In 1972 I voted for McGovern. Now there was a liberal.

  107. There are moments when a person’s thoughts are best kept to themselves. Unfortunately, you don’t see that much on The Five.

  108. There’s so much that’s wrong, and yet typical in that story. He shouldn’t have been put out there to begin with, he shouldn’t have been given some greater significance, and when he inevitably changed his mind, the reaction should have either been silence or introspection. I saw a little of The Five’, and it was depressingly predictable. Btw, it’s kind of amazing how quickly the Gregalogue got old. The fact that you’re even doing one for this kid makes you sound burnt over the whole thing. He’s 17. No one should care.

  109. He’s 17. No one should care.

    Exactly. Being bummed he switched is about as lame as a lib being excited over the same thing.

  110. Then you had Beckel saying “You can have him back”. Yeah, that required a lot of thought. And all that can be said of Daily Caller is that at least they aren’t attacking a woman or a black person. They’re equal-opportunity scum. Oh wait, he’s a kid.

  111. Tim Conway must be nervous.

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