What’s Hot/What’s Not: 07/15/12

What’s Hot:

NewsCore: Dead or not? – At first, if you read last week’s Observer piece on the death of NewsCore, you think that it’s dead and buried. But if the software/infrastructure that runs it is kept going, is it really dead?

The Five – The show that everyone thought would die a quick death, including yours truly, celebrated a year on the air this week. And a successful year it has been too. Doesn’t change my stance that the show is an annoying train wreck that I will not watch. And don’t talk to me about The View or The Cycle or The Talk. They’re annoying train wrecks I won’t watch either. So there…

Divorce, Media Empire Style – Bye bye Microsoft. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Though to be fair Microsoft execs are probably saying the same thing about MSNBC TV…

Krugman vs. CNBC vs. Krugman – It was kinda interesting in a Desperate Housewives train wreck sort of way…

What’s Not:

MSNBC – There’s no MS in any legal partnership anymore. Yet the name remains…


14 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 07/15/12”

  1. The success of The Five has FNC convinced it’s a good show that matters. They’re wrong..it’s talking-point hackery and a Leg Chair. Which apparently FNC’s audience prefers.

  2. Not: Greg Gutfeld in any non-approved setting. I may have already mentioned this.

  3. It doesn’t matter if ‘The Five’ is good TV or not. Fox viewers will watch anything on FNC and especially if it bashes Democrats and liberals. They watched Glenn Beck hawk gold. They will even watch straight news delivered by a g*y liberal. I can’t think of any show that didn’t win it’s ratings slot, no matter how awful. It’s on Fox is all that matters.

  4. imnotblue Says:

    Without Microsoft, the MS doesn’t make a lot of sense. So to help in the rebranding, here are some suggestions for what “MS” could stand for moving forward:

    “Mostly Sh!tty”
    “Much Slander”
    “Must Skip”
    “Monstrously Stupid”
    “Mucho Stupido”
    “Much Silliness”
    “Manufactured Stories”

    Those are just some ideas. It’s early, but that should get the ball rolling.

  5. imnotblue Says:

    Oh, and here’s a pre-comment:

    Come on. I’m just teasing them. Lighten up, Joe.

  6. Oh I wouldn’t worry about Joe. Erich500 is more likely to go holier-than-thou on you.

  7. FNC should exist if for no reason than to irritate people like Fritz. THANK YOU.

  8. If Apple Corp had made the joint venture with NBC instead of Microsoft it might not have turned into such a turdblossom.


  9. What’s it cost to get rid of two letters? The cost of freedom for Comcast and NBCUniversal: roughly $300 million, with “a portion of the total price” coming from the joint venture’s “past profits,” according to The New York Times.

  10. erich500 Says:

    “Erich500 is more likely to go holier-than-thou on you.”

    Not if it’s funny.

    That may be hard to surmount for those with 13-year old senses of humor.

    Thus sayeth Erich.

    Yes, my sermon on the surmount.

  11. imnotblue Says:

    “Making Socialists”
    “Mocking Success”
    “Mostly Shouting”
    “Moving Sideways”
    “Minus Smartness”

  12. “Mucho Snotty”
    “Mental Slackers”
    “Malevolent Skunks”
    “Mainly Suckers”
    “Mendacity Serpents”
    “Multiple Sloths”

  13. I like much of what’s on MSNBC..I’m not committed to the defense of the channel like it’s a personal religion. It’s just television.

    In other news, HBO’s The Newsroom improved greatly last night, but botched incorporating the Tucson shooting into the plot. If there’s a tasteful way to place that event in a fictional show (I doubt it), Sorkin didn’t find it.

  14. A parting salute to the only attempt to put a bit of MS flavor in the early days of MSNBC, here’s Soledad signing off THE SITE with a little help from co-host, Dev Null:

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