Free for All: 07/20/12

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  1. I declare today BE NICE TO JOE DAY. What fun would this place be without Joe?

  2. That won’t be necessary. This is going to be a terrible day.

  3. savefarris Says:

    I got something that’ll take Joe’s mind off his troubles: Sarah Palin!!!

    Remember when Sarah Palin claimed food prices were on the rise?

    Looks like the Left owes her an apology yet again: The headline from Reuters this morning: GRAINS-Corn and soybeans hit record highs, stir food crisis fear (no link to avoid moderation, but you can google it.)

  4. How is this film supposed to open nationwide today? Thay need to pull it until law enforcement can be sure this isn’t a coordinated terrorist attack.

  5. savefarris Says:

    Wow, no overreation there!

    There were (I’d guesstimate) over 5,000 screenings last night. 4,999 had no issues. There’s been a tragedy yes, but

  6. Really? You’re gonna bust my chops over being concerned? Stay away from me.

  7. Now MSNBC is using their Twitter feed during live news coverage…. grrrrr.

  8. ^ Oh, that should be edifying.

  9. I thought the news ticker was annoying until the day msnbc introduced this twitter crawl nonsense to their coverage.

  10. I should hope that there’s some editorial discretion on that. Twitter is a cesspool.

  11. erich500 Says:

    Some – very few (so far) – twitterers are blaming (somehow) Limbaugh’s comments about the movie (the Bane/Bain analogy) on this tragedy.

    And then some – very few – on the other side are ascribing it to “the left.”

    The left? A few knuckleheads = the left?

    What is wrong with these people?

    Laura’s right: it’s a cesspool.

  12. erich500 Says:

    “And then some – very few – on the other side are ascribing it to “the left.””

    Characterizing those comments blaming Limbaugh, that is, as “the left.”

  13. savefarris Says:

    So the shooter dropped out of Medical School right after ObamaCare was ruled Constitutional? #TwoCanPlayAtThisGame

    By the way, this is going to be a TERRIBLE episode of “The Newsroom”. Can’t wait!

  14. So, let’s make ICN a cesspool as well. Jesus.

  15. erich500 Says:

    ^C’mon Farris, I don’t think this is the time.

    But, as they say, whatever.

  16. Other politicians are saying that other people should’ve had guns in that theater.

    Yep, someone else firing blind shots in a crowded theater at a whackjob who had a bulletproof vest on would have made things better. *sarcasm*

  17. erich500 Says:

    ^This is the new restrained me.

    Won’t last long so enjoy it while you can.

    I’m trying, I’m trying…..

  18. I bailed on Twitter after some idiot RTed some idiocy into my timeline. Bailed on MSNBC because of Twitter, too. Nothing good is gonna come from reading that crap today. I’m watching CNN, which is still the place to go at times like this.

  19. Still recommend you follow my lead: bail on all TV until nightly news today. Read a book. Play with the cat. Stare at people out the window.

  20. I shall ride my bicycle. For a long time.

  21. Maybe I’ll ride all 5.

  22. erich500 Says:

    “Still recommend you follow my lead: bail on all TV until nightly news today”

    And turn off the internet. It’s poison.

    Combine politics+religion with short posts and it’ll turn into a shouting contest every time. People misunderstand each other, words get taken out of context – and they’re discussing the ticking time bomb of politics. In bad times.

    That’s a prescription for nuttiness. And I fall for it every time.

  23. missy5537 Says:

    I’m slow, but I think I’m catching on.

    Looks like you people are posting your reactions to the Colorado Movie Massacre on the “Free for All” thread instead of on the “Colorado Movie Massacre: Your Reactions” thread that Spud provided for us?

    OK, I’l play along.

    Jane Velez Mitchell had some sort of news she was going to break; she said so, plus you could tell she really had something. But the anchorette interrupted her and went to another pundit.

    Get used to this folks.

  24. Alex Wagner wasted no time turning this in to a gun control deal.

    I’ve almost completely given up on this network.

  25. OK, I’l play along.

    There won’t be anything else worth talking about today, and most of the comments here haven’t been directly about the cable news coverage.

  26. Why almost? Haven’t you passed the reasonable doubt stage? Unless you share left wing philosophy and like to dabble in its different flavors, why go there?

  27. Ugh. Andy, that makes me ill. I didn’t dare turn NOW on for just that reason.

  28. erich500 Says:

    If you turn a network into all politics and then aggressively hire and promote people based on their ability to opine and comment, you’ll wind up with this.

    They don’t know how to do news and they’re not supposed to do news anyway.

    So, when awful events happen, you’ll get people giving opinions. Based on nothing.

  29. Joe, to be fair, it wasn’t Alex that brought it up.

    I don’t understand, for the life of me, why NBC would decide to have a political panel on with Alex for Breaking News coverage. Alex, on her own, is doing an awesome job covering the story.

  30. Gun control……….again.

    This time, Alex Wagner did bring it up.

  31. They need Chris Jansing, but I think she’s on the way to the Olympics. Breaking News needs a real newsperson. MSNBC has very few left. I like the channel as a leftwing opinion outlet, but they’re useless for events like this. Is Alex Witt in London, too? Eh, probably.

  32. erich500 Says:

    But when this guy is sent to prison, MSNBC will be able to give full coverage about his prison conditions.

    So they got that going for them.

  33. Joe, Thomas Roberts did a great job.

    MSNBC knows what they’re gonna get with Alex Wagner. If MSNBC is going to criticize politicians for partisan reactions (as they are doing), they should have made a quick move to suspend their dayside opinion programming.

  34. Spud this morning on Facebook:

    Inside Cable News
    ‎8:30 snapshot: CNN – Movie Shooting. FNC – Movie Shooting. MSNBC – “Romney’s Image Problem” discussion…

  35. @LarryKelly: Morning Joe doesn’t cover breaking news in general. I wonder if it’s an NBC decision so people will turn on TODAY if there is major news (since Morning Joe does have a fairly large audience).

  36. Morning Joe has a large audience especially in Washington, DC.

  37. Was MS actually discussing how this is good for Romney? I have sources.

  38. savefarris Says:

    “Large” of course, is a relative term…

  39. Alex Wagner just said MSNBC will have a special report with Chris Jansing at 10pm.

  40. lonestar77 Says:

    I love how it’s rapid fire on here then…silence. Happens a lot.

  41. Craig Melvin is doing a great job on NewsNation right now.

  42. MSNBC couldn’t pre-empt The Cycle for this? C’mon man!

    I don’t know how much more I can watch this network.

  43. Shepard interviewed people involved in the shooting while The Cycle interviewed some idiot attempting to profile someone we don’t know anything about yet. Nice work, kids.

  44. That Twitter crawl is still driving me insane. It’s more useless than the news ticker. It’s more useless than the countdown clocks. It’s the most useless thing in the history of television news.

  45. The graphics on FOX “News” are obnoxiously large. It’s the equivalent of someone typing in all caps when talking to you on an instant messenger.

  46. icemannyr Says:

    Why does MSNBC have one of their news anchors Richard Lui subbing as host on an opinion show like Martin Bashir?
    I also find it in bad taste they are still playing regular songs going to break. Just use the regular MSNBC instrumental music and call it a special report instead.

    The twitter scroll on MSNBCs opinion shows is tacky and not needed.
    On Greta’s show it’s even worse when you have the news ticker scrolling and the twitter ticker scrolling above it.

  47. icemannyr Says:

    Let me also add bad job by MSNBC brining partisan political debates into the story instead of just covering it as news story as CNN and FNC seem to be doing.

  48. Again, MSNBC just is not a news channel anymore at any time. Stop going there for news and complaining you’re getting opinion. I mean, STOP IT! God, it’s like going to KFC and complaining they are out of spaghetti.

  49. They put Richard Lui in so it wouldn’t be an opinion show today. Wise move.

    Larry’s right. MSNBC is gonna debate politics and gun control around a story like this. Most of us don’t like it and watched something else, but it is kinda silly to complain about them doing what they do. There’s plenty of sources for the straight recitation of events, and at this hour I’m about done with the constant re-airs of witness interviews.

  50. icemannyr Says:

    Chris Jansing just arrived on scene in Colorado and was talking via phone with Hardball guest host Ronald Reagan Jr.

    The Five is on FNC. They skipped the regular into and went right to Kim who went right to Adam reporting from Colorado.

    One thing I don’t get why is FNC using low quality internet streaming from Colorado?
    CNN and MSNBC seem to have no problem getting access to Satellite trucks.

  51. Bryan Ross of ABC NEWS is in the running for this year’s Richard Jewel Olympic Park Bombing Award.

  52. lonestar77 Says:

    I noticed Richard Lui was in. Was it just because of the coverage? Has Bashir been around this week? I can only imagine what would have come out of Bashir’s mouth. This is event was taylor made for him to lay all kinds of crazy blame around. And, Ron Reagan was in for Matthews. Didn’t watch any of it though.

  53. lonestar77 Says:

    It was surprising to see Brian Ross (at least to me) say something so incredibly stupid. It shows exactly what MSMers think of the tea party though. A tragedy happens and they immediately start searching tea party rolls. I guess I just didn’t realize Ross was as big an asshat as the rest of them.

  54. I don’t know if Bashir’s around. I cringe at 3pm and flip the channel before The Cycle and Martin Bashir come on.

    Having Martin Bashir on would have been a nightmare.

  55. Thomas Roberts is hosting The Ed Show at 8pm.

  56. Bashir’s on vacation. They’ve had opinion fill-ins this week until today.

  57. He had red hair and called himself The Joker. My daughter tells me he re-enacted a scene from the last movie. Can anyone verify that? I’ve never seen it.

  58. savefarris Says:

    a. Joker’s hair is green. always.
    b. Joker brandished a firearm many times in the movie, but he only person he actually shot (onscreen) was William Fichtner’s Bank President. Usually he was just waving it around and/or scaring people off.
    c. You’ve never seen Dark Knight?!? “Why, that is something we shall have to remedy…”

  59. Yes, by all means, let’s trade lighthearted barbs about films today.

  60. The Joker never shot up a movie theater in The Dark Knight. He blew up a hospital.

  61. And, I can’t believe the words that are coming out of my mouth, savefarris is right. Joker’s hair is green and you do need to watch The Dark Knight, Joe.

  62. I am tired of #all #this @twitter #nonsense

    If I gave a single care in the world what people on Twitter think, I will open up Twitter and read it for myself.

  63. I’ve sat through the first half-hour of The Dark Knight twice. It’s violent and pointless. Not my thing.

  64. Very poor taste for MSNBC to run The Ed Show’s Twitter ticker and all the people whining about guns.

  65. I don’t agree, Andy. Using it for straight news coverage is wrong, but no one by this time of night is tuning into The Ed Show for straight news, even if that is what Thomas Roberts is delivering. People use the #edshow tag to express opinions during that show, and Ed’s viewers won’t mind the opinions expressed.

  66. Joe, the only thing that’s Ed Show about tonight’s program is the graphics package. They are running a special report delivering breaking news coverage.

  67. Let them whine. I and my fellow NRA members will keep them at bay. Bill Clinton and the Democrats in Congress at the time learned to mess with us at their own political peril.

    The truth is there is no law that could have stopped this guy from obtaining weapons in some way and doing what he did. Though deranged he is said to be brilliant, a PHD candidate.

  68. The twitter crawl is gone! 🙂 (for now)

  69. And it’s back. 😦

    Seriously, it’s the worst invention in cable news history.

  70. I think we could all live with renewing the assault weapons ban. Maybe it wouldn’t stop some crazy determined to get one, but I’m good for making it hard. He bought these guns at a store. But, of course, according to the NRA that’s a slippery slope to BANNING ALL GUNS SO WE OPPOSE IT. Yeah.

  71. Yeah, indeed.

  72. Go ahead and be for it. Ain’t gonna happen.

  73. “Colorado law prohibits gun registration”

    Okay, now I think we can all agree that’s just insanity!!

  74. Most states don’t have gun registration. Ohio doesn’t. And it stays that way.

  75. Even if guns were totally illegal in Colorado, this killer would have got his weapons.

  76. We’d get the assault weapons ban back if my Democratic President wasn’t such a pansy about gun control. I’m not a flaming “take em all!” lib about guns, but DAMN. Do SOMETHING.

  77. There’s been an interesting turn both amongst the media, and those directly involved today: Screw remembering the shooter’s name, let’s learn the names of the victims. If this sonofabitch left a damn video, I don’t think we’ll be seeing it.

  78. Joe, this is the first mass tragedy in the social media era, and it gives the media a tool where they can learn about the victims.

  79. Chris Jansing, giving textbook on how to cover a tragedy right now. MSNBC needed her all day today.

  80. “We’d get the assault weapons ban back if my Democratic President wasn’t such a pansy about gun control.”

    Obama is not stupid. He does want another term. He would lose Ohio and many other battleground states if he were to stick his toe into federal gun control waters. His support from blue collar labor union members would crumble Can’t believe how niaeve some of you people are.

  81. Oh please, Larry. I’m not STUPID. I know EXACTLY why Obama doesn’t mess with the NRA. I just don’t LIKE it.

  82. Just finished watching DVR ABC World News Tonight coverage of the shootings. Nice reporting by Brian Ross but no mention of his screw up, though I wasn’t expecting one.

  83. MSNBC is first to the VCR, reruning their 10pm MSNBC Special Report.

  84. “We’d get the assault weapons ban back if my Democratic President wasn’t such a pansy about gun control. I’m not a flaming “take em all!” lib about guns, but DAMN. Do SOMETHING.”

    Why does anyone need a high powered automatic rifle? The only thing those things are designed for is going in to a crowded location and killing everyone in said crowded location. It’s the world’s most predictable emergency and yet, we allow it in the most egregious manner.

  85. “Chris Jansing, giving textbook on how to cover a tragedy right now. MSNBC needed her all day today.”

    By far, the best coverage all day.

  86. Unlike the Tucson shooting which was the work of a psychotic and Virginnia Tech where mental illness signals were everywhere, today’s killer seems more like a case of mental collapse when high expectations turn to failure. What’s most scarry is the likelihood of preventing it seems minimal.

  87. Andy, go bark at the sun.

  88. “Obama is not stupid. He does want another term. He would lose Ohio and many other battleground states if he were to stick his toe into federal gun control waters. His support from blue collar labor union members would crumble Can’t believe how niaeve some of you people are.”

    Because we’re a nation of idiots who think we should have the right to own guns that are designed to kill hundreds of people in a matter of a couple minutes. I’m as pro-gun as the next guy, but no ordinary citizen needs an AK-47 or AR-15.

  89. Still barking.

  90. Whatever Larry. You call it, “barking”. I call it, “offering my opinion in a Free for All thread”.

    We have reasonable restrictions on all rights. But our politicians care more about elections and, as a result, they’re afraid to buck the NRA at the risk of losing votes.

    I sure wish we had lobbyists that fought for our other rights the same way lobbyists fight for more guns on the street and more dead bodies.

  91. Strongest gun control in America is in the city of Chicago where the dead bodies from handgun murders are piling up like cordwood. Idiots like Andy just haven’t a clue what they are talking about.

  92. I’m not calling for banning all guns. I’m talking about banning guns that are designed for the sole reason of killing everyone within sight.

    I want 350 grenades … to protect my home … you know, in the event of a zombie apocolypse.

  93. lonestar77 Says:

    If they weren’t so expensive, I’d own an AR-15. I will own one day.

  94. Nothing wrong with having discussions on the merits of gun control if that helps people feel better. In the end, though, pretending that passing laws will somehow prevent this type of irrational violence is, itself, irrational. We desperately want it to be so that our lives are not subject to random chance or the whims of a crazy man, and that there is somebody somewhere who will do something to save us.

    Isn’t this, after all, the basis for Batman and all the other superheroes? A crazy and cunning evil villain descends upon Gotham with technology far beyond the abilities of even our city’s finest. Only the Caped Crusader can stop this madness! A meteor could fall from the sky tomorrow and impact with such force that the humanity of an entire continent becomes near instantly vaporised. As it is right now, there is absolutely nothing us mere mortals can do to stop such an event. BUT…. “Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! …”

    An Act of Congress could be signed into law that would ban all meteors larger than a two-seater outhouse from passing within 1000 kilometres of Earth’s atmosphere. Would that make you feel safer? In this day and age, an assault weapons ban would be only slightly more effective.

  95. Just to be safe I have a rider on my insurance for catastrophic meteor damage. The agent told me I was foolish to pay the extra money, but it makes me feel better. I just had to do something, you know.

  96. I have an early Colt manufactured AR-15. The ground hogs that live in my back 3 acres hate it. Which is okay as I hate them. That is what’s left of them.

  97. @Al: But saying, “okay, we’re going to make dangerous weapons legal and not regulate it’ is pure stupidity.

    I want to keep a few hundred grenades in my home in the event that 1,000 zombies threaten my security.

  98. “@Al: But saying, “okay, we’re going to make dangerous weapons legal and not regulate it’ is pure stupidity.”

    All weapons ARE dangerous, moron.

  99. Make them all illegal. It was easy to purchase weapons illegally over a century ago and it’s downright simple for children to do so nowadays. That guy appears to be pretty smart so he’d have little trouble thinking-up something.

    Perhaps a better (although still not fool-proof) strategy would be to provide resources for family members who recognise abnormal behavioural signs. It’s a touchy subject… temporarily revoking someone’s liberty even though he or she hasn’t (yet) committed a crime, but it would go after the core of the problem.

    Twelve people were killed, fifty-some injured. Not even in the same ballpark as the numbers killed and injured on our roads every day. Just as senseless, just as sad, just as dead.

  100. -Stupidity-

    How many innocent people die at the hand of someone on drugs? I don’t know the number but I bet it’s a lot of deaths. Drugs are certainly dangerous. That we have them well-regulated and/or illegal appears to have made the problem worse.

    “Regulated”, by the way, means to have “made regular, facilitated.” It does not mean to make something unlawful.

  101. This discussion is why we gun owners will fight to our cold, last breath to prevent federal registration of guns. Tragedy driven events will fire up a well-meaning, but ill-informed public to stampede further laws and regulation to (their) eventual logical end: outlawing and confiscation. Nope, it stops where it’s at and not a step further. I am the NRA.

  102. Not all weapons are designed to kill dozens of people in a matter of seconds.

  103. Most are capable of that task. A 1873 made Colt revolver can kill six people in six seconds. A home-made bomb, hundreds. You really are a babe in the woods.

  104. I think we should talk about gun control all weekend. Let’s do this.

    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.
    The proliferation of guns is a hazard to society.

    There..we’re done.

  105. For a moron and idiot, Joe can be very wise.

  106. savefarris Says:

    In Cable News news, Chris Hayes has opened his piehole again:

    The first thing that I think is important is transparency. If you found out that a mainstream news anchor at a major network was secretly emailing with a political operative, scheming on how to best present their case, you would be furious. The reason is there’s fundamentally a fraud being done, there’s a betrayal. Someone’s saying, ”I’m a neutral, good-faith arbiter of these things, when I’m not. I actually have skin in the game.’ That’s the greatest betrayal.

    For someone who’s supposed to be so smart and informed, Chris is pretty dumb:

  107. Your list is 3 commentators and an ex political strategist ABC insists on calling a journalist. I fail to see how this example cancels Hayes’ complaint. Unless you can find a quote from Chris saying Steph’s actions were acceptable, you’ve got nothin.

  108. I wouldn’t read that much about someone I liked, let alone Hayes.

  109. erich500 Says:

    The noggin scratcher for me was Hayes insistence that there’s “no symmetry” between MSNBC and Fox.

    That’s just not a credible argument. Both networks are built around opinion, both put news in the back seat (or in the case of MSNBC in a kennel on the roof) and both allow their commentators/hosts to dominate the news coverage. Not to mention that both give unbalanced one-sided analysis on just about every issue – just from different ends of the political yardstick.

    That’s the “symmetry” Mr. Hayes and if you can’t see it you’re really not looking too closely.

  110. I always wonder if that’s willing dishonesty or self delusion. Either way, it kind of makes the analytical capability look suspect.

  111. erich500 Says:

    I guess I should have saved that for Spud’s new post on Hayes.

    Again, MSNBC and Fox are built around opinion. That’s just obvious. Who denies that? They’re not news-centered networks, they’re opinion-centered networks. They view news as secondary, if not lower, to opinion.

    It’s obvious and it’s bizarre that Hayes can’t see that “symmetry”.

  112. “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

    People with guns.

  113. Oh stuff a sock in it.

  114. MSNBC and Fox are built around opinion. That’s just obvious. Who denies that?

    I do because you’re wrong. Fox still has plenty of hard news programming and it also has plenty of high-rated opinion programming, just as it did from day one. CNN did, too, and still does. Everyone can grade the extent that their hard news is fair and balanced, but they’re at least as fair as any other news organisation and reasonably balanced. There are legitimate criticisms of FNC for its blurring of hard-news and opinion, but this is hardly limited to them.

    Recently, MSNBC made a deliberate decision to focus its air time on liberal point-of-view programming and to eliminate most of its hard-news offerings. Very recently they began being up-front and open about the change, so what’s the problem?

  115. “Oh stuff a sock in it.”

    I would have said, “Oh, muzzle it.”

  116. Al is correct, but only because of the extensive straight news blocks from FNC on the weekend. On weekdays they have Special Report and Shep’s two hours, but there isn’t much more news to choose from than that. Happening Now? Sorry, Jon Scott opines too much. Same for Megyn Kelly. And Fox & Friends is…God only knows what that is.

  117. Or “Bite me”.

  118. Fox & Friends is an entertainment/opinion programme. It is also FNC’s most blatant blurring of the line. On O’Reilly, Hannity & Hannity, or Greta the news breaks (be they routine or breaking) are always with one of their hard-news journos and usually from the newsroom. On F&F, though, Gretchen Carlson usually reads the news. While she used to be a straight newsie, nowadays she does opinion… often so with Kilmeade on his radio show and weekly on O’Reilly. Steve Doocy does opinion on the radio, too.

    Alisyn Camerota, who used to be the F&F newsreader before they changed that up, never does the radio opinion gigs and sometimes sits-in for other hard-news shows. She does host F&FW, though. Again, blurring.

  119. People who think it’s kosher to own several high powered automatic rifles should come with warning labels.

  120. First, and from personal knowledge, if you’re someone who has interest in owning high-powered automatic rifles you likely already own several. I’m sure there’s far more gun collectors than there are stamp collectors… and collectors collect, eh? There’s so many that if that was the problem this sort of violence would’ve been happening daily over many decades.

    Second, I suspect much of the point-of-view difference stems from familiarity. For me, in both Virginia and Michigan, guns are commonplace enough that I really don’t think much of it when I see someone carrying one… or two. In many ways, their having weapons is reassuring.

    People who’ve never before shown interest in owning guns but acquire several high-powered ones over the course of only a few months should… well, there’s your warning label. Hopefully a family member or acquaintance will bother to notice it.

  121. My guess is that Andy came with a warning label, but under penalty of law, his parents ripped it off.

  122. One of my videos for Andy’s enjoyment:

  123. libertyandjustice Says:


    ABC (see below) should flat out fire both of these jerks. Shame on you ABC

    “Really, seriously, how do we take a journalist seriously when it’s pretty clear they really haven’t done any sort of check on their facts?”

    As NewsBusters previously reported, ABC’s Brian Ross on Friday falsely accused a Tea Party member of being the “James” Holmes that orchestrated the movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado.
    “Jim” Holmes during an interview with the Daily Caller had some harsh words for his accuser saying, “What kind of idiot makes that kind of statement?”
    “Really, seriously, how do we take a journalist seriously when it’s pretty clear they really haven’t done any sort of check on their facts?” told the Caller’s Alex Pappas:
    Holmes informed Pappas that ABC News didn’t contact him before Ross went on air.
    In fact, he still hasn’t heard from anyone there or received a direct apology.
    “They could’ve contacted me through the Tea Party Patriots website,” Holmes said.
    That certainly wouldn’t have been difficult; the site lists a phone number at the Contact Us page.
    I guess that would have been too much work for an “investigative reporter” like Ross.
    “I do understand what making a mistake means,” Holmes added. “But is it really worth the person’s reputation, the potential ruining of the person’s reputation?”
    Referencing his law enforcement experience, Holmes said you should “never, ever, ever bring somebody’s name or association into an accusation into the public eye until I know the truth.”

    Apologies if someone already posted this outrage!

  124. Nathan Wurtzel ‏@NathanWurtzel
    I would like to congratulate Bob Dole on Bob Dole’s 89th birthday.
    Retweeted by Jon G.

  125. erich500 Says:

    I’ll have to disagree with Al on this one: I think Fox News emphasizes opinion and analysis more than they emphasis news. And even the news coverage often comes, as Ailes has admitted, from “a perspective”, a Middle America view of the world. Not always; but often.

    Do they broadcast a lot of news? Yes. In many cases some pretty good news. I think that critics unfairly fail to distinguish between the commentators and the straight news people.

    But straight news dominated networks – as CNN has learned – simply don’t get ratings. People like sizzle, food fights and controversy. They simply don’t want to watch straight news channels.

    Fox’s weekday programs – especially that all important prime time period – is filled with opinion and analysis and commentary. Sure, there’s straight news mixed in but opinion is emphasized.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. For at least a day.

  126. erich500 Says:

    Do you believe that the government can, constitutionally, place any limits on the purchases of guns? Limits on the firing power, ammunition, number of weapons, et cetera?

    All of our rights – even the most cherished like freedom of speech and religion and association – have limits. None are absolute. We draw lines and place boundaries around them.

    I want to honor your rights to own a gun – you’re a responsible man who understands that they’re weapons and not toys – while trying to see if we can limit future incidents like this. You want a gun for protection. Fine, I respect that. But can we limit the capabilities of that gun?

    Yeah, that sounds like a mushy moderate but man, how horrible must it be for a parent to find out that their son or daughter went to a movie but are never coming home again? I cannot conceive of the pain. Maybe no laws would have prevented this but events like this can make us think anew about trying to prevent future tragedies.

    Because we know there will be another.

  127. Yes, by all means let’s follow up this horrible story with a lovely target-shooting video.

  128. But can we limit the capabilities of that gun?


  129. Yes. The assault weapons ban.

  130. Way too late to ever get that genie back in the bottle.

  131. Every time something like this happens, there’s talk of laws… and gun/ammo sales spike. Obama gets elected, sales spike. If Obama is reelected, expect the biggest spike ever. Short of going house-to-house, it’s difficult to imagine a law that could possibly make a difference, other than to stimulate business and inflate prices. Trust me kids, this ain’t book-learning.

  132. My lovely target shooting video was in honor of Andy. I call it the Andy Target Shooting Video. The Colt revolver in the video is nearly a hundred years old, aand with a couple speed-loaders in the hands of a trained shooter, could kill a dozen people in under a minute. There are millions of guns in this country and Mexico much newer and no amount of regulation will ever get rid of them or keep them out of the hands of someone with a minimal effort to get one. Who do you think will turn them in if outlawed?
    There is already considerable gun regulation. It’s not open season. I can’t buy a weapon without a background check. I can’t carry a weapon concealed without passing a course and obtaining a permit through local law enforcement. I can’t buy a machine gun without a federation tax stamp and all kinds of permits and spending about ten grand. We gun advocates feel any further laws are just feel-good spot band-aids with little merit aside from political rabble rousing. Even if I lived in anti-gun Norway, was nuts, and was of a mind to get a gun, nothing could stop me and more than it did their mass-murderer. You people really are silly.

  133. By the way I am a GOOGLE-ADSENSE-PARTNER. Any time someone watches the video, I get paid by Google. Ain’t that a kick.

  134. There’s nothing ‘silly’ about looking for answers.

  135. Speaking of barking…….

  136. Too bad this all distracts from the removal of Paterno’s statue. About damn time.

  137. It’s like the guy looking for his lost wallet next to the streetlight. “You lose it around here?” asked his friend. “No”, replied the guy, “but the light is better”.

    Looking for answers in the wrong places just because you find it easy, is silly.

  138. Careful, Andy Panda. I have more video. Me doing yoga in my speedo just might await you.

  139. Remember Haiti? The fund drives. Celeberty TV pledge concerts. A360 in a t-shirt. All that emotion. All the rebuilding promise. Yep, seems a long time ago to me too.

  140. Ridiculing people for looking for answers is ignorant and stupid.

  141. Mormons looking for answers from their religion in their chosen way deserve your ridicule though? You ever look in the mirror? Your sensitivities are pretty sanctimonious.

  142. Looking for answers to the question, how can tragedy to used to get political objectives fulfilled deserves no sanction.

  143. ^ Pill time.

    Piers has “annoying” down to a science, but he did get Scalia to appear, and managed to ask an intelligent question or two,

  144. I didn’t ridicule Mormons. I specifically said they have every right to practice their religion, and seem like nice people. I ridiculed their ridiculous founder for BSing the world with a “new bible” revealed only to him. Uh huh.

  145. ^ Not that I much care what you do, but you just ridiculed Mormons again. Want to go for ridiculing Muslims, too? They keep multiple wives.

  146. You clearly don’t understand the difference between considering a religion a cult, and ridiculing the people deceived by it. I have my doubts about Mohammed, too.

  147. And bringing it up again in a gun control debate is ridiculous. I think LDS is a deception. Get over it.

  148. I do understand the difference. I ridicule the cult-like components of own religion almost daily.

  149. The founders of our country felt that certain rights were so strong no later government should trample them that they are specifically listed as an addition to the Constitution. These are THE BILL OF RIGHTS. You will notice “the right to abort your baby on demand” is not one of them, though liberals go ape over any attempt at further regulation as “a slippery slope”. You will notice that “the right to bare arms” is listed and has been affirmed by the Supreme Court as an “individual right”.

    Don’t slip on my slope as you get over it.

  150. A law enforcement source, who is close to the investigation but not authorized to speak publicly, said something went awry in the killer’s planned assault at the theater. Police said the alleged gunman had three weapons: a Remington shotgun, a Smith & Wesson M&P assault rifle and a Glock .40-caliber handgun.

    The assault rifle, which is akin to an AR-15 and is a civilian version of the military’s M-16, could fire 50 to 60 rounds per minute and is designed to hold large ammunition magazines. The source said that Holmes allegedly had obtained a 100-round drum magazine that attached to the weapon but that such large magazines are notorious for jamming.

    The law enforcement official said authorities think the gunman first used the shotgun — some victims have buckshot wounds — and then began using the assault rifle, which jammed. Then he resorted to the handgun.

    (so much for the assault gun ban preventing this. keep looking for your answers where the light is good.)

  151. White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters on Air Force One during the flight to Colorado, “The president’s view is that we can take steps to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them under existing law.”

    Jesus has spoken

  152. – (so much for the assault gun ban preventing this. keep looking for your answers where the light is good.) –

    That didn’t make a lick of sense. Nobody thinks reinstating the ban a week ago would have made any difference.

  153. THAT took you 24 hours to come up with?

    Let’s play “who said this”:

    joeremi Says:
    July 21, 2012 at 2:49 pm
    I think we should talk about gun control all weekend. Let’s do this.

    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.
    The proliferation of guns is a hazard to society.

    There..we’re done.

    – – – – – – – –

    (maybe let’s carry it on all week? I’m good for it. )

  154. I saw it this afternoon, Sparky, and I responded because delineating how many people he could have shot if the clip hadn’t jammed seemed like a bizarre argument against banning assault weapons.

  155. While not an argument, it is an extreme irony that had the ban on large clips been still in effect many more people might have been killed as Holme’s assault weapon jammed forcing him to use his pistols and shotgun. 100-round mags are crap: prone to jam. The millitary never uses such things.

    Who the hell is Sparky?

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