Free for All: 07/25/12

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  1. savefarris Says:

    Congratulations to Eddie Robinson: the once (and current) winningest College Football Coach in Division I.

  2. Moral of the story. If you see one of your coaches horsing around naked in the shower with a little boy:

    step one is to yell “stop that”

    step two is to call the cops and let them sort it out.

  3. libertyandjustice Says:

    I fully support the vigorous prosecution of Penn State officials who broke the law. I don’t understand how fining Penn State 60 million dollars does anything good. It seems to me that the huge fine penalizes/ hurts all those at the university who had nothing to do with these crimes. Does that make sense?

  4. My only problem with the 60 mill is if Peen State is a state school (is it?) doesnt that just mean the taxpapyers will have to pay the fine while EVERYONE who did wrong isnt even at the school any more?

    I would hvae a big problem with 60 mill of taxpayers money going to a private group.

  5. Valid points, last two. A third: where does the fine go? NCAA board retirement fund?

  6. savefarris Says:

    According to press release I saw, 60 mill goes to children’s charities.

  7. motownman Says:

    Actually, Robinson’s victories came at the Division I-AA and II level, so the winningest Division I coach is Bobbhy Bowden.

  8. The Twitter crawl returns to MSNBC! 😦

    #I #Am #So #Tired #of #All #This @Twitter #nonsense

  9. In talking about cable, keep in mind the following celebrating it’s THOUSANDth Monday night appearance tonight is worlds champ:

  10. Joe Scarborough is a total tool and once again shows why he’s on MSNBC and not a real cable news network. He should be making medical diagnoses around the same time that I host a cable news screechfest.

  11. Now they’re reporting that the shooter had a grant from NIH. After wondering how he could afford all those weapons. Yeah, that’ll be big.

  12. I bite the Kelly tounge.

  13. I saw Scarborough’s attempt at profiling those on the autism spectrum as having a proclivity to respond to difficulty in social situations by killng people. As a person with Asperger’s Syndrome I was offended, and – considering he has a son with AS – a little shocked.

    Aspergers is a “brain wired differently” condition. It is not a mental illness. Joe Scarborough is an idiot.

  14. bushleaguer Says:

    60 million to a program like Penn State in the Big 10 is no big deal…..these schools earn, on average, between 12-15 million per year within the conference on TV grants of rights alone. Neither the students nor the state will have to pony up anything. What really hurts Penn State Football is the loss of scholarships and the loss of eligibility for post-season play. It will take a decade for the program to recover from that.

    How this works with the NCAA is that infractions are discovered and the program/school is given the opportunity to propose sanctions that it will take on itself and many times the NCAA will accept the self-sanctions with a warning that future infractions will result in disciplinary measures. What did Penn State do through all of this…..take down the statue of Joe Paterno. They obviously still have a cultural problem up there where football comes before everything else. Well, they’re going to learn the hard way.

  15. More people died in one accident Sunday in South Texas than in the Colorado shooting. FNC reports a pickup trunk jam-packed with illegal immigrants left the highway and crashed into two large trees not far from the border. At least 14 were killed.

  16. It’s striking how quickly new Conventional Wisdom can be created. I just learned, this weekend, that Dems lost the ’94 election because of gun control. Oh, it also hurt Al Gore in 2000. I know this because it’s being said on CNN and Fox, as of today. I have a pretty fair memory, but it’s a new one on me.

  17. Huh? Um, I voted for the Dems in those elections. I think I would remember us whining that the NRA was our big problem.

  18. Well CNN couln’t be wrong.

  19. DEVELOPING… NO MOVEMENT ON GUN CONTROL: CNN’s Candy Crowley reports on the dormant state of the gun control debate, and why it’s likely to remain so: “Congress passed a 10-year ban on more than a dozen kinds of assault weapons in 1994. Months later, Democrats lost the House majority. In 1999, Al Gore brings down gavel on gun control. Gore lost his presidential bid for many reasons but by 2000, Democrats concluded that gun control was bad politics,” reports Crowley. “Since then Democrats have recruited pro-gun candidates in rural areas, the South and the interior West.”

  20. For the record, ’94 was reaction to Bill and Hillary’s health care reform attempt; 2000 was Clinton fatigue, coupled with a dull candidate running the most schizophrenic presidential campaign in history. And Nader.

  21. Where bad policy and bad politics mix, only the fool running for reelection will tread.

  22. I remember ‘no middle class tax cut’. I remember tax increases. I remember g@ys in the military/Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. He managed to p|ss off both sides with that. I remember HillaryCare. I remember Hillary, period. I also remember buying a Mini 14 before the ban, but I digress. What I don’t remember is the assault weapon-ban being that big a deal to people other than us..who weren’t about to vote ‘D’ anyway.

  23. 2000 was so close, any drag was enough to swing it. Tip of the hat to Pat Buchanan and the “butterfly ballet”.

  24. Wow, Candy is doing some serious extrapolating there. Presuming a major part of Gore’s loss was advocacy of gun control is silly. He won the popular vote and probably the Electoral if they kept counting, and he definitely would have won without Nader in the picture.

    When you consider that Gore’s terrible campaign almost beat Bush’s great one, I’d say Candy doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

    As for libs deciding gun control was a loser after 2000, it might be wise to look at how the polls have changed in this area since 9/11. The Dems backed off because the mood of the country about safety and security was drastically altered.

  25. Well, CNBC things your unicorn is dead:

  26. savefarris Says:

    Another record changing hands thanks to today’s NCAA action: PrairieView A&M no longer has the longest winless streak in history.

  27. The gun control issue is one that points out that while liberals think they run the Democratic Party, they don’t.

  28. ABC WORLD NEWS reports that not only was Holmes getting a federal grant for his education, but as part of that grant he was getting $26,000 a year in spending money. Maybe Obama is right: you can’t be a success at what you do without help from the government.

  29. savefarris Says:

    Yeah, but it’s … ABC News. At this point, even MSNBC is more trustworthy.

  30. That could be a problem.

  31. “He did it to get attention, and he got that attention. But he won’t be getting it from me.”

    Lawrence O’Donnell opening The Last Word.

  32. He did it to get attention in the same way that The Joker always starts his crime wave with a bang. Gas cannisters, loud shotguns, shooting-up the ceiling with a semi-auto rifle, setting traps in his hide-away and warning the cops about that… I hope they don’t have a telly with cable news on in his jail cell. If they do then he’s probably smiling.

  33. I’m sure glad that Viacom finally got their stuff together. I miss my heavily-edited Moments of Stewart.

  34. I get all I need free from MEDIAITE.

    I still get a kick that this guy that is revered as a truth-teller found it advantageous to change his name.

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