Adam Johnson Profile

WAG Magazine’s Georgette Gouveia profiles Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson…

In truth, Johnson was destined for business. Growing up in Greenwich, where he attended the Brunswick School, this native Chicagoan mowed lawns, painted houses and worked for a caterer, earning $6,000. As a 16-year-old in 1982, he says, “I felt pretty flush.”

Still, he was premed at Princeton University until economics professor Alan Blinder convinced him that he should switch to his specialty.

“He was just so persuasive. And I didn’t just want to fix people. I wanted to do something broader. Business is about interacting with people.”

That drive led to an impressive résumé in the financial sector – analyst at Merrill Lynch Capital Markets, trader at Louis Dreyfus Energy Corp., founder of and the biggie, co-founder and co-portfolio manager of MLH Capital L.L.C., which shut down in 2008.

What was it like helping to run a hedge fund?

“Stressful, in a word. Lots of fun. But you can only do it for so long. It’s boring to sit in a room looking at screens and all you do is buy and sell. I felt it was not using enough of me.”

One day he was running in Central Park when he saw Dylan Ratigan, then of CNBC, and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“I said, ‘You should have me on your show.’ I told him, ‘I’ll make you look good and make your viewers money.’”

What Johnson told viewers was to get in on a little something called Google. Needless to say, that led to return visits, which led to Fox appearances, which led to Bloomberg, where he’s been since 2009.

“It’s luck, but you have to prepare yourself for the right moment.”

One Response to “Adam Johnson Profile”

  1. -“It’s luck, but you have to prepare yourself for the right moment.”-

    It’s now or never.

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