CNN Suspends Fareed Zakaria…

Hey…what happened to those August news-less doldrums?

This afternoon Fareed Zakaria had a bad day. Both Time and CNN suspended him over plagiarism charges as Politico’s Dylan Byers chronicles

CNN has joined Time Magazine and suspended Fareed Zakaria following his admission of plagiarism.

“We have reviewed Fareed Zakaria’s TIME column, for which he has apologized,” CNN said in a written statement. “He wrote a shorter blog post on on the same issue which included similar unattributed excerpts. That blog post has been removed and CNN has suspended Fareed Zakaria while this matter is under review.”

Time Magazine suspended Zakaria earlier this afternoon after he admitted to plagiarizing an April article about the National Rifle Association by New Yorker staff writer Jill Lepore.


16 Responses to “CNN Suspends Fareed Zakaria…”

  1. He speaks..

    Biggest beneficiary of the Romney/Ryan news: Fareed Zakaria. Blows his suspension story off the rundown…

  2. Like child predators, plagiarists rarely do it just once. If thats not the case here, Fareed can claim he was a busy guy and the instant solution only tempted him in a fleeting moment. Should other occurances turn up, he can use his GPS to find obscurity.

  3. libertyandjustice Says:

    I seldom agreed with his analysis, (sometimes disguised as news) but I feel no joy in seeing him discredited like this. I hope something good will come of it.

  4. I hereby admit the book report I turned in in sixth grade on LINCOLN THE RAILSPLITTER was totally copied from an encyclopedia. Desperate times, desperate measures. I am so sorry I may have disappointed my teacher.

  5. missy5537 Says:

    Poor leftist lib. Who woulda thought?

    This will come as a huge disappontment to both of his viewers.

  6. Child predators? Turn the “creepy” dial down a bit, Kelly.

  7. Talk about creepy, Fareed looks like a super-villain. Green Gobblin, perhaps?

  8. The oddest part of this is that Time is still in existence…who knew?

  9. – who knew? –

    People who read.

  10. On today’s RELIABLE SOURCES @HowardKurtz pleads “smart journalist Fareed Zakaria” “did one smart thing by quickly owning up”.

    Don’t tell me this dumba$$ is smart over and over. He obviously isn’t or
    (a) he wouldn’t need to steal from other journalists
    (b) he wouln’t be so sloppy as to be EASILY caught.

  11. The Fareed segment seems NOT to be one of the posted videos at Wonder how it got left out?

  12. I see they were shamed into adding it a couple minutes ago. Lookd bad.

  13. See, once I called them on it they scrambled to post it right away.

  14. Did Crowley do a separate show for GPS? They just reran Situation Room at one, and I couldn’t record the other. Not much of a fill-in, if you ask me.

  15. I tuned in 15 minutes before Reliable Sources and CNN looked to be showing a Romney speech live.

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