CNN Protects an Asset…

You can make a judgement mistake on Twitter and get fired. You can make a judgement mistake on the radio and get fired. But at CNN if you commit a big journalistic no-no which damages your credibility as well as the credibility of anyone you work for and you’ll get fired too.

No…wait…I’m sorry…you’ll get a one week suspension

His suspension at CNN is also over, a CNN spokesperson tells TVNewser:

CNN has completed its internal review of Fareed Zakaria’s work for CNN, including a look back at his Sunday programs, documentaries, and blogs. The process was rigorous. We found nothing that merited continuing the suspension.

Zakaria has apologized for a journalistic lapse. CNN and Zakaria will work together to strengthen further the procedures for his show and blog.

Fareed Zakaria’s quality journalism, insightful mind and thoughtful voice meaningfully contribute to the dialogue on global and political issues. His public affairs program GPS will return on Sunday, August 26 at 10am ET on CNN/US and 8am ET on CNN/International.

Why did CNN cut Sanchez and Nasr loose like hot potatoes but kept Zakaria? I don’t know. Connections? Lowering of journalistic standards? The fact that Time Warner has a lot riding on Zakaria? Your guess is as good as mine. But it wouldn’t surprise me at all if turns out this decision came from higher up than CNN…


12 Responses to “CNN Protects an Asset…”

  1. For CNN’s sake I certainly hope their review was exhaustive as well as rigorous. Others not so friendly are combing through his every written word, too.

  2. Sounds more like they’re covering their asset.

  3. Zakaria is a genuine international star journalist and historian. Everybody from India and Pakistan to Japan and China knows of him. His lapse really was stupid; he didn’t need to quote another figure without attribution. I suspect it was simple carelessness; he probably did not have anyone check his work. We ALL need an editor, no matter how big we are. We all need another set of eyes. It sounds like CNN has put in place some institutional process now.

  4. Translation: he’s our guy, and he is above normal standards.

  5. missy5537 Says:

    Sorry for not being politically correct, but the guy is a protected minority, plus an ultra liberal. There’s NO WAY those two institutions would touch him!

  6. In this day and age, outrage is all about which side of the political fence you stand, for instance “domestic terrorism”:

  7. Why did CNN cut Sanchez and Nasr loose like hot potatoes but kept Zakaria?

    What separates your first two examples from the latest? Right. I knew you could put two and two together, eh.

  8. So…they keep good old Fareed Zerox….

    he fits their Euro Leftist meme.

  9. missy5537 Says:

    ^”Fareed Zerox”. I love it!

  10. […] prediction: Nothing comes of this review. This based on the fact that CNN stood by Fareed Zakaria last year after far more serious plagiarism charges were leveled at him. How can CNN possibly drop […]

  11. […] they’ll cut the talent loose at the first sign of trouble…unless of course the talent has deep tie ins with other parts of the parent company’s empire. But I […]

  12. […] That CNN is sensitive is putting it mildly. It runs away like the plague leaving staffers twisting in the wind over the slightest negative self-inflicted wound…unless you are juiced in with the corporate parent and have a Sunday show in which case you are safe… […]

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