Megyn Kelly Profile…

The AP’s David Bauder profiles Megyn Kelly…

Four years ago, Megyn Kelly roved the Democratic and Republican convention floors as a reporter for Fox News Channel. Starting Monday, Aug. 27, 2012, in Tampa, Fla., she’ll be in Fox’s booth as co-anchor with Bret Baier for the 2012 meetings. (AP Photo/Fox News, Alex Kroke)

The elevation shows how Kelly, host of the daytime “America Live” program, is

ICN interrupts Bauder’s article to yell, “Wait for it!”

rising at Fox. Her ratings are increasing even in a rough year for cable news. Recently she single-handedly minimized the damage after a Fox flub covering the Supreme Court health care decision and even had a surprise talk with an old nemesis, Jon Stewart.

I’ve been doing this blog for seven years now. For over half that time I’ve been posting stories saying Kelly is a rising star at FOX. This meme has been beaten to death. FNC needs a new one…

Her convention assignment is likely to be her most visible yet. Fox outrated all of its television rivals, including ABC, CBS and NBC, during the GOP convention in 2008 and 2004. She’s hoping her outside-the-Beltway status provides a good contrast to Baier, who hosts a newscast from Washington each weeknight. She also appreciates the confidence placed in her by Fox News boss Roger Ailes.

“For many executives in television, there’s still a quiet understanding that the person with the most authority is the male anchor, and I don’t think my boss suffers from that delusion,” she said.


36 Responses to “Megyn Kelly Profile…”

  1. imnotblue Says:

    So what you’re saying is that she’s not longer a rising star, just a star in the constellation, FOX News.

    I suppose. Her star will rise again when O’Reilly retires, and the give her his spot (I’ve said for years she’ll make an excellent replacement for O’Reilly)… but until then, she’s staying pretty static at “awesome.”

    Much like my awesome self.

  2. She’s in the booth, Spud. Deal with it. At one time that was the premier spot for news people. Oh the hubbub when Walter Cronkite was displaced by the team of Roger Mudd and Bob Trout.

  3. […] Update: Great minds think alike! ICN notices the same thing I did. […]

  4. motownman Says:

    “Kelly said she considers “America Live” a news show, not an opinion one.”
    Defiitely an opinion show. Megyn isn’t a journalist, she’s an advocate.
    That’s fine. FNC should admit as such and so should she.

  5. Almost time for another “hot anchor” photo spread, with the requisite “what’s it like to be a hot anchor” interview. Yay news!

  6. imnotblue Says:

    If you think Kelly is an advocate, either you don’t watch her show, or think that the evening news anchors are all advocates. Kelly does as good a job as anyone, in keeping her opinions in check (most of the time). She’s not perfect, but nobody is.

  7. motownman Says:

    Check me next time she does one of those “here’s another story about those effing unions” tease.

  8. Spud is right, this PR article is stupid. Megyn hosts the same show, and the same “special coverage”, she did four years ago. This “rising star” has had the same steady gig for years.

  9. motownman Says:

    Love the “focus groups,” filled with Fox News contributors.

  10. imnotblue Says:

    Yeah… how about I check you when she does her first, “effing unions” tease.

    You’re not one of those guys who find “conservative bias” in everything that isn’t explicitly “pro-Democratic benefactor” are you?

  11. When Joe uses his “authority voice” you just know he knows what he’s talking about… No Megyn was NOT ‘hosting the same show 4 years ago’ that she is now. She was 9am co-host with Hemmer……

  12. My mistake..I thought America Live had been on that long. I stand by my “rising star” statement, though. She’s already well established at FNC in her current positions. There isn’t much further up the ladder to go than hosting convention and election nights with Bret Baier. Plus, there are other rather unpleasant factors (see: Makeup!) that will begin to play against here there in the next few years..

  13. -effing unions-

    Any stories on issues of organised labour that do not grant union precepts a prima facie ranking will be labelled as “conservative bias” by liberals. Megyn Kelly’s stories are fair but the teases for them almost never are… but that’s sort of the point of a “tease”.

  14. Those teases are exclusive to FNC, and make a mockery of a supposed “straight news” show like America Live.

  15. ^ What he said. Those ‘teases’ aren’t fair to people who are reporting what might actually be balanced news-stories. “Fair & Balanced” loses something when every single tease is cast in terms of “Do liberals really want to kill your children? O’Reilly is on the case!”

  16. Newspaper and magazine headlines have been doing that for years. Nonetheless, two ‘wrongs’ don’t make a ‘right’. Three ‘lefts’ do, though

  17. Even if the reporting and the anchor is totally balanced, it stacks the deck. Like they’re daring you to believe that they’re biased. And it gives a national news channel the air of local news during sweeps. It’s stupid.

  18. Attitude leans to the right at FNC, the left at CNN, and the egg-sucken-dog nasty at MSNBC. Why is that so hard to understand?

  19. Yes, I do have such difficulty understanding that. rolleyes 🙄

  20. ^ Closed Captioning for the Emoticon Impaired.

  21. Local news doesn’t sound like a Republican PR hack sending the signal “this is our channel for us guys”. Those promos bother me more than anything else on Fox. I’m a liberal trying to watch your channel, and you’re basically telling me to f*** off every half hour. It got old quick.

  22. But you’re still there because where else can you get the fair and balanced view you decide as they report for a great metropolitan news channel standing for truth, justice, and the American way.

  23. I’m not still there. I got tired of being insulted by a channel that treats its viewers like morons while laughing all the way to the bank, and stopped watching.

  24. Forever and ever?

  25. basically telling me to f*** off every…
    got tired of being insulted by a channel that treats its viewers like morons while laughing all the way to the bank

    I know, one can only take so much of (MS)NBC.

  26. Forever and ever?

    I turn it on every now and then, but usually don’t last very long. I used to use it as a way to know what Righty World is talking about, but I get all I need from Twitter now. From people who (usually) don’t treat me like a moron..

  27. Sparty is just butthurt that Ainsley doesn’t have a show.

  28. imnotblue Says:

    So you get your Conservative news from Twitter? From people who don’t treat you like a moron?

    Sounds like short-winded uneducated folks to me.


  29. Joe will stop watching FNC for about as long as he stopped posting on this blog when he got mad. Why? Still the best news channel on cable.

  30. Actually, I do still watch some on the weekends ’cause MSNBC isn’t on, and CNN is awful. I’ll catch a little news; Geraldo occasionally; Fox News Watch so Laura and I can hurl insults at it (good times); and the re-air of Fox News Sunday if I’m home and a race isn’t on. I was thinking of weekdays in this discussion.

  31. ‘I was thinking of weekdays…’ Yeah why watch Shep report actual news when you can rewatch a Hardball you just saw 1 hr ago?!

  32. ‘Cause I’ve already heard the news a dozen times by then, and don’t bother to change the channel while I’m busy with other things. Sparky.

  33. ‘Cause I’ve already heard the news a dozen times by then…’ Wait,I thought you said you were watching MSNBC…(rim-shot!)

  34. Chris Jansing sets it up nicely in the morning, then my homepage (, Tamron Hall, and links via Twitter do a fine job of updating throughout the day.

  35. motownman Says:

    Sparty is just butthurt that Ainsley doesn’t have a show.

    I’m watching Ainsley’s show, Fox & Friends First, right now. She’s hosting today and Friday with Patti Ann Browne, Monday through Wednesday with Heather Nauert.

  36. […] around Kelly was that she was the “rising star”. This meme went on for so long that I started openly mocking it because it was patently obvious to me by that point that she was no longer a rising star but was in […]

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