Mika and Joe Talk…

Poynter’s Mallary Jean Tenore writes about Mika Brzezinksi and Joe Scarborough speaking at a Poynter luncheon. One of the things they talked about was Chris Matthews’ on air fight with Reince Priebus on Monday…

Brzezinksi and Scarborough said that Monday’s show “hit a pothole.”

“Our strategy for discourse on the show is to have a civil one. … I think things went off the rails a little bit, and it wasn’t our best show. It’s live, it’s three hours a day, and sometimes we have a good show and sometimes we don’t have such a good show,” Brzezinksi said. “It’s very unpredictable, obviously, because we don’t use scripts and because everybody is speaking from the heart and off the top of their heads and there are obvious pitfalls with that.”

Scarborough said he was upset that “Morning Joe” “wasted five minutes of the audience’s time” during Matthews’ outburst by doing “absolutely nothing to illuminate the conversation.”

“We love Chris, Chris loves us, Chris comes on the show all the time, and we want him back again,” Scarborough said. Nevertheless, he doesn’t support political outbursts like Matthews’.

“If people come on our show and do that, they’re not going to come back on our show until we’re certain they’re not going to do it,” Scarborough said. “The problem is, that people who do that, whether it’s on cable TV or online … they are rewarded by either the extremists on the far right or the far left.”


11 Responses to “Mika and Joe Talk…”

  1. Used to DVR and watch daily. Now the MSNBC stable is too unstable to risk watching. Joe is always searching for a way to ingratiate himself with the liberals toward which his network leans. Frankly, he and Mika are just too predicable and tiring. Have not watched all summer.

  2. Joe mentioned the whole Chris Matthews thing again this morning on MJ with a disclaimer that some of the people in the front office (?) weren’t going to be happy about him talking about it. But, it all came down to Chris being passionate about politics. Passionate is one thing, being a jerk is another and Chris Matthews is a jerk.

  3. Why is it that democrats can say horrible things about Mitt Romney. He has been called a murderer, felon, as well as a horrible boss for laying off thousands of people when he worked for Bain Capital But if Mitt Romney makes a joke about Obama, he is called a racist. I don’t get it and the media says nothing. It is quite alright. Grrrrrrrrrr.

  4. Because with a few exceptions, the media is the defender and protector Of Barrack Obama. They have a lot invested in him and will do their best to make sure he is not a failed one term President.

  5. The media have become a subsidiary of the DNC.

  6. Conveniently, when Mitt Romney loses for being an out of touch lying tool, “the media did it” has already been preloaded. The defense is impenetrable.

  7. Just as the denial of any bias whatsoever is impenetrable. Hear about the guy fired from Yahoo!? I’m sure he’s just an anomaly, as every other example is.

  8. I don’t deny that parts of the media have plenty of bias, but the presumption that every conservative politician’s problems are a result of unfair treatment by them is ludicrous. Mitt Romney is a stiff, slightly bizarre candidate with a history of changing his tune to get a vote, and the base hates him. But if he loses, all I’ll hear on Twitter for months is “media bias”. It’s simplistic and insulting.

  9. Translation of what Scarborough was really saying.

    “We only want guests who acquiesce to our format of not asking difficult questions which might cause a guest considerable discomfort. What we like to do is allow them to spew their talking points, occasionally interrupting to ask a tough questions to fool our audience into thinking that we are in search of a revealing and insightful dialogue.”

    In other words, just like the Sunday morning network news shows.

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