Red and Blue Cable News…

The LA Times’ Scott Collins writes about the viewing habits of the Democrat and Republican Conventions and interview Phil Griffin. I’ll just skip on down to the kicker quote at the end…

Whatever they say publicly, viewers don’t seem to mind the news media’s partisan divide, at least according to the numbers. Executives, however, tend to insist that the division is one-sided — and it’s all coming from the other side.

Fox News, not wanting to be branded a right-wing network, frequently points out that its election coverage features news anchors as opposed to pundits and its analysis includes commentary from liberals such as Juan Williams.

MSNBC, meanwhile, argues that Romney and other top GOP notables reliably appear on Fox News. MSNBC hasn’t even gotten an interview with Obama, Griffin says, although the president has sat down with Fox News, CNN and every broadcast network.

Viewing MSNBC as the liberal version of Fox News especially irks him. Griffin sees Fox News as ideological and MSNBC as more, well, fair and balanced. (Fox News declined to speak on the record.)

“When people say there’s some kind of equivalency there,” he said, “I go, ‘Really?'”

Echoes of the false equivalency arguments of Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes. But Griffin is kind of right that in certain aspects the two aren’t equal. FNC would never have its pundits anchor news events. FNC wouldn’t phone in the bulk of its primetime convention coverage from New York.

Not that either of those points is going to resonate with Griffin. Why would they? MSNBC just had its best ratings week in years doing things that way.

10 Responses to “Red and Blue Cable News…”

  1. Oooow, Spud at his best.

  2. Kicking Fox News is the rally MSNBC uses for its core audience. Beyond that there really isn’t much of a comparison to be made between the two. MSNBC is very good at what it does, which does not include being a cable news channel.

  3. gettingpwned Says:

    you’re giving the fox news “news” anchors too much credit for being actual anchors. at least ms isnt hiding anything. whereas fox anchors hide as wolves in sheepskins.

  4. We had a school shooting here Fri AM (nobody hurt) I heard about it in the car. When I got home I figured for breaking news not knowing nonody hurt I decided Fox was best.

    If its a breaking news in the USA I watch Fox if its a world event CNN I dont even think about lockup-MSNBC anymore for breaking news. Does anybody even think about MSNBC for News anymore?

    Other than lockup I cant stand MSNBC and Im a Democrat……as for Fox as rightwing Wolfs….yea that Smith guy is clearly far right wing….I mean REALLY????

    Now if the DNC would hold a conv every week maybe MSNBC could win a timeslot…..however they dont.

    If MSNBC isnt hiding anything……just read this story……they are…..if they cant admit they lean far left and not forward……they are fooling no one. If you have someboy like Maddow covering a news even I dont see how you can call it a news event anymore and expect to be called a news network…….can you see Hanitty doing the coverage of a DNC event? Would never happen…..and thats the Diff from Msnbc and Fox and CNN.

  5. “If MSNBC isnt hiding anything……just read this story”

    Yeah, I can’t understand the commentator above yours that says that, unlike Fox, MSNBC isn’t “hiding anything”. Griffin steadfastly claims that his network isn’t like Fox – there’s no “equivalency” he says – and that it doesn’t have an agenda.

    That’s absurd. He’s hiding in plain sight.

    Fox broadcasts some terrible stuff (Glenn Beck had no business being on the air). There’s too much opinion and too much of that opinion is from the right. They’re simply not “fair and balanced”.

    But at least they had commentators who praised Michelle Obama’s speech. And Clinton’s. And commentators who panned Eastwood’s and Romney’s.

    MSNBC is simply worse than Fox in terms of fairness and objectivity. That’s not praising Fox; that’s simply holding MSNBC to a standard that they, pace Griffin’s claims, don’t stand up to.

  6. Im a Democrat

    Uh huh. Who’d you vote for in ’08?

  7. Obama in 08 and since Im for IL I had already voted for him twice before……..and before you ask its Obama in 2012. In fact other than local races where dems dont even run….I voted for all Democrats except one in 2008.


    Because I think MSNBC is a joke and not a news network…………..hard to take it as a news network when the 300th repeat of lockup new mexico get more viewers than their primetime shows.

  8. Because most liberals understand the niche MSNBC has built for itself, and don’t bash them for it. Suit yourself.

  9. Just a massage parlor these days.

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