Free for All: 09/10/12

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  1. Teacher strike in Chicago: FU to the kids.

  2. Teachers in IL are about to be F**ked by the state……funny thing is right now IL is @ 99% Democrat lead and the union hecked the Gov at the state fair……the bad news for Chicago is….IL may be broke and layoffs are about to take place bigtime…….but Chicago is even more broke.

    While I feel sorry for the teachers and Jail gaurds for that matter it will be interesting to see what they do in 2014 on the state level races since its the Dems doing what a GOP Gov could only hope for.

    Right now the gaurds are super mad….but they backed the Dem and it turns out the GOP would have been better or them. If only because he wouldnt have closed prisons..the state congress gave him the money but the Gov vetoed it and closed the jails anyway…….now what the GOp guy would do on the teachers I have no idea since I didnt vote for the guy…….he did win like every County in IL but Cook so he lost..

    I see little about this in the Nat News so its going to be a shock to most when IL has to fire hundreds maybe 1000s next year. Its going to be huge but Ive seen almost nothing on any of the News Network about just how bad it is in IL this year.

  3. Last I heard about the Chicago teachers strike was that the hold up is teacher evaluations. The union is uncomfortable with them. The union also started out asking for a 19% increase because Rahm (don’t let a good crisis go to waste) increased the length of the school day by 20-30 minutes. Now I understand the raise issue is a 2% increase per year for 4 years. They are still unhappy about that. Average teacher pay in Chicago w/o benefits is $71,000. Add in benefits and they are well north of $100,000. Remember that teachers traditionally work about 186 days a year (about 1500 hours). A FTE at any other job is 2080 hours. Now do the math and that $71,000 salary is the equivalent of $98,450.

    The one thing i always know is that teachers unions may blather about “it’s all about the children” when it is really all about me, me, me!

  4. For you that invested in PETS.COM, don’t feel so bad:

    Dumbness is everywhere.

  5. Remember last week when the Democrats held Chicago up as a model of how “Democrats and Republicans work together to get things done”?

    Rahm sure hopes you don’t.

  6. RE President Techno-Wizard. Based on what we know now about Obama’s lack of Apple prowess, I’m gonna go ahead and throw a flag on this photo.

  7. Luke Russert ‏@LukeRussert
    Should be noted that Congress has been on a 5 week recess and first thing Reid saw fit to do was bash Paul Ryan on Senate floor.

  8. Mark Halperin: Romney’s in Trouble.

    “Romney is an awkward, unlikable candidate. The author of Romneycare is ill positioned to attack Obamacare. And Romney’s shifting positions make him an easy mark for an aggressive White House.”

    Indeed. What bullets does he have in his gun (to choose a ugly metaphor; hey, I got it from Palin)? How can he turn this around? I think people are accepting the economic conditions and don’t think Romney can improve them anyway.

    Right now this is Obama’s to lose. Romney can’t win it; Obama will have to, somehow, make a major mistake. Or have circumstances do it for him.

    Which is why, I think, Obama was so cautious in his convention address.

  9. Am I alone in missing the use of monitors as a focal point of The Situation Room? I know it was a gimic, sure, but they built out this fantastic giant set, hundreds of monitors, and they only use the giant one, and the wall of monitors is just Washington D.C. on video.

    Is there even a point to building these sets when you never use them for their purpose? I have the same anger to CNN in their Atlanta studios, that large monitor being used for stories on day one, but I don’t think they do that almost at all anymore.

  10. While I do think Romney is not in an ideal position I don’t think it’s too late to turn it around. The problem is he has to rely on his debate performance to get the edge on Obama and that can be very risky.

    Let’s not forget that Obama is not that far ahead from Romney, and the DNC just happened. I will give it another week or so before I start getting worried about Romney.

  11. Here’s a visual representation of Obama’s position on the Chicago Teacher’s strike.

    Anyone else want to guess what our friends in the MSM would be covering if Austin’s teachers had decided to strike in the fall of 2004?

  12. I think people are accepting the economic conditions and don’t think Romney can improve them

    Call me naive, but I have a hard time believing that the majority of the country, much less the voting majority, thinks that this is “the best we can do”. After all, even the theme of the DNC (other than ‘Romney’s Swiss Bank Account will give your wife cancer’) was “Don’t Bet Against America“. That’s a phrase that has the potential to come back to bite Team FootballSpikers.

    Granted, Romney can’t sit back and play defense. But if the polls were really where they claim to be, Obama wouldn’t be desperately campaigning as if he’s 15 points behind.

  13. Ah, my younger days when I was a Ron Paul supporter. And before the ex got everything but the Gremlin in the settlement.

  14. “Call me naive, but I have a hard time believing that the majority of the country, much less the voting majority, thinks that this is “the best we can do”.”

    Well, I think – who knows, I could be completely wrong? – that some folks don’t believe things will get better under a Romney Administration. That’s to say they don’t think either candidate can improve things. Don’t like Obama but don’t like the alternative either.

    If it’s a wash then my guess is the “compassion/caring” edge goes to Obama. Along with the personality advantage.

    In a very close race, that could determine things.

    As to Romney: I don’t see how more tax cuts, especially for the top wage earners, will improve the economy. How will that increase consumer demand and consumption?

    Same with de-regulation. Businesses need customers not less regulation.

  15. Halperin nailed it this morning on Morning Joe. Romney and Ryan went on the Sunday shows with no news to offer, so the press had nothing to work with but their inability to answer a question. This gets followed by the campaign pulling back on what little they did say. This campaign is flaming out.

  16. Halperin calls ’em straight. Like that guy.

  17. I don’t see how more tax cuts, especially for the top wage earners, will improve the economy.

    “The last thing you want to do is raise taxes in the middle of a recession because that would just suck up – take more demand out of the economy and put business further in a hole.” — noted Nobel Prize-winning economist

    How will that increase consumer demand and consumption?

    Demand and consumption is driven by innovation. Noone realized they needed a phone that could play music, access the internet, and download apps right from their pocket until Steve Jobs thought it up. How many trillions of dollars have been created because of that decision? And not just for Apple, but for the telecoms, competitors, construction firms (to build new data towers), app designers How many thousands (millions?) of people owe their employment to that particular innovation?

    American Entrepeneurs are an ingenious lot. And there’s no telling what they’ll create next that we’ll be desperate to need tomorrow … *IF* there’s incentive for them to do it. But if there’s an army of beaurocrats standing in the way, or if the taxman is standing there ready to take over half of their sweat equity, the Creator class might just decide it’s not worth it. And it’ll be society’s loss if they do. In more ways than one.

  18. Chicago teachers are the highest paid in the nation and over three out of four Chicago eighth graders are not proficient in reading. Rahm, of course, has his kids in a twent-five grand a year private school. Teachers unions should be abolished. They have destroyed the nation’s future, its children.

  19. As to Romney: I don’t see how more tax cuts, especially for the top wage earners, will improve the economy. How will that increase consumer demand and consumption?

    You aren’t paying attention. Romney agrees with you. He wants to lower the tax rates on the top wage earners while simultaneously reducing their extra credits and deductions. Basically the amount of tax they pay will stay the same but artificial investment incentives will go away so that capital will flow to where there’s an opportunity instead of to some politician’s pet projects.

  20. When the issue of voters in 1992 was “It’s the economy, stupid” only 12% of the voters were minorities. Now that percent has nearly doubled and, “it’s free stuff, stupid” seems to cancel that out. To quote one voter, “I want my Obama money!”.

  21. Yes, Al, I’m aware that the cuts are intended to be revenue neutral. But it doesn’t – to me – address the lack of consumer demand and consumption.

    Businesses aren’t selling – and hiring – because they have no customers. Banks, flush with cash, aren’t lending because businesses don’t have to expand and don’t need the loans.

    Bruce Bartlett’s a bit of a crank (sorry Bruce), but he explains what I think what the problem is here:

    I just don’t see how changing the tax code for the top five percent will increase demand.

  22. Products create customers, not the other way around. If Obama had worked a day in his life, maybe he’d be able to understand that.

  23. Products may create customers. Lots of products fail. After all, most people fail at starting a business the first couple of times. Their product simply wasn’t wanted.

    And most important, customers still need scratch to buy the products.

    BTW, I see Instapundit gave you a post. Congrats.

  24. ^All the the more reason to make the barriers to market as inobtrusive as possible. You’re right that the success ratio is quite low. Which means we need *MANY MANY* startups. The more that try, the greater chance that some of them hit. (Kinda like sending tips to Insty!)

    By the way, did anyone else but me notice that Christina Romer’s NYT editorial admit that the Republican argument is right? She admits that Obama’s plan “does damage to the economy”: Democrats are just looking to “minimize it”.

  25. But it doesn’t – to me – address the lack of consumer demand and consumption.

    Of course it doesn’t, nor should it. Consumer demand is driven by the consumer, not government. It’s when government interferes with the free market through tax incentives and excessive regulations that demand and supply get out of whack.

  26. So how is cutting taxes for the top 5% and deregulating businesses going to increase consumption?

    Until the American people – who have lost about 40% of their net worth since the financial crisis and the housing price collapse – start buying things we’re not going to recover.

  27. Erich, you’re frustrating. First (and as you acknowledged earlier), he’s not proposing to cut taxes on the top 5%. Second, consumption is not the problem, it’s a symptom. People would buy and use if they could afford to.. if they had a job. Reducing excessive regulations opens the gates for manufacturing, which creates jobs, which creates a consumer market for other things, and on it goes.

    Some tax incentives are necessary – municipal bonds, for example – but an awful lot of them, despite their good intentions, end up thwarting the logical and most beneficial flows of investment. Ronald Reagan called this “getting the government out of the way.”

  28. One very well-known company sells chain saws under its brand name around the world and offers an ironclad guarantee on all of its products. Here in the USA & Canada, when we run our new chainsaw into the dirt we know it’s our own fault and usually sharpen or replace the chain. In Poland, though, they read that guarantee and usually send the whole thing back for replacement.

    Not wanting to alter its guarantee, this company devised a built-in mechanism to sharpen these chains on-the-fly, started deals with companies in California, Michigan, and Virginia, paid for start-up costs, R&D, machine fixturing, and was ready to go. Mid-2011 the Obama EPA changed the rules on emissions for small engines. This unit had previously passed all required testing but now had to go through it again. Even though engineers thought it might still pass without change, the company determined that the cost of going through all that testing again just wasn’t worth it.

    Contracts cancelled and new employees laid off. Last I heard the project was reconstituted in India with products going on the market for overseas, but not USA & Canada. A freakin’ chain saw engine. You can purchase a chinsy electric version (which means enough power for small branches but not trees) under a different brand name, but this is a very small market. I should mention that this unit was already considerably “greener” than existing models (it exceeded Euro requirements, after all) which can still be made because they’re grandfathered in.

    Not the worst part. Project originated in USA because of our corporate technological advantage. Now companies in India have been given the fantastic opportunity to catch up.

    Government regulations have real consequences. In this case it wasn’t so much the emissions requirement that dealt the death blow, but the ridiculous testing requirements written into the regulation. Elect a liberal president who believes “government knows best” and you get liberal-minded agency heads with the authority to do whatever the bloody ‘ell they want… and then complain about American investments going overseas.

    These are the same people who think ObamaCare’s special tax on medical devices that’s to begin in January is a good thing. If you want less of something, tax it more.

  29. If you want less of something, tax it more.

    So (as France is finding out) when you raise taxes on the rich…

  30. It occurs to me that there’s a reason why the already mega-rich Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are in favour of higher cap gains taxes. First, they already have their taxed earnings (taxes are paid only on earnings, not on what’s already yours) and because they’re giving the bulk of their fortunes away through the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.. a big fat capital gains tax loophole.

  31. The only handwringing going on right now should be from Joe (Remi) with his presistent hobby of predicting the collapse of Romney for over a year now, and Joe (Morning RINO) who does so as part of an act that keeps his job on an island in the sea of lefties.



  32. Word leaked out Joe though she was Presidential material:

  33. Revisionist history. I thought Bachmann was becoming a strong candidate in a lousy field. Then she imploded.

    As for Romney, he could still pull it out but, it’s ridiculous that IT’S STILL CLOSE! An incumbent in this economy should’ve been on the ropes long ago. The fact that he’s still standing reflects on your terrible candidate.

  34. Not ridiculous at all that it’s still close. Sleep though history? Taking down a sitting President is not easy. Carter ahead of Reagan at this juncture. I don’t think Clinton would have taken Bush if 3rd party jokester Peroit had not grabbed 19% of the vote. Truman with scandals and a crappy economy still hung on.
    Obama, they say is so likable birds and bunnies flock to him. Media not as adoring as 2008, but how could they be? Obama is still their guy and that drumbeat is relentless. No, it’s close enough Romey has a fighting chance. I’ve been right about him all along. It’s not over until it’s over.

  35. No one is saying that it’s over (at least not here) just that it shouldn’t even be close. And comparing Romney to Reagan in any way is…problematic, to say the least.

  36. Reagan/Carter, Romney/Obama. Yeah, the dynamics are exactly the same..

  37. We are an equally split countrty with sides firmly divided. The only give is with the about 5% independents (idiot morons, I say). No way this election can be expected to be anything but close Joe, Laura, and that other person that reads my comments.

  38. Dr Whatsisname.

  39. Yeah, it’s a short one, I think.

  40. And Missy and Pam, and Eric and Randy. And that one other person.

  41. Are we split 50/50, or are liberals only 20% of the population? Pick a talking point and stick to it.

  42. 20% liberal fanatics + 30% looking to get free stuff

  43. I’m actually ashamed of myself.

  44. -Are we split 50/50, or are liberals only 20% of the population?-
    -20% liberal fanatics + 30% looking to get free stuff-

    Fifty percent of this commenting stuff is 30 percent mental.

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