The Gretchen Carlson Situation

Lost in last week’s Gabriel Sherman piece on Roger Ailes in New York Magazine was the story of Gretchen Carlson’s future at FNC…

According to one person familiar with the matter, Carlson and Fox have been haggling over her contract terms. Carlson is said to want to host her own show on the network, but Fox executives are resistant to the idea. This summer, as the talks dragged on, Carlson was conspiculously absent from Fox & Friends for days on end. One person said they were able to reach a short-term accord that would keep her on the curvy couch with Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade until the election. But after November, it’s unclear.

If there is even a shred of truth to this, Carlson is on dangerous ground. Roger Ailes and FNC have a history of summarily dispatching talent whose dreams are bigger than FNC reality will tolerate (see: Chetry, Kiran).

69 Responses to “The Gretchen Carlson Situation”

  1. Especially those with limited talent like the current program host in question.

  2. “Dangerous ground” indeed. She’s 46, and best-known as a former Miss America. Does she sub for Greta? I haven’t seen it. That privilege seems to go to someone younger.
    If she’s as smart as they say she is, she’d better have a counter-offer. She is, as Billo so delicately put it, “aging out of the business”.

  3. I’d like to imagine that this isn’t true. If it is, there is no “win” for Carlson. The left HATES her (almost as much, if not more, than the other people on that show), so her chances for a non-FOX gig are very limited. I’d say something national or another major network, are damn near impossible. And I highly doubt she’s so important, than they couldn’t quickly replace her, without so much as a hiccup.

  4. ^^And who are getting long in the tooth.

  5. She could see the THIGHMASTER, perhaps?

  6. I want to know how to get four names like Yuna?^^^^

    Would opt for Laurance Wentworth Remi Kelly III

  7. I think she wants to get away from Brian and Steve. Maybe she wants to do something more substantive – she did graduate from Stanford so she is not a dumb bunny as some of you might believe. I know, the blonde hair makes you think she is stupid and, oh, the fact that she is on Fox.

  8. I don’t think she’s dumb at all, present situation aside. I do believe that her ‘brains’ have less-than-nothing to do with her tenure at Fox, and when you live by the leg-chair, you die by the leg-chair.

  9. All I can do is laugh! She’s a star now so she wants her own show. Figures. What happens at fox, their heads get too big for the rest of their bodies. Should focus on just the news and NOT wanting to make stars out of folks just for ratings.

  10. Yep, like the other cable ‘news’ channels do. Get a clue, Harry.

  11. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    Even Kiran Chetry was able to wring out a few good years at CNN before they got rid of her. Carlson has no employment opportunities, outside of GBTV, once she gets sacked from Fox News….and she WILL get sacked from Fox if she keeps up these demands. FNC has a stable of blond, clueless, disposable airheads in its stable…they’ll fill her slot within a day, no question about it.

  12. “she did graduate from Stanford so she is not a dumb bunny as some of you might believe.”

    ^^ She may have been brilliant when she left Stanford but 10??? years of working next to Steve Doocy would make Einstein an idiot.

  13. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    And when is Fox getting rid of Greta???

  14. Page Hopkins & Laurie Dhue were also in their mid 40’s like Gretch and Fox did not renew their contracts.

    Fox has a track record: hire em’ younger & cheaper, there’s no shortage of leggy blondes desperate for a network gig.

  15. There is no shortage of candidates: Aly, Anna, Juliet and, of course, Ainsley. As a premeptive strike, let me say yes, Boogie, Ainsley would be a candidate, whether you like her or not.

  16. @ho

    Dhue is a poor example. She had “personal” issues which ended her time at FNC. Look it up.

  17. Is she counting on viewers having grown attached to her? I don’t see her as indispensable. It’s Fox and Friends not Gretchen and Friends. Just sayin.

  18. 46 is over the hill? Apparently only for women. And I don’t see any women “of a certain age” hosting too many shows on CNN or MSNBC, except for Candy Crowley.

  19. thedreadedpatrick Says:

    Gretchen just follows the company line, she was a Rhodes Scholar and a concert violinist. I think if she leaves Fox she will become credible again. She is not a dummy. That is Billo’s job to be the Fox Stooge.

  20. — apparently only for women —

    This is not a new concept, particularly on Fox. And given comments that include the word “stable”, that’s the way the viewers like it.

  21. MSNBC has lots of older females. Just off the top of my head: Chris Jansing, Andrea Mitchell, Mika B.

    CNN: Ashleigh Banfield, Carol Costello…Fredricka Whitfield…. just to name a few..

  22. “She may have been brilliant when she left Stanford but 10??? years of working next to Steve Doocy would make Einstein an idiot.”

    May I say, my sympathies to your family. Because I bet you have lived with them for more than 10 years so they too must be total idiots. Since, of course, it is the company you keep.

  23. “Stable”, “airhead”, “brainless”. Nice. I can’t get too worked up for Gretch, though. I’m quite certain that she’s replaced her share of older, more experienced females. She knew the score, but somewhere along the line deluded herself into thinking that she had a greater value. She doesn’t. And she can’t wash Fox off like some of them, because of the clear slant on F&F. Megyn could transition to any network, if she chose to. She has some talent beyond appearance, and doesn’t play the political game that many do.

  24. As a premeptive strike, let me say yes, Boogie, Ainsley would be a candidate, whether you like her or not.

    Ainsley is about as likely to get that gig as I am. Then again, I can pronounce simple words. She botched the easier weekend spot, so no way does she get the high profile weekday morning job.

  25. Don’t see much love for Gretchen here. I can’t even help as that show is so unwatchable I haven’t even sampled it in the last five years. The CBS show is the only thing I can stomach these days in the morning. God, why did they take off Captain Kangaroo? Maybe he’s dead?

  26. I doubt this has anything to do with her age. Shannon Bream subs for Greta regularly and she’s almost Carlson’s age… Martha Macallum does, too, and she’s older. Carlson often subs on the radio and probably doesn’t do Greta’s show because she still has younger kids at home.

    Contract talks are all about ratings and F&F is kickin’. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the disagreement had more to do with the time off she wants than it does anything else.

  27. ^^^ Laura’s right about Gretchen’s diminished value on other networks unless it’s for another morning show gig where POV isn’t a show-stopper.

  28. The Captain is dead, Larry.

    And Mr. Green Jeans? He’s…..well maybe someone else will chip in. I don’t have the heart to do it…

    Mean old Joe will tell you I’m sure.

  29. “May I say, my sympathies to your family. Because I bet you have lived with them for more than 10 years so they too must be total idiots. Since, of course, it is the company you keep.”

    ^^ I don’t remember personally attacking you or your family over jokes/comments made by you at the expense of liberal media personalities you dislike. But then when the vast majority of commenters here are thin skinned right wingers lacking a sense of humor it’s not surprising you feel you can make comments or jokes attacking commenters who don’t agree with your views.

  30. Mean old Joe can’t help you with developments on the Captain Kangaroo front. I watched the news as a kid.

  31. The point is not that they will suddenly fire her because she’s ‘old’. The point is that she overvalued herself, and reached too far. Once they laugh at you, it’s over. Before you know it, she’ll be on that meat-display of an early show, getting snotty comments from Carol Costello.

  32. Shannon Bream is 5 years younger than Gretchen. Shannon Bream is hot.

    While Martha may be older than Gretchen, she looks younger and is much sexier.

    It’s not necessarily the “actual age” but how you look.

    Look at Sarah Palin. she’s 48 and she’s hotter than most women 10 years younger.

    Megyn Kelly will be 42 this year and she’s hotter than most 32 year olds.

    I’m surprised Gretchen has hung on this long. When Kiran’s agent asked how long till Kiran could take Gretchen’s place, I thought she wouldn’t be around another 3 years. She’s annoying.

    Now Juliet Huddy will be 43 in a few weeks and she looks every bit those 43 years and more so. All that partying hasn’t helped her.

    I do think Ainsley has a great shot at taking over for Gretchen. Probably the most logical choice of all. She’s hot. Mid 30’s (so could get at least 6+ years out of her). Great personality.

  33. Ooh…a rare SB sighting. But more interesting to me is SB didn’t weigh in on the story…just coomented on the alleged age angle which I agree has no bearing on this at all.

  34. Go Starbroker. So nice to see an honest man.

  35. If Gretchen leaves, they’ll probably give it to an up-and-comer, not a longtimer whose career has long ago flatlined. Especially not someone who botched the weekend job.

  36. I feel if Gretchen goes (IF) Alisyn Camerota takes her spot, but she has actual been gunning for a later timeslot it seems for a long time.

  37. Not to sound like Phil Donahue but there is a bit of sexism going on here. With these attacks on Carlson and the age question.

    If Carlson was a man – at 46 – no one would be saying that he’s over the hill. In fact, we’d be saying that he had a good career ahead of him. Seasoned journalist and all that.

    Okay, so I’m Phil Donahue for a day.

  38. And you don’t want to know what Sarah Palin did with Mr. Moose, Larry.

    The cycle of life. Hey, we’re born, we live, we die.

    Mooses too.

  39. I did hate Bunny Rabbit. I hope HE’S dead. Grandfather Clock, don’t think he’s dead… maybe just unwound.

    Moment of silence for Mr. Moose.

  40. Silly Wabbits.

  41. Think it’s past time that F&F got a bit of a shake up. It’s been looking a bit tired and jaded for a while with both Steve and less often Brian relaxing a bit too much. Almost as though it’s no longer a challenge. Show is always livlier when one of the three is on leave and the guest host (like Melissa F) makes them think on their feet.

    Have always felt that Gretchen is not a naturally talented host and it is sometimes very obvious how hard she works to try and appear so. Her own show on Fox – I don’t think so!!!

  42. From the comments it appears the general consensus is that Gretchen Carlson is now an over-the-hill, opinionated hag. Maybe, but the show seems to attract lots of eyeballs despite that old lady.

    To get me back as a regular viewer they need only put a news person on the set for doing the news segments.

  43. Damn…in the time it took me to wonder why SB didn’t weigh in on Carlson, SB weighed in on Carlson… 😛

  44. The only woman who subs for Greta is Shannon Bream because she, like Greta, is a lawyer. I’ve never seen Martha McCallum sub for Greta.

  45. ^ I’ve seen MCCallum sub the show. On The Record is mostly non-legal subjects.

  46. Thanks, Al. Mea culpa.

  47. Has there ever been a guy sitting in for Greta?

  48. I’d love to have seen Roger Ailes’ face when Gretchen – stearn deer-in-the-headlights gaze in place – informed him she wanted her own show.

  49. In reality it’d be her agent talking to someone who is not Ailes. He’d step into the negotiations if and when he wanted to.


  51. In reality it’d be her agent talking to someone who is not Ailes. He’d step into the negotiations if and when he wanted to.

    I’m guessing Gretchen’s hubby, Casey Close, Derek Jeter’s agent, among others, talks directly to Roger.

    If Gretchen leaves, they’ll probably give it to an up-and-comer, not a longtimer whose career has long ago flatlined. Especially not someone who botched the weekend job.

    Let me correct Boogie’s revisionist history.
    Ainsley lost the F&FW job when Aly lost the F&F newsreader job, at the SAME TIME Gretchen signed her most recent contract. Coincidence? I think not.
    One reason Aly moved in is because Clayton and Dave acted like a couple of horny 12-year-olds around Ainsley.
    It shouldn’t have been in Aly’s job description to act as den mother but she was.
    If Ainsley “botched” things so badly, why does she continue to host F&F and F&FW on occasion? And why is she now hosting her own show, Fox & Friends First?
    I think Roger Ailes disagrees with Boogie’s opinion of Ainsley, and I think starbroker is pretty accurate in his assessment.
    I like Anna, who reminds me a LOT of Ainsley, but she’s a little too young for the job.

  52. There goes Sparty with his delusional conspiracy theories. So tell us, if Gretchen was so powerful that she could get rid of Aly as newsreader and Ainsley as the weekend co-host, why is her job allegedly in so much danger now?

    Ainsley rarely subs in, and the early show is at 5 a.m. and full of rejects and has-beens. She’s been there how long, and still pretty much does what she did when she arrived. Not exactly a career on fire.

    Your fantasy about how Clayton and Dave were little boys who needed to be reined in shows how little you leave your mom’s basement and venture into the real world. Ratings were tanking and if they were so hard to handle, they would’ve been gone. Why would FNC have held onto them? They weren’t fan favorites and they weren’t bringing in the ratings. In the real world, a competent female doesn’t get tossed back into relative obscurity because the guys are too “horny” around her and replaced by a competent and attractive woman. The guys would’ve been canned for being unprofessional and killing the ratings.

  53. Sparty, Ainsley is not “hosting her own show”, she is one of several people who co-host.

    Anna looks to be a little above as Ainsley in the FNC pecking order right now. Anna has filled in more on F&F than Ainsley has recently. Plus Anna is not stuck still doing overnight updates several days a week

  54. This discussion reminds me how nauseating FNC is.

  55. Yet Joey keeps watching and watching and watching. Sort of like a hate shtup.

  56. I^ ‘ve told everyone a thousand times, I watch on the weekends when nothing else is on. The rest of that crap crosses my computer and TV via Mediaite and The Daily Show. It’s kinda hard to follow cable news if you don’t have some idea what the No. 1 channel is doing, isn’t it, smart guy?

  57. […] it well may be. As Inside Cable News declared, “If there is a shred of truth to this [New York Magazine story], Carlson is on dangerous […]

  58. For someone who claims to only watch on weekends, you’re quite familiar with many aspects of FNC, Joeboy.

  59. He also claims to read Playboy only for the articles. On the weekends. When the TV is broken. Under a blue moon.

  60. Wait, Playboy has articles?

  61. ^ And interviews, so I hear. I’m told many years ago there was one with a guy from Georgia who was scrunching is peanuts and lusting in his heart… or something like that.

  62. What the bloody ‘ell ‘appened to my “h”?

  63. I believe they had some letters to the editor, where people complained about what didn’t happen during the last pizza delivery.

  64. Alisyn or Ainsley – either would make a wonderful replacement… Good bye Gretch.

  65. Gretchen dresses a little too risque’. Skirts are too short and tight and cleavage on display almost everyday. Yet, she feels compelled to be “the moral compass” every morning on the show.

  66. I would hate to see her go.I look forward to seeing her each morning before I go to work.I will switch channels to watch her.I think she is great!

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