Willie Geist to Today…

The New York Times’ Brian Stelter scoops that Willie Geist will be getting the 9am Today show gig…

Mr. Geist will retain a role on “Morning Joe,” likely during the 6 a.m. hour, according to the people with knowledge of his new deal. He will stop hosting “Way Too Early,” the 5:30 a.m. newscast that has preceded “Morning Joe” for the last few years.

Mr. Geist’s existing contract was set to expire at the end of the month. There was talk about his possibly jumping to the lower-rated morning shows on CBS or CNN. But he decided to stay within NBC, where he was hired seven years ago to produce Tucker Carlson’s MSNBC talk show. Mr. Carlson frequently put him on the show, restarting a television career that had sputtered out at CNN years earlier.

Obvious questions: Does Way Too Early die with Geist’s departure? And what does this do to NBC’s pecking order of talent in waiting to get a shot on Today. At least this keeps Ryan Seacrest off the air five days a week (for the moment). All eyes will now turn to Weekend Today to see what happens on Saturdays since Amy Robach’s seat has not yet been permanently filled.


5 Responses to “Willie Geist to Today…”

  1. Hopefuly it dies. Without Willie, it is way too awful.

  2. WTE is way to early for me to see on a regular basis so I really don’t have a view on it’s life going forward except to say if the format works and the ratings are OK I don’t see why it can’t continue with a new host; maybe the person who replaces Willie on MJ.
    I don’t seeing Geist staying on for the first hour of MJ on a long term basis.This sounds like a transitional effort to help Willie’s replacement acclimate to the rigors of doing MJ. If Geist stays on to long then comparisons between he and his replacement will be inevitable.
    So who replaces Geist on MJ? I doubt they move one of the regulars like Barnicle or Donnie D. into the slot as the roles are just not all that similar. The big question is will women be considered for the role? My guess is no as that would make for to unfavorable comparisons with Mika. The person who would fit in well is Luke Russert but I think MSNBC has a higher profile job at the network in mind for him.

    It does make for an interesting topic for discussion though.

  3. Pretty sure Stelter writes that WTE will end when he makes the jump.

  4. I hope way to early continues. Would love if Geist replaces Lauer on Today

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