The Case of The Romney Ryan Chant…and MSNBC’s Apparent Selective Hearing…

The Blaze’s Becket Adams writes about a clip that aired on Morning Joe where much was made of a crowd apparently chanting Paul Ryan’s name but not Mitt Romney’s and included a graphic being flashed on the screen with the word “Ryan” as if to emphasize that the crowd was chanting Ryan’s name but not Romney’s. Writes The Blaze…

If you listen closely, it’s obvious the audio in the clip has been adjusted. However, that’s not uncommon — and that doesn‘t necessarily mean it’s MSNBC who did it. Sound technicians usually cut out the audience to ensure speakers aren’t drowned out (which you can do by simply turning the mics up and down — or you can do after the fact). However, where the controversy comes in is in the caption on the screen quoting the audience as chanting “Ryan!” Why is that controversial? Because people who attended the event say that’s not what happened, and that the MSNBC video grossly misrepresents what actually occurred.

During Thursday‘s edition of TheBlaze TV’s “Pat & Stu,” one caller gives her account of the campaign rally.

“The crowd was yelling,” caller Sherry recounts, “the crowd was screaming ‘Romney! Romney!’ and Romney, being the gentleman [he is], we can‘t get in his head because he’s so stinking nice, he stopped us to add ‘Romney-Ryan.’”

I listened to this clip many times and some things revealed themselves to me and some did not. I’m not convinced the crowd noise was deliberately adjusted. It could have been. It could be two separate audio sources…a crowd noise source and Romney’s mic source. But it may not have been edited at all.

Analyzing this gets very technical…you have to factor in the capabilities of the microphone recording the audio and the position of the microphone in relationship to the audio speakers. The Blaze used C-Span’s footage of the same event to try and shoot down the notion that the crowd ever chanted Ryan’s name and was only chanting Romney’s. There’s just one not at all insignificant problem with this line of reasoning…C-SPAN’s footage wasn’t from the same source. It was a different camera, located in a different location, and with different audio characteristics as a result. In other words, using C-SPAN’s footage as a counterargument can’t work because it’s not the same footage taken in the same location with the same same equipment as the footage MSNBC aired.

But back to MSNBC’s footage. After repeated listenings I definitely heard Romney’s name being chanted. But I also heard Ryan’s name at least a couple of times. Both were being chanted though I would say the Romney chants were a bit louder and more prominent than the Ryan chants.

So I have to call it a “push” on whether Romney’s name or Ryan’s name were chanted and I’m going to punt, for the moment, on whether anything was done to the MSNBC audio barring new information coming out.

That leaves us with just one topic that we can seriously ponder at the moment; why MSNBC thought it was just Ryan’s name being chanted to the point that they flashed Ryan’s name on the screen to emphasize it? I heard Romney’s name. Why didn’t MSNBC?

I’m think we haven’t heard the last of this story and MSNBC is going to have to put out a statement addressing the matter.

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33 Responses to “The Case of The Romney Ryan Chant…and MSNBC’s Apparent Selective Hearing…”

  1. That doesn’t make sense. Romney makes a reference to Ryan; the crowd starts chanting Ryan’s name; then Romney cuts them off to add “Romney/Ryan”, at which point Paul Ryan shakes his head like he’s acquiesing to the change and encouraging the crowd to do the same. I accept that the inspected audio may tell a different story, but it story doesn’t fit the video.

  2. It fits the video if you consider that Romney just praised Ryan and then the crowd chanted Romney’s name and Romney then tries to change the chant to Romney/Ryan and Ryan shakes his head in an “awww shucks” gesture. That makes sense.

  3. And…yes…I think most of the crowd was chanting Romney’s name at the time. But some were chanting Ryan’s name.

  4. Hmm…ok, I can see that. But I clearly heard Ryan’s name after Romney praised him. The fact that people on the ground heard Ronmey’s, too, doesn’t mean it was the prominent sound. I still don’t see why a focus on Ryan would provoke a Romney chant. They certainly weren’t doing Romney/Ryan. They picked one, and the one I hear is the one that makes sense.

  5. Ok, Letterman played the Morning Joe clip. Some were saying Romney, others were saying Ryan. Mitt tried to get them to join the names appropriately. MSNBC blew it.

  6. If anyone things MSNBC is not an overtly corrupt organization they are guilty of the willing suspension of disbelief.

  7. I’m think we haven’t heard the last of this story and MSNBC is going to have to put out a statement addressing the matter.

    ^^I call BS on this one Spud. Your source is a right wing blog. No one, that I can find, other than other right wing blogs are making this a story. This type of reporting is what blogs both right and left do non stop in election season.

    MSNBC is going to ignore it and rightly so. Must be a really slow news week to give this crap its own spot.

  8. MSNBC is a low-rent DNC cheerleader, not an actual news organization. Of course they’re going to do anything they can to make Romney look bad.

  9. Well, it is silly to think that a Romney RALLY..people would NOT be chanting Romney. Why would they come to a rally and then be silent or chant only Ryan’s name? I have listened to this clip about 10 times. I clearly hear ROM- NEY ROM – NEY and never hear Ryan. Ryan just introduced Romney, so it would be believable they of course, would be chanting Romney’s name. He wanted to include his running mate, so stopped the crowd to get them to include Ryan too. You even see Ryan make a gesture like “oh, don’t worry about me” type of thing. Sickening how media twists everything. Makes it understandable why some people have NO CLUE when they actually go to vote. If you are not going to research your candidate on your own, then you shouldn’t even put in a vote.

  10. I call BS on Frtiz, ‘Your source is a right wing blog.’ Hey Fritzie, HuffPo (NOT right-wing) CONFIRMS Blaze version. Partison moron and stupid to boot. That pretty well sums up the Nazi sounding porno-feline.

  11. I call BS on Frtiz, ‘Your source is a right wing blog.’ Hey Fritzie, HuffPo (NOT right-wing) CONFIRMS Blaze version. Partisan moron and stupid to boot. That pretty well sums up then cartoon porno-feline.

  12. “‘Your source is a right wing blog.’ ”

    ^^Spuds source is a right wing blog.

    “HuffPo (NOT right-wing) CONFIRMS Blaze version”

    ^^No it doesn’t Huff post has nothing to say, as yet, about the LOD/ Roger Simon fracas. It may comment at some point but not up till now.

    “Partisan moron and stupid to boot.”

    ^^Personal attacks yet again. It’s hard to take anyone seriously when calling you names, like a 8 year old, is your best argument. .

  13. @ fritz

    What are you talking about?

    Huff Po says in their “update” (which I referenced last night), the same thing as the Blaze story.

  14. Dopey Fritzie thinks I’m talking about O’Donnell smear, doesn’t realize the post is about the Romney/Ryan chant. Brilliant

  15. Look at the top of the page, cat.

  16. “What are you talking about?”

    ^^ Blue your right I confused this blog post and the one immediately preceding it. My apologies to Spud, you and commenters here, except larry (your still a jerk) for any confusion.


  17. ^ Okay, fine. Soooo… any comment on this story?

  18. Not a problem, Fritz.

    You were no more illogical than when you actually know which subject is being discussed. Honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference.

  19. ^ Zing!

  20. “You were no more illogical than when you actually know which subject is being discussed. Honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference.”

    ^^ That’s a pretty good line. I’ve used it myself.

    You screw up, you take the heat. As long as it’s not personal i don’t mind. 😉

  21. I think the fact Romney has to tell his crowds what they should chant is the real problem here…



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  23. It’s stupid, juvenile antics like this that give the very idea of cable “news” a bad name. This is dumb, who cares. I agree with Ms. Hoffman on one point – it seems ridiculous to suggest that people wouldn’t cheer Romney at a Romney rally. I don’t care how much people like Ryan more than Romney, the Morning Joe story just defies any reason whatsoever. No surprise, Joe Scarborough isn’t exactly known for listening well.

  24. Scarborough was fed a biased video which supported his months-long contention that his party is screwed by picking Romney. It’s not his fault he heard it the way it was handed to him.

  25. @JoeNBC
    The fake controversy over the Ryan chants is a joke. Romney said “What a guy!” The crowd chanted “Ryan!” and then Mitt jokes “Romney/Ryan!”

  26. @ Joe
    Totally disagree. Joe S heard what he wanted to, and did no research because it confirmed his opinions. That’s the definition of bad journalism… even if you’re an opinion guy.

    @ Ray
    Seriously? You don’t think politicians whoop up the crowd? Come on. Get a grip.

  27. Totally disagree. Joe S heard what he wanted to, and did no research because it confirmed his opinions.

    If you think Scarborough does any research before draggin’ his arse into the set in the morning, you don’t watch Morning Joe much. Half the time he’s late for work. If it’s a video from overnight when he’s sleeping, he knows nothing about it until they play it on air. It was presented as “Ryan, Ryan”, and that’s how he received it.

  28. Okay fine… but “lazy” is not an excuse.

  29. Of course he was still sleepwalking all day while taking down names for Monday morning.

    Will the excuse then still be he hasn’t been awake enough for days?

  30. […] Nor was it the first time in recent memory that the network has dodged very serious questions about an incident which, like the above edited videos, sprang out from its production staff… […]

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