Strawmen of the World Unite!

I mentioned this on Twitter earlier but now I have the time to properly go to town on this. Real Clear Politics has a positively inane story, uncredited of course, that concerns the More magazine photoshoot.

MORE Magazine recently published a list of seven of America’s top female political journalists: MSNBC’s Chris Jansing, The New York Times’s Helene Cooper, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, CBS’s Norah O’Donnell, PBS’s Christina Bellantoni, the Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker, and Politico’s Maggie Haberman.

MORE’s list is conspicuously incomplete. Here are seven more of the country’s most prominent female political journalists who were absent from the magazine’s list.

Where to begin? Well…let’s start with what More actually wrote in their piece…

The seven newswomen on these pages are casting a eye on the candidates this election season. But scrutiny is a two-way street: even brilliant writers and reporters have to look good. Here, they wear fall’s best sheath dresses, pairing some style with their substance

See the disconnect? If you don’t, you are either blind and stupid or you work for Real Clear Politics.

More’s story wasn’t about “seven of the country’s most prominent female political journalists”. That’s what RCP characterized it. More merely called them seven newswomen who “are casting a (sic) eye on the candidates this election season”. RCP just ignored that and pivoted the story into something it never was. You gotta wonder if RCP even read what More wrote…

18 Responses to “Strawmen of the World Unite!”

  1. Amazing. More didn’t even claim THE top seven newswomen. They picked seven women who they thought would look like nice in sheath dresses, and accepted the invitation. Does EVERYTHING have to be a conspiracy?

  2. Does EVERYTHING have to be a conspiracy?

    That depends. How many potential readers who don’t know about your magazine do you want to reach? RCP did them a favour.

  3. Blog that few people know, nitpicking magazine that fewer know. Okay.

  4. ^Smartass
    ^^^ Dumbass
    ^^ ass

  5. Spud’s right, Most never claimed it was some sort of ranking of the top journalists. That being said, both More and RCP lists were pretty good. Just to add to Laura’s point, I never heard of More magazine until Spud’s post. Show’s ya what little I know.

  6. Looks like someone has a caret up his.

  7. The RCP list is just as arbitrary as the More list. Based on those lists you could name a hundred or more female journalists that could make either list. We don’t know why More picked the journalists they did (or RCP’s for that matter) and personally I don’t really care.

  8. “Strawperson” would be more acceptable. Not to mention more appropriate.

  9. Or ‘Person of Brittleness’.

  10. Show me a woman made of straw. I’ll show you a big bad wolf.

  11. Dated a straw woman once. Had to bale.

  12. Docs have no patience.

  13. At least on Wednesdays.

  14. Whenever there’s a list involving women in any field and appearance/style, it’s always bound to end with someone having a hissy fit.

  15. So where are the conservative women journalists? They’ve just shown us seven libs/0bama supporters, that’s all.


  16. This group of women was on C-Span last night. They had some kind of panel and I happened upon it as they were doing introductions.

    As the woman from More was doing her introductions she mentioned all the women had on gray nail polish.she was the only one who didn’t. She then mentioned it was the same kind of gray polish that Michelle Obama just loves. “Isn’t that great?!”

    I thought Chris Jansing was going to heave when she heard that comment. Her face was priceless! Don’t know if she was unhappy about the nail polish comment or just uncomfortable being there!

  17. ^^ “…Typical”

    No bias, they are just lazy. Always lazy. Joe will not recognize bias. Not because it’s not there. More likely because intellectually he is, well, lazy.

  18. This is the video Paminwi is talking about…

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