MSNBC Comments on the Romney/Ryan Chant Controversy…

Buzzfeed’s McKay Coppins has MSNBC reaction to the tape controversy of the Romney/Ryan chant…

UPDATE: Morning Joe spokesperson Lauren Skowronski e-mailed BuzzFeed the following statement after publishing:

“This story is an attempt to generate a false controversy. The tape clip was untouched and was played as it was recorded. The panel was responding to Romney’s playful response and having fun with it. Joe and the gang apologize for making people laugh in the morning.”

Well that at least clears up whether the tape was altered or not. But it doesn’t explain why MSNBC thought the tape showed people chanting Ryan’s name when it was obviously chanting both men’s names…to the point that it put a graphic on the screen emphasizing the Ryan chant.


10 Responses to “MSNBC Comments on the Romney/Ryan Chant Controversy…”

  1. Jeez, listen people, listen. The crowd was changing “Ryan” and Governor Romney felt it necessary to “correct” the crowd whether from reasons of ego or insecurity. Joe’s reaction was genuine…..”sweet Jesus”…..what a terrible candidate. Romney “corrected” the crowd and killed the energy in the crowd. Look at the faces of the other guys on the stage and their facial expressions. Even Ryan could feel it. It was the look of “we’re all doomed, man.”

  2. Except that’s not accurate. I heard the video…botth MSNBC’s and C-SPAN’s and you can clearly hearing the crowd chanting both men’s names…

  3. MSNBC’s statement and Joe’s tweet both reflect revisionist history. They’re pretending they were laughing at Romney “joking around”. That’s not what happened. The video was presented – and Joe reacted – as though the crowd was chanting “Ryan”, and Romney made a fool of himself trying to jam his name in there, too.

  4. Wishing doesn’t make it so, Guy With Three First Names!

  5. “Joe and the gang apologize for making people laugh in the morning.”

    ^^ That about covers this controversy for me.

  6. This is much ado about nothing. Morning Joe is consistently one of the best informed, most well-rounded morning cable programs out there. The Fox News crowd is ALWAYS on the prowl for examples of perceived liberal bias in the rest of what they refer to as the “Lame Stream Media”. This is a deliberate attempt to establish a false equivalency between the avalanche of Right Wing propaganda spewed from Fox News and the occasional honest mistakes or oversights made by the other, credible networks. This dog just won’t hunt.

  7. Arthur’s post is a prime example of why those on the right, have a hard time taking media critics on the left seriously… even when a story has nothing to do with FNC, they inject it as some sort of defense.

    Arthur, can your criticize MSNBC, or are you that incapable of honesty? They screwed up… period. No comparison to anything other than right and wrong.

  8. INB is spot on, using Fox News as a constant boogeyman to try and justify mistakes made on other channels is getting really old. MSNBC screwed up, admit it and move on. It’s not that hard people…

  9. MSNBC is a credible network? In what parallel universe?????

  10. […] was it the first time in recent memory that the network has dodged very serious questions about an incident which, like the above edited videos, sprang out from its production […]

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