Free for All: 10/11/12

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48 Responses to “Free for All: 10/11/12”

  1. FREE at last. FREE at last. Gawd almighty, FREE at last.

  2. Skilled debater and Sheriff of the Stimulus goes up against a green kid. Should be a slaughter.

  3. lonestar77 Says:

    trying to watch MSNBC on DirecTV but when I goto the station it tells me I have to buy now for 5.99 or I can record it to watch later

  4. I don’t believe MSNBC has ever been part of the BASIC DirecTV package. Seems like you have to spend a few more bucks for the CHOICE package as I do.

  5. lonestar77 Says:

    I’ve had the same package for years. no issues before.

  6. ^ Welcome to “Comcast buys NBC.” There’s been an ongoing battle between Comcast and DirectTV.

  7. – Ryan –

    It’ll be interesting to see how the frown-smile, the creepy eyes, and “How dare you ask me questions” plays tonight. I know far-righties adore him, but I’m not convinced the rest of the country will be overly impressed.

  8. I’m having no problems getting MSNBC today on my DirecTV, Tex.

  9. It’ll be interesting to see how the dippy-grin, the vacant eyes, and “You asked me a question?” plays tonight. I know far-lefties adore him, but I’m not convinced the rest of the country will be overly impressed.

  10. imnotblue Says:

    INB is at the dentist, getting work done. Give him more interesting things to read, while waiting for things to happen.

  11. Let me recommend MARATHON MAN. It is a drilling page turner.

  12. imnotblue Says:

    I meant on this site, Larry.

  13. ^Thanks for that uplifting story there, Farris.

    I believe that goes in the “ancient pedophile entrapment” section of ICN.

    Hopefully, it will be a small one.

  14. ^ It’s a joke for Blue. It helps to read the whole thread..

  15. imnotblue Says:


    You’re officially off my Christmas card list.

  16. ^^Did you read Spud’s first post?

    If you can’t keep up move to the side of the road and let us pass.

  17. Three of us were watching Marathon Man. Good movie. Anyway, there’s a famous scene involving torture and dentistry. I swear to you, I have never seen this movie before. Sometime in the last few days my son and I had watched Coach, and there was a send-up of this scene, which we did not know when watching it. So, we’re watching the movie…and it dawns on both of us. I look over at him and he’s smiling. Laurence Olivier is torturing Dustin Hoffman with a drill, and we’re thinking of Tom Poston and Jerry Van Dyke in Coach. ( “Is it… Fluffy?” ) My husband had this horrified look, when the giggling started.
    I had to stop the movie. That is not even funny..

  18. A press release about HLN? Why would I read that?

  19. How do people sit through this? I agreed with her last night, and it was still repulsive. The Crazy Wide Eyes Spitting Rage-O-Meter is always pegged, so I have no idea if this actually bothers her any more than the hundred other “liberal bad” things she constantly goes on about.

  20. One senses that Ann Coulter (or certainly Andrew Breitbart) enjoys life. Watching Malkin, you don’t get that sense.

  21. Thank you everyone… you all did terribly, and I think it’s important you know that.

    I’m out of the Dr. Numbed from nose to chin, hungry but can’t eat, and there is a foul taste in my mouth.

    None of you get Christmas cards this year.

  22. savefarris Says:

    “We selected Martha Raddatz because she is a terrific journalist and will be a terrific moderator and we’re thrilled to have her,” Peter Eyre, an adviser to the Debate Commission, said in a statement. “The notion that that somehow affects her ability is not something we have given a moment’s thought to.”

    You didn’t spend even a moment investigating it? Doesn’t that speak extremely poorly to both your investigative and contemplative skills?

    It’d be one thing if they said “We took a look at it and determined it would not affect her performance.” Instead, what they’re saying is “We don’t know, nor do we care.”

  23. Have a cup of coffee on me, Blue… or maybe on your shirt.

  24. George Stephanopoulos is coaching Martha today. She also has a hidden sharp object ready in case needed.

  25. lonestar77 Says:

    I’m not sure what was going on regarding my MSNBC Directv issues. I’m no longer at home so I’m not sure if there is still issue. But, it was basically saying I could purchase Alex Wagner’s show for $4.99 or record it to watch later. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Must have been a glitch of some sort.

  26. ^ Reboot your box. I’m assuming you have DVR, and that will usually fix such weirdness.

  27. @LukeRussert
    RT: @BuzzFeedAndrew Vid: Stephanie Cutter says Benghazi is a “political topic” “because of Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan.” … …

  28. Woman has no shame. (and I bet she picks her feet)

  29. I disagree Larry.

    Cutter is correct. The only reason Benghazi is a “political topic,” is because Romney and Ryan are making it too hard for Liberal media members, and the White House to ignore the issue and sweep it under the rug. If it weren’t for the elections, the Obama Admin could continue to pretend it didn’t happen, keep saying it was because of “a film,” and lie without repercussions, just like they did for Ft Hood.

    Cutter told the truth, for a change. Although, I’ll agree she probably didn’t realize it.

  30. Full context. I love the part toward the end where she laughs, and calls Brooke “Ashley”. She’s a treasure.

  31. Obama was a friend of the groom at Raddatz’ wedding 21 years ago. The groom she divorced. Good luck figuring out which side she would be biased for now with that information..

  32. Ah, so time had the workout photos for awhile, and decided to release them today. No doubt with the goal of making Ryan look Presidential, I’m sure.

  33. Nah, there is no mainstream bias.

    And as far as Martha goes,it all depends on what Barack got the lovebirds as a wedding present. If a toaster or iron, he could be in trouble.

  34. Depends on whether Raddatz is on decent terms with the ex or not.

  35. imnotblue Says:

    I already saw someone complain that the photos make him look like a meathead.

    So it’s another left-wing lose lose. If you’re overweight, you’re gross, slothful, and terrible. If you’re healthy and strong, you’re dumb, foolish, and terrible. Lose-lose.

  36. Weight lifting, running shorts…the same as it ever was. Apparently the Republican VP spot is a modeling shoot now..

  37. AH, how I miss the photo shoots of Spiro Agnew pumping iron.

  38. Maybe the boys will do one-armed push-ups tonight.

  39. ^^ Or Johnson doing Beagle-lifts.


  41. What about Ryan and Medicare..? 😉

  42. imnotblue Says:

    Well, me and my sore teeth have made it to work.

    I wholly expect ya’ll to make up for the mess you left me in this morning, and give me news on the debate. I’ll be working, and unable to follow along. Updates are not optional, people. Things are very boring over here.

  43. “One senses that Ann Coulter (or certainly Andrew Breitbart) enjoys life.”

    ^^ Coulter may be enjoying life but Andrew Breitbart; not so much. 😉

  44. Well, maybe this is something that would have been covered at a Presidential Daily briefing, don’t you think? But, irregardless, if there was a drone taping what was going on (it was sent there AFTER the attack started) you had to see this wasn’t from a spontaneous protest.

    So, are you telling me the military sent a drone to cover what the hell was going on, and they didn’t tell the WHITE HOUSE that they were doing that? I call BS on that! Or maybe it’s because Obama was so busy in LAS VEGAS that he just didn’t have the TIME to get briefed on what the hell was going on.

    But then you ask, well, what about the next morning? Wouldn’t he have had a briefing during his breakfast? I mean, we keep getting told, it doesn’t matter where the President is because the WH travel with him. Or was he already so busy campaigning that he bypassed the briefing as he has so many other times?

    The State Department person, Ms. Lamb said they were watching was was going on in REAL TIME and along with the drone video you had to agencies, the State Department and Department of Defense knowing what was happening. So, they BOTH failed to inform the WH about what was happening?

    Thank goodness for Eli Lake.

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