What’s Hot/What’s Not: Submissions…

Post your nominations for this week’s What’s Hot/What’s Not. I’ll post the finalists on Sunday night…


61 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: Submissions…”

  1. HOT: Laughing Uncle Sherriff Joe debates Iron Pumping Young Gun. While the dazzling white teeth mesmerized the baseless of the base, their mouth makes a mess of Libya.

    NOT: BIGBIRD. Meandering Obama went to the silliness well way too often. It’s the economy stupid, not the taxpayer funding of a multimillionaire muppet.

  2. imnotblue Says:

    Remember last week when the left was all up in arms about “lies?”

    Funny how things change:


  3. ^ And the ever-popular lie about Benghazi. You know, the one where people died.

  4. imnotblue Says:

    @ Laura

    True… but this one was so much less defensible. It’s a blatant lie. And one that’s not open to interpretation.

    Why this wasn’t a headline across the papers and news networks for the past few days, I just don’t understand.

    Maybe that’s why he was laughing so much… he doesn’t remember who he is.

  5. You all have to know: Obama didn’t lie, he just wasn’t told the truth by the Intelligence community. Or maybe, they did tell Barack & Joe and Joe said, “That’s a bunch of malarky!

  6. @MichaelRWarren
    Reminder: Biden didn’t just support Iraq war in 2002–he was advocating for it on the floor of the Senate. http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/reminder-biden-supported-iraq-war-2002_654352.html

  7. Biden is as fake as his hair and teeth color.

  8. Grandpa Dave Says:

    HOT: VP Debate numbers. FNC on top; even leading major networks.
    HOT: Willie Geist goes to “Today”.

    NOT: More old tape on HLN.
    NOT: MSNBC slips further into all POV; except for old tape on weekends.

  9. “Why this wasn’t a headline across the papers and news networks for the past few days, I just don’t understand.”

    ^^ It’s very simple blue. It’s all the fault of that vast MSM left wing conspiracy that’s out to turn our great country into a Marxist dictatorship.

  10. Love the sarcasm, fritz. Really funny. My sides hurt from laughing.

    But seriously… why does the VP get to lie, blatantly, about his support for two wars… and nobody calls him on it?

  11. Today’s trivia question:

    “leave the snark to Larry, He does it so, much better”

  12. “But seriously… why does the VP get to lie, blatantly, about his support for two wars… and nobody calls him on it?”

    By nobody I assume you mean the MSM and I think they have covered the story, if it is a story, as best they can when the facts are a matter of dispute.

    And no I’m not going to cite every mention of the story in the press that supports that comment.

  13. How are the facts a matter of dispute?

    Did he say in the debate he didnt vote for the wars? Yes.

    Did he actually, according to record, vote for the wars? Yes.

    Where’s the dispute? There is no “opinion” here.

  14. Okay, where is Joe, I’m stunned that he is not erupting in anger with ‘Biden is a lying douchebag!’???

  15. I’m stunned. Why isn’t Joe erupting in anger with ‘Biden is a lying d*uchebag!’???

  16. HOT: People who think MSNBC becoming liberal talk radio on the TV is a new thing.

    NOT: Lying liars who lie lie lie. I haven’t read up on his policies yet, but I’ll bet Gary Johnson hasn’t lied about anything.

  17. “How are the facts a matter of dispute?”

    ^^ Your right it’s not in dispute. He didn’t say it. He was referring to how the wars were paid for. It’s obvious if you listen to the quote. He voted to go to war but didn’t vote to put the cost of the wars on the credit card (debt). Ryan did. That’s what he was referring to. It’s apples and oranges – but you know that. And if he was lying Romney and Ryan would be calling him out on it. They aren’t. It’s only nutbars like Karl Rove and right wing blogs that bring up this garbage.

  18. Good catch, Fritz. I hadn’t gone back to check the transcript yet. You’re right.

  19. imnotblue Says:

    For that to be true, he’s need to have some sort of reasonable expectation of how those wars would be paid for.

    And what was that again?

  20. Calling Karl Rove a “nutbar” makes Fritz look like one.

  21. imnotblue Says:

    Nutbar is just a synonym for “person of a different political ideology, I disagree with, that has had a successful career.”

    At least to the “whatever it takes” crowd.

  22. The Bengahzi, Libya story is gonna be HOT for a while – as it should be until we can get some straight answers. My guess is we’ll get a story before the Foreign Policy Presidential debate.

    HOT: Michelle Malkin’s resurrection of the phrase “crap weasel” Who can’t find someone to apply that term to? And here I thought I would never be thankful for anything Malkin says.

    HOT: Erica Hill leaving CBS – not a surprise she left but I am surprised where she landed. CNN wouldn’t take her back? Anderson really looks like he could use her help.

    HOT: VP debate. It was a draw, I don’t care what y’all say. But I’m over it now, on to the next debate.

    NOT: Agree with Larry. If I never hear Big Bird again it will be too soon. If Romney doesn’t kill him, I will.

  23. – “whatever it takes” crowd –

    …is a gratuitous reference to me which conveniently ignores that I later admitted to being in a crap mood, and retracted it. Don’t quote the transgression if you can’t quote the correction. Better yet, leave me out of comments not directed at me.

  24. Yep, I’ve now buried that one. What ever it takes was took back and now it may be no longer taken.

  25. imnotblue Says:

    Your bad mood caused you to admit something most would think, but not say.

    Your retraction doesn’t necessarily make it untrue… nor does it change its accuracy in describing some people’s ideology, regardless of party.

    So it was only a 50% shot at you and fritz. 50% for other left-partisans.

  26. HOT – VP Debate

    NOT – Anything relating to PBS and Big Bird

  27. I am the 50%!

  28. NOT: This obsession on poll numbers. It’s a waste of air time. How about using that time to talk about more important stories such as the poor 14 yr old girl shot by the Taliban for standing up to them since she was 11. She did something most adults in Pakistan and most of the Mideast wouldn’t dare to do.
    I know it’s election season in the states but the international broadcasters have been talking about this brave girl all week.

  29. Well, when we say we are bugging out of Afghanistan and letting thousands of little girls get obscene treatment by a return of the Taliban, then let’s not get too many people thinking by dwelling on the story of this particular little girl.

  30. I realize that no one watches them, but CNN has talked about that little girl quite a bit. If that story doesn’t tell us who we’re dealing with, I don’t know what does.

  31. I’ve seen a decent amount of coverage of it on MSNBC, too. You can imagine all cable news talks about are polls all you want, but it just ain’t so.

  32. Hot: Geist leaving Way Too Early for Today where he’s replacing Guthrie who’s moving way earlier (but not way too early) also for Today.
    Not: Joe & Mika making up more than most of MSNBC mornings, maybe.
    Not: MSNBC no longer a ‘cable news’ channel. We know already and no big deal. That some of NBC’s hard newsies frequent the channel brandishing a POV is a big deal.
    Not: A San Fran MSNBC studio would be hot but seems sans reality so it ‘snot…
    HOT: MSNBC, apparently.

    Not: FNC’s VP debate ratings. Seriously, anyone surprised?
    Not: CNN, on many levels. They’re still earning cash and I’m still watching, but still.

  33. tinafromtampa Says:

    Hot: Biden lies during the debate.
    Not: Biden lies during the debate.

    Hot: MSM ignored Biden’s lies
    Not: MSM ignored Biden’s lies

  34. Hot that’s Not: MSNBC primetime host admits being Biden’s debate coach. Lean Forward!

  35. Hot: Obama throwing Big Hil under the bus over the Benghazi debacle. It’s a big risk to take when he’s depending on Bill to campaign for him down the stretch.

    Hot: Biden has Tourette’s.

  36. SNL cold opening makes Biden a jolly, attractive figure earning extended audience applause. They make Ryan a weakling weasle freak that scares children. Finally Olympic hero Bolt appears to prove he is also a liar. Skit closes with the Biden bullying of the Ryan kid.

    Mission accomplished. Except the funny part.

  37. I think I’ve officially moved to a position of “hate” for Tommy Christopher. The guy is so nasty, rude, and hateful… for the life of me, I can’t figure out why a site like Mediaite would employ him. His nonsense is fine at KOS and such, where the constant “Oooh, that’s racist!” Attacks work. But for Mediaite, it’s inappropriate at best.

    Can someone tell me why? He’s certifiable!

    It’s like if someone gave Alan Grayson a computer.

    Which brings me to another question… is that where the left is going these days? Biden’s rude performance was applauded by the left… as was Grayson’s rudeness a few years ago. Is that where they’re going? The fringe of the party gets nastier and ruder, while getting louder and somehow more accepted?

    And I suppose it’s the same on the right (Akin, “you lie,” and such). But at least on the right, it gets called out! Those type of comments are (correctly) attacked. But it doesn’t feel like that happens on the left… or am I missing it.


    What is this, Hot list? Oh yeah… okay:

    HOT: Leftwing rudeness
    NOT: Civility and reason

  38. The big bad liberals are mean to the poor, simpering conservatives who are always super nice always. Boo freaking hoo.

  39. imnotblue Says:

    At what point, Joe… did you decide calling people “racist” was just another acceptable attack?

    Boo hoo? Boo hoo, indeed. We should all be sad that it’s gotten this far.

    But since you’re pretty similar to TC, let me ask you… the nasty and hate you clearly feel for all people who disagree with you, does it make life tough? Do you find relationships hard? Friends difficult to come by? Being happy a challenge? Is this what you think politics should be like?

  40. Just don’t go to Mediaite. It’s not that great of a website to begin with.

  41. Nobody called Sanford racist. Try actually reading the article.

  42. imnotblue Says:

    Seriously, Joe?

    Then what was the purpose of the article? What was I suppose to walk away with?

  43. It’s simple, Blue: An “analyst” said something racially insensitive, and the “reporter” blew it off. “Color-blind” white conservatives who insist racism isn’t a real thing can’t deduce the distinction between racism and racial insensitivity. I’m not surprised that subtlety is lost on you.

  44. racism is real. racial insensitivity is often fake.

  45. “Just don’t go to Mediaite. It’s not that great of a website to begin with.”

    I bop in once in a while to poke with a pointed stick to see what bile squirts out,

  46. larry hit it on the head. Racial insensitivity is a joke.

  47. It’s always a joke until it’s used against you. I think Mark Sanford is just a jerk, and I don’t give a flip what he says. My problem is with Bream. She’s a rightwing propagandist masquerading as a journalist, and she protected Sanford instead of questioning why he would make a racial allusion.

  48. Are you kidding me? I haven’t heard that slur used since the second season of the Boondocks. If he said the president was going to chuck a lot of spears that’s one thing, but to say throw a lot of spears is racist or even racially insensitive? That’s quite a reach. There is no secret racism or racial allusion, just some liberals with way too much time on their hands.

  49. Yeah, well, you’re wrong. It was an insane way to refer to a black person, and Shannon should have said something.

  50. Obama said himself he was going to be more aggressive in the next debate, throwing spears sounds like a good analogy to me. The only people I can see being offended by this are people who look for even the shred of anything race related. You’re just hearing zebras.

  51. Sometimes Joe is so full of it, it clouds his vision.

  52. He is the 50%..

  53. imnotblue Says:

    Joseph Remi Bernard Says:
    October 14, 2012 at 4:01 pm

    I think Mark Sanford is just a jerk, and I don’t give a flip what he says.

    And on that, we agree. This was FOX’s worst hiring decision since Mark Furhman.

    And me. (Although, I turned them down.)

    BUT back to this issue… Bream didn’t connect the dots like the race obsessed left. The only person who sees “racism!” behind every word more than Tommy Christopher, is Chris Matthews (“Chris”… coincidence?). Bream didn’t say anything, because like a normal human, she didn’t hear “racism!” or “racial insensitivity” (feh).

    It’s more race hustling. Trying to divide people, and make “racism!” a weapon. It’s disgusting and amoral. And if you’re accepting of it, Joe… so are you.

  54. A disgusting and amoral person calls me disgusting and amoral. I think I’ll live.

  55. imnotblue Says:

    Name calling is no good.

    Unless the names fit.

    I’ll say it again, and wait for a “neener neener” response, “Those who use race as a reason to attack others, and use false claims of racism as a political weapon, or tolerate such uses, are disgusting and amoral. They use the death and torture of innocents, for their own political gain, and should be ashamed.

  56. Sure buddy, but if a white guy refers to a black guy with a reference to throwing spears, a real journalist would ask him to what he was trying to say. This isn’t complicated. He could have claimed innocence of its historical meaning and retracted..everybody lives. Bream covered for him so he never got the chance.

  57. If my black friends (yep, I’ve had a few) were as freaky as Joe, I would have been afraid to say a word to them.
    One thought it funny my dog was named “Blacky”. The fact it was entirely black and named by the little girl who gave it to me never made me consider renaming it to “Rover”.

  58. imnotblue Says:

    You were confused by what he was trying to say, Joe?

    Having already said that Obama was going to be agressive in the debate, wasn’t a tip for you?

    Maybe you’re problem is that you’re just not paying attention.

  59. Get over it, Blue. Sanford used a known racially derogatory term against the President, and wasn’t called out on it. Why? Because people like them and you don’t give a damn.

  60. imnotblue Says:

    Except he didn’t use a “well known racially derogatory term.” He used half of one… which without the second half, isn’t a racist term.

    To the folks who are looking, hoping, and willing to call anything and everything “racist!” then sure it was racist. But you guys have no perspective or realism, so why should I be surprised?

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