Artificial Red Meat…

There’s this overblown controversy that’s erupted on the internet about last week’s Biden/Ryan debate. It started when Brian Maloney over at Radio Equalizer posted the above audio from Ed Schultz’s radio show which Johnny Dollar picked up on (later Mediaite posted an audio clip that just happened to include the exact same soundbite which started and ended at the exact same places as Maloney’s audio. Hmmmmmmmmm…)

The controversy apparently concerns Ed Schultz responding to a Reince Priebus tongue in cheek comment that Schultz must have coached Biden. Shcultz of course seized on that and “admitted” to coaching Biden.

Um, yeah.

The idea that Biden, who doesn’t need any motivation to be an attack dog after years of doing so as a U.S. Senator, would seek out Schultz to coach him is so laughable I broke two ribs in doing so. Of course Schultz was being sarcastic. Of course the Right would take Schultz’s comment at face value because a) it fits in with their preconceived notions and b) it gives them a weapon to beat MSNBC over the head with. More sensible people will read this for what it is, Schultz being the self-important blowhard attention seeking egomaniac that he is.

I predict that tomorrow we will get some sort of confirmation that Schultz had nothing to do with this at all.


8 Responses to “Artificial Red Meat…”

  1. Gee Spud Larry and others here are going to be very disappointed. They thought that Ed coaching Biden was a true story because they read it on some right wing blog. Larry even called the story “HOT” 🙂

  2. Mediaite is a right wing blog?

  3. MEMO to Spud: If you had saved the too ribs you could have made yourself a woman.

  4. imnotblue Says:

    I have no idea if this story is real or not… but I suspect, Spud is right, and the Obama/Biden camp will deny it if asked.

    I mean, who wants to actually admit they’ve spoken with Ed Schultz, and taken him seriously?

  5. Priebus sarcastically implied Biden was coached by Schultz, and Schultz sarcastically agreed. How hard is this to follow?

  6. Not hard at all. These MSNBC vermin visit the White House regularly. Not a big deal.

  7. Larry. He didn’t coach Joe Biden.

  8. Of course not, but fun is fun.

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