MSNBC (sort of) Launches New Website Layout…

Newscast Studio’s Dak Dillon looks at MSNBC TV’s new site layout and finds it wanting…

Each show page has a branded banner running across the top, but maintains the overall same look and feel of the rest of the site (for an example, see the “Morning Joe” show page).

This approach is a departure from MSNBC’s previous strategy of having show pages that used a fully branded background and placed video content prominently. Now, video is simply embedded at the top of standard story pages.

One of the major weaknesses of this new look is the headline font. Designers opted for a condensed version of Futura, which seems difficult to read in many places, and has a particular negative affect on scan-ability of headlines on section fronts and the homepage. Its harsh lines also don’t contrast very well with the more round, friendly and contemporary lines found in the “MSNBC” typeface.

It’s a rather subjective topic but I don’t have a problem with the font. But Dillon is wrong about one thing…not every show has been converted to the new format. In fact nearly a third of MSNBC’s show pages haven’t been given the new treatment. I find it ridiculous that MSNBC would launch an incomplete website makeover though it certainly illustrates which shows they really care about and which shows they don’t seem to care that much about.


6 Responses to “MSNBC (sort of) Launches New Website Layout…”

  1. The new layout is impressive. Between The New York Times’ skimmer site, the new CBS News website and the new website, I know where I’ll get my news.

  2. “it certainly illustrates which shows they really care about and which shows they don’t seem to care that much about.”

    I wouldn’t read that much into it. The Maddow page is among those that hasn’t been updated.

  3. But Maddow’s site still looks a lot better than some of the others (Newsnation, Bashir, Jansing & Co)

  4. savefarris Says:

    Why does MSNBC substitute Romney’s first initial with his campaign symbol but doesn’t do the same for Obama?

  5. Farris, what the hell liberal conspiracy are you chasing now?

  6. savefarris Says:

    Look behind Sharpton,Schmidt, Ed, or Hayes.

    You see the Obama ‘O’ followed by the name of the candidate: ‘Obama’.
    You see the Romney ‘R’ follwed by ‘omney’.

    I like including the logos. But handling one one way and one the other just seems weird.

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