The Hazards of Live TV: #25,176

Ahhhhh…focus groups. You get a wide variety of people. You get some who can bite their tongue and you get some who…uh…can’t.


22 Responses to “The Hazards of Live TV: #25,176”

  1. Night of the Living Focus Group

  2. finally a focus group of my people

  3. That entire segment should be a Hazard. They were all about as ‘undecided’ as my mother.

  4. The MSNBC focus group of undecided voters was interesting. It was moderated by Ron Allen. They seemed to be leaning Romney AFTER the debate. Chris Matthews was watching and was clearly not happy. He started asking the women in the group about Romney not answering the question about equal pay for women.

  5. As I said earlier, these guys are LOL funny. Only in ‘Luntzworld’ were these people undecided.

    They were so over the top that even the FNC anchors must have been embarrassed by the performance.

    Well maybe that’s a bit too much to ask.

  6. Grandpa Dave Says:

    I’m still undecided. Romney or Johnson?

  7. I think all undivided means these days is Romney leaning people who need attention.

  8. Undecided was being typed as the auto-spell-corrector decided It was undivided. This is how the Cylons will be created.

  9. Geez, people are quoting this panel as though it means something. Including people at home. #Sigh

  10. I’m blissfully unaware of the contents of this clip, hence no comment. Some things are best left at “I’ll take your word for it.”

  11. I’m also hearing that the MS panel broke towards Romney, for whatever that’s worth. Maybe Luntz won a bet..

  12. If I recall correctly, it was one for O, one for R, and the rest wanted another shot at being on an “undecided” panel next week. Aside from the fact these things are stupid, MSNBC’s was pretty fair.

  13. They are. People make fun of ‘body language’, but that’s a real thing. We have no freaking clue how or why these people are chosen, and such things have existed for long enough that people have an interest in gaming them. I’m pretty sure that my son would call himself ‘undecided’ if it meant sitting on a panel with Erin Burnett.

  14. I would pretend to be undecided if presented with the opportunity to call “bullsh|t” on Obama on national TV.

  15. RT @mpoppel: BREAKING NEWS — Man arrested in alleged terror plot to attack the Federal Reserve in NYC, NBC 4 reports.

    Maybe it was the QE3 guy.

  16. Joe, I believe that, yes, one was for Obama and one for Romney, but I thought two women said they were leaning Romney but were still undecided.

  17. Carol, I believe you were watching MSNBC more cosely than I was, which greatly amuses me. Your word for it, I will take. 😉

  18. I think some people become “undecided” just so they can meet Frank Luntz.

  19. And if that isn’t a sad commentary then I don’t know what.

  20. They should be called out-of-focus groups or maybe… can I say fucus groups?

  21. Joe, I usually record both FNC and MSNBC and watch one in real time and watch the other later. Too much time on my hands. BTW, Jeremy Epstein, the first questioner I believe, has made up his mind and is voting for Obama.

  22. Another focus-group! I watch Hannity for unintended humor, anymore.

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