Free for All: 10/17/12

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  1. Was Candy Crowley participating in the debate last night?

  2. Upon further review, that was an appalling performance by Mitt Romney. He is establishing an “attack everybody on or near the stage at all times” level of discourse for debates that drags the whole process down to his level. It’s ugly.

  3. lonestar77 Says:

    ^ cute.

  4. No Joe, he matched the aggression of the president very well. If you wanna say Romney was being ugly you have to say the same about Obama. They both did well.

  5. No, I don’t have to say that. When you put the two debates together, Mitt is a rude douchebag throughout both, with Obama getting the hint that he was going to have to meet him at that level to survive. I don’t find either particularly likable, but Romney’s disregard for the seriousness of the process, and of the office he’s seeking, is a problem. He’s treating this as a Fox News “I’ll shout louder and say more whatever” segment.

  6. Jeff Greenfield ‏@greenfield64
    Salafist Erotica: Binders Filled With Seventy-Two Virgin Women.

  7. How about a round of applause for our own Laura. She made it on to the “Hot Liberals” Facebook page. 😉

  8. ^ She has myself to blame for that. I RTed a Hot Liberals “binder” joke, then things got ugly. Yay, I’m going back to bed now.

  9. Laura’s 15 minutes of fame.

  10. Joe, it’s always your fault. 😉

    BTW, did you hear that the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series might race at the half-mile Eldora Speedway dirt track next year? THAT. WOULD. BE. AWESOME.

  11. I’m sorry I ever commented on or even saw that Facebook post. 😦

  12. God, y’all are so sensitive.

  13. I’m a liberal and I’ll go to bat for a sane, rational conservative (since they are an endangered species) before I go to bat for a rabid dog liberal any day.

  14. Are they gonna call me names? Aww, that’s so sad. I don’t grade my day based upon people who can’t express themselves without bodily-references.

  15. It’s a group Twitter account, with predictable groupthink results. I mostly read, occasionally reply, never RT. RTing was NOT a good idea.

  16. I think their Facebook page is edgy and funny but they crossed the line today.

  17. I didn’t bother much with the page, but I appreciate your thoughts.

  18. joeremi Says:
    October 17, 2012 at 7:29 am

    Upon further review…

    Translation: “After I was told what to think, by the blue-blogs and MSNBC…”

    Yeah, Romney was “rude.” But Biden was “forceful.” Funny how these things work.

  19. Joseph Remi Bernard Says:
    October 17, 2012 at 8:01 am

    He’s fighting for the man’s job, of course he’s going to be aggressive. Romney was forceful but he was never disrespectful, neither of them were. We both knew they were going to come out with something to prove and that’s what they did.

  20. — Translation: “After I was told what to think, by the blue-blogs and MSNBC…” —

    Who are you to say someone else is not capable of thinking for themselves?

  21. savefarris Says:

    Anyone else gonna point out that Candy Crowley lied about who decided which questions (and in which order) they were asked?

  22. That’s his schtick, Andy. He’ll pretend I didn’t immediately say “Romney screwed up bigger than it looks to you right now”, then accuse me of having my thoughts handed to me. Screw, Blue. I watched the debate again before bed, then clips later when I got woken up in the middle of the night. Romney was a petulant jerk, and repeated viewings drove it home.

  23. Love those liberals! If Romney lost why make statements like this? She’s a celebrity, so no harm, no foul, right?

    Юрий Плескун @imnotyuri

    @EvaLongoria I have no idea why any woman/minority can vote for Romney. You have to be stupid to vote for such a racist/misogynistic twat
    Retweeted by @EvaLongoria

  24. icemannyr Says:

    How embarrassing that CNBC is talking about a foiled NYC terror plot before MSNBC does.
    CNN and FNC have been covering the story since the news broke in the 3pm hour.
    MSNBC can’t break away from Bashir’s Romney bashing to cover the story?

  25. From the Washington Post:

    “President Obama, though, wasn’t done with Kerry Ladka. “After the debate, the president came over to me and spent about two minutes with me privately,” says the 61-year-old Ladka, who works at Global Telecom Supply in Mineola, N.Y. According to Ladka, Obama gave him ”more information about why he delayed calling the attack a terorist attack.” For background, Obama did apparently lump Benghazi into a reference to “acts of terror” in a Sept. 12 Rose Garden address. However, he spent about two weeks holding off on using the full “terrorist” designation. The rationale for the delay, Obama explained to Ladka, was to make sure that the “intelligence he was acting on was real intelligence and not disinformation,” recalls Ladka.”
    Tonight Mr. Ladka will be a guest on Greta.

  26. has it, and I’m sure it will be on the 5:30 business break during Hardball, and NBC Nightly News. No doubt FNC and CNN are breathlessly reporting the EARTH-SHATTERING BREAKING NEWS that a 21yo idiot developed a plot with the help of the FBI that probably would have gotten nowhere without them, but MSNBC is mainly a politics talk show, not a headline service. It’s being covered sufficiently by the news departments of NBC.

  27. That’s an interesting piece of news, Carol. The administration has also floated the idea that Susan Rice was sent to throw al-Qaeda off of the idea that they were being hunted down for Benghazi. That’s either a very shrewd intelligence operation at the expense of political expediancy, or the most high-wire act of political revisionism I’ve ever witnessed. I await the next move..

  28. I think Al was right about Gutfeld. He seems much more with it today than when last I watched him.

  29. Joe, The Five mentioned the plot to attack the Federal Reserve at the top of the show, but didn’t dwell on it.

  30. I’m sure it’s been mentioned ad nauseum, but I love the dynamic on The Five. You have one liberal, and the rest are always telling him to shut up.

  31. So President Obama allegedly admitted to Mr. Ladka that he waited to call the 9/11 attack an act of terror? Some sites are saying that Mr. Ladka is lying and he never spoke with the president after the debate.

  32. You have one liberal, and the rest are always telling him to shut up.

    The Five stole the idea from ICN!


    I don’t know what Al said, but I caught Red Eye Monday night (haven’t watched in months) and Greg seemed like his old somewhat-funny self again. I was surprised.

  33. “You have one liberal, and the rest are always telling him to shut up.”

    I think when Juan Williams subs for Bob, he is much more aggressive.

  34. Al thought Greg might be on pain meds. He certainly seems more alert now.

  35. Bret Baier just showed a post-debate clip showing President Obama speaking with Kerry Ladka. FWIW.

  36. ‘Ladka’ keeps making me think of Taxi.

  37. savefarris Says:

    The Five stole the idea from ICN!

    okay, that’s kinda funny

  38. It worked! Irin Carmon is a young writer from Salon who hadn’t figured out her MSNBC appearances begin and end with a single headshot, so you need too look at that camera, not the host next to you. So I tweeted her about it. She’s killin’ it on Politics Nation!

  39. savefarris Says:

    @markknoller: We’re now 20 days from the election and Obama is running on a portfolio of Lily Ledbetter, Wind Energy, and binders.

    And Big Bird. Don’t forget Big Bird.

  40. This seriously went out over FNC’s air last night? Sharpton showed a clip of Megyn Kelly calling women’s issues questions “pandering”. Really. Women’s issues in a presidential debate are out of line for Fox News. The levels of irony are too numerous to list.

  41. imnotblue Says:

    I’ve read enough of Joe’s comments to know when he’s thinking… and when he only thinks he’s thinking.

  42. I think the readers have a pretty good idea how it works when you turn into my own personal Dr. Ablow. You take this stuff too seriously sometimes, son.

  43. savefarris Says:

    Some of us find it more telling that Sharpton doesn’t think things like jobs, the economy, the deficit, and energy costs are “women’s issues”.

    Because chicks don’t care about that money crap: they only care about spending it. Amirightguys?

  44. “Pandering” doesn’t mean “out-of-line”, it means pandering, Talking about some BS “equal pay” law, when people don’t have jobs at which to be paid equally, is an obvious pander to the female vote that’s been slipping away from Obama.

  45. I don’t know why I have trouble finding the period on this keyboard, but I do,

  46. The entire contents of a presidential debate is a pander for votes. For a journalist to point out a specific one as though it’s out of line is…out of line. Or Fox News. They really need to stop bitching about “bias” if they’re going to keep trafficking in it while pretending they’re doing journalism.

  47. MSNBC can’t break away from Bashir’s Romney bashing to cover the story?

    Repeat after me: MSNBC. Is not. A. News Channel.

  48. “Crazy” Tommy Christopher wrote a very good article about the Libya moment, which does a pretty good job of showing that not only was Crowley correct, but she then tried to bail Romney out of his mess with information he didn’t ask for. Check the article, then TC’s further comments below. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go raise some hell about how Candy was in the tank for Romney…

  49. Fritz just made the same point on another thread, and it actually makes sense. If she had let him go, the story would have been that he got it wrong, plain and simple. If anything, this just muddies it up, perhaps in his favor. Regardless of what she said, he handled the issue piss poorly. It was a stupid for him to be talking about that aspect of the story, when there was so much else to cover.

  50. Christopher actually makes the argument much better than I did (and I didn’t read his piece before I made my comment). They really should be thanking Crowley but I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon; In fact, I expect they will double down on blaming Candy in the next few days.

  51. It worked! Irin Carmon is a young writer from Salon who hadn’t figured out her MSNBC appearances begin and end with a single headshot, so you need too look at that camera, not the host next to you. So I tweeted her about it. She’s killin’ it on Politics Nation!


  52. I don’t think she was ‘awful’, and I don’t think he ‘lost’ because of her. She made a ‘mistake’ which seemed from the outset to favor Romney. It’s a shame that all these things devolve into “Kill the moderator”, regardless of who loses. And spare me the revisionism about how liberals didn’t do the exact same thing to Jim Lehrer.

  53. Laura; it’s all part of the game. The debate losers go after the moderator and the winners don’t. It’s the first thing to look for post debate spin to tell who won. Obama lost the first debate and the Democrats went after Lehrer; Romney lost last night and his spinners go after Crowley. It’s a tie if both side think the moderator did OK.

  54. Eh, libs went after Lehrer for a day..he genuinely did suck. Then Obama’s true awfulness sunk in, and Jim was history. We’ll be hearing about The Liberal Candy Crowley for the rest of her career,

  55. Kerry Ladka was just on Greta. He said the president didn’t really answer his question about adequate security for our consulates. After the debate, Obama came over to Ladka and explained that after his Rose Garden speech, it took him almost two weeks to formally call the 9/11 attacks an act of terror because he had to be absolutely sure and have all the facts he needed. Ladka is still undecided. He said he’s straight down the middle – 50/50 – about the candidates. He likes Obama’s social positions but he also likes Romney’s business expertise. He said he will probably make up his mind when he gets in the voting booth.

  56. Except that Romney didn’t ‘suck’. Outside of Libya, he did fairly well. Short of passing out drunk on the stage, no one could do worse than Obama in the first debate.

  57. Lehrer. Lehrer sucked. So did Obama in that debate. Nobody met that laudible goal last night, including The Evil Candy Crowley.

  58. Please, God, let debate replays on every show be over soon.

  59. Lehrer stuck to his proper role in that format and handled both candidates equally. So did Crowley except for that one instance. She did arguably interrupt at bad times, but that’s the fault of the format she had to work with.

  60. ^ That. Town Halls suck, as someone around here once said, and they’re a total fraud. They’re supposed to represent spontaneity and answering to the people, when the questions are screened by the moderator and the proceedings are about as “spontaneous” as a firing squad, but slightly less stimulating.

  61. ^ Screened by the moderator sucks. Not screened by the moderator prolly sucks more.

  62. “Paper or plastic?”

  63. Oh, bag it.

  64. “Briefs or thong?”

  65. If the question was about “boxers”, M would say “on the roof” and O would answer “grilled”.

  66. “Gas or charcoal?”

  67. Obama was much better last night, but I agree that Romney wasn’t so bad either. He botched the Libya thing and he was too overbearing at times but on the substance, he sounded pretty good. If you are one of those numbnut undecided people who have no clue the many different sides of an issue Romney has taken, he came across as downright reasonable and sane last night. Obama, well, he just finally showed up. Laura, I think if Obama fell over drunk that would have been better for his first debate performance because then he would have had an excuse.

    Just heard Colbert sum it up well…
    “If you are still undecided by now, just flip a GD coin already.”

  68. Romney didn’t suck in that he remained conscious and could deliver talking points, but the level of rudeness to POTUS and the moderator was unacceptable. That was reality show slapfight-level crap. The only thing missing was Romney betting Obama 10,000 bucks.

  69. Obama was equally rude. Hard to say who started it and doesn’t really matter. There hasn’t been respectful political discourse on this side of the Pond since the eloquent and courteously written Declaration of Independence.

  70. JImmy Kimmel: “The debate was made up of undecided voters, and what a group they were. Basically, these are the people who still cash cheques at the supermarket.”

  71. imnotblue Says:

    @ Fritz

    If the losers complain, and the winner compliment… what happens if the moderator actually does suck? Is it too much to accept that someone say something truthful, even if it doesn’t advocate their point? And is it possible that the loser, is also correct about those complaints?

  72. Sorry, I’ve seen every Presidential and VP debate since they resumed in 1976. I’ve never seen a performance like that before, and Obama did his best to keep up with it after getting slaughtered two weeks ago.

    Neither candidate is the warmest individual, but Romney carries the singular distinction of not giving a shIt that this isn’t some throwdown with Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann. That sputtering, spitting, “I’m talking here, you’ll get your turn” display was repulsive.

  73. orry, I’ve seen every Presidential and VP debate since they resumed in 1976. I’ve never seen a performance like that before, and Obama did his best to keep up with it after getting slaughtered two weeks ago.

    Neither candidate is the warmest individual, but Romney carries the singular distinction of not giving a sh!t that this isn’t some throwdown with Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann. That sputtering, spitting, “I’m talking here, you’ll get your turn” display was appalling.

  74. Joe is easily appalled. Sorry you lost your S.

  75. Sometimes the pall is too much to bear. S

  76. I’m getting the sickies, and apparently it takes away your ability to hit the eys ard nough.

  77. – pall is too much to bear –

    Ok, that was pretty good.

  78. Based on the stories others tell of his many good deeds, Romney’s warmth is manifested by action, not just mere words.

  79. Dude, I don’t care how swell he is in some other arena. In the arena of Presidential politics, he has a sense of entitlement for an office he has no respect for. He needs to grow up and stop throwing a snit every time someone dares challenge his alleged purity.

  80. imnotblue Says:

    @ Joe

    But Joe, your views on Romney and his (alleged) status as a “jerk” have been well established. You’ve been pretty open about calling him that (and other names) for a while now. So knowing that, why should we be surprised or interested in how this latest event helped you continue having the opinion everyone knew you were going to have before it took place? I’d be more surprised if your view changed, than that things remain the same.

    @ Al

    Romney’s goodness comes from actions. Obama’s goodness comes from simply basking in the warm glow that is Obama. At least that’s what Chris Matthews told me.

  81. You’d be surprised what my views were going into the debate. They haven’t necessarily changed – I’m not thrilled with either candidate at this point, and probably do qualify as the dreaded undecided right now – but I expected the Mitt Romney coming off a huge debate win; with some decent, confident stump peeches; and rising poll numbers; would bring a little more dignity to the table last night. I was surprised by the pettiness.

  82. What you call “sense of entitlement” I see as “attitude for success”. Obama does it, too, and it’s a good quality. There are lots of very smart and talented people who don’t come close to achieving in life what they’re capable of, and that attitude is what allows those two guys to kick the road blocks out of their way.

    Stump peeches would be a good name for hip-hop artist.

  83. If Romney thinks the questions he’s getting now are tough, wait until he actually becomes president and can’t nitpick which networks ask him questions.

  84. ^ You mean the way Obama’s been doing for years? 😉

  85. The tone of interview questioning changes dramatically regardless of network when the interviewer must precede with, “Mr. President.”

  86. You walked right into that, Andy. W did it, too. A mile away, I saw it coming..

  87. With all the hate out there for the moderator and debate format; I find it passing strange that both George Will and Dan Rather saw this debate as the best in the history of debates – by a mile.

    I don’t think it’s the best ever but I don’t remember much about most past debates I’ve seen. What are they seeing that the rest of the chattering classes don’t?

  88. Pretty simple, Fritz. As a sporting event – a sparring match – this was absolutely one of the best debates ever as the format encouraged the two to mix it up. It can simultaneously be viewed quite poorly because the format favoured conflict over content.

  89. “because the format favoured conflict over content.”

    ^^There was plenty of content in the last debate. That’s why Will & Rather liked it so much.

  90. imnotblue Says:

    @ Joe

    You’ve been talking about Romney being and arrogant jerk for MONTHS! How could you possibly consider yourself “undecided?!”

    There’s a difference between undecided, and unenthusiastic. You may not be excited to pull the lever for Obama, but that’s not the same as actually considering Romney.

  91. Under OBAMA for every seven dollars the government brought in, it spent eleven. He could tax the rich, take all their money, and let the DAILY KOS boys murder them, and it wouldn’t dent that.

  92. Maybe joe is like that “undecided” woman in the Frank Luntz focus group who was ‘undecided’ between voting for Romney and not voting at all. Joe could be ‘undecided’ between voting for Obama and not voting.

  93. savefarris Says:

    I expected Mitt Romney … would bring a little more dignity to the table last night. I was surprised by the pettiness.

    Romney was worse than Biden? Really?!?

  94. I think I’d put that still in the “unenthusiastic” category, rather than the “undecided” one.

  95. savefarris Says:

    Are we SURE that Chris Matthews isn’t a deep-cover plant for Karl Rove?

    Disagreeing with the President is now unconstitutional

  96. @ farris

    I think Matthew’s Syndrome is somewhat understandable. He’s desperately trying to stay relevant on a network that changed around him. For a long while, he was pretty moderate… then MSNBC took their leap to the left. Now he has to keep up.

    He’s the old guy at the network (66 according to Wiki), has “acceptable” ratings, and knows that his days would be numbered if he doesn’t tow the line. So he tries to one-up the other folks, gets louder and crazier, and hopes that they’ll keep him around.

    At some point, expect MSNBC to say, “Okay, we’ve had enough of the old-man shouting hour, time for someone new,” and gives him the boot. At that time, expect him to write a “tell-all” or do a bunch of interviews, on how he was “forced” to move left, and how he didn’t want to say that stuff, but felt he “needed” to.

  97. FNC should turn Megyn Kelly’s show into a full talk show because her conservative bias is very evident.

  98. Blue, I’ve heard some stories about Matthews from people in DC that made my head spin. The man’s insane.

  99. @icemannyr: Megyn’s bias has always been evident.

  100. Though I admire her and her many talents, the show is too biased for me. I rarely watch more than a few minutes. Like her best as a host of a live event. She saved Fox’s bacon on Court’s ruling on ObamaCare coverage. I really prefer FNC’s more even shows like SPECIAL REPORT and Shep’s two. O’Reilly still manages the most entertaining of all the news channel programs.

  101. Some forget Matthew’s as Clinton’s harsh critic during theYear-of-Lewinsky. Hammered the guy every night as did Charles Grodin.

  102. Whoopi Goldberg created an awkward moment on “The View” when asking Ann Romney about her husband and sons not serving in the military.

    I thought it was a bad question.
    Last time I checked there was no requirement in this country that people have to serve in the military to be elected Presided.
    Though I do thank all of those who do volunteer and serve our country.

  103. That’s President. 😛

  104. Not worth correcting. We’re all friends here. Well, most of us.

  105. Did Whoopi ask President Obama why he never served in the military? Yesterday Whoopi got really angry with Elisabeth Hasselbeck for daring to opine that most of Hollywood is liberal.

  106. There are many religions which object to military service, and do not serve.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses, Quakers, Mennonites, Amish, and (possibly) some Orthadox Jews.

    This is just another attempt to make Romney appear as an “outsider” or “other.” Soft bigotry.

  107. Or soft questions for President Eye Candy and Mrs. Eye Candy and tougher questions for Mrs. Romney.

  108. A note: If I posit that I’m considering voting for Romney, no one here has any business calling me a liar. The lever has no idea or interest in whether I pull it out of enthusiasm for the candidate, or lack thereof for the other one. The simple fact is this country is in a world of hurt, and I have major problems with both candidates as a solution for them, but I’m going to have to pick somebody.

    I briefly considered not voting the top of the ticket, or going third party, but both are a copout for a person as politically involved as I am. It’s unfortunate that my vote will likely be for the one who concerns me the least, but there it is. I’m voting for one of them; as of today I’m not sure which; and I would appreciate if you mindreaders would find someone else to sell your Psychic Friends hackery to.

  109. There are many religions which object to military service, and do not serve.

    Mitt Romney actively protested in support of the draft for Vietnam, while skipping out on it himself. It was a deeply immoral thing to do, so you can stuff your religious crap on this issue.

  110. imnotblue Says:

    Spoken like a true undecided.


  111. I might question Joe’s reasoning, but not his honesty. If Joe were to. conclude the next four years of a Romney administration would be better than the next four years of Obama for the people about whom he cares, I have no doubt he would hold his nose and vote for Romney.

    I really like Romney’s tax plan. The idea to encourage the rich to invest in expansion by letting them keep income but nailing them by setting a cap on deductions… that nobody earning under a couple hundred grand would ever hit… coupled with a tax cut to the middle-class to REALLY stimulate spending… well, I like it.

  112. For future reference, if someone considers crossing the aisle – for whatever reason – to vote for your candidate, your candidate would probably appreciate if you didn’t try to send them scurrying back..

  113. Or, put more succinctly, don’t be an @sshole. I know it’s tough to reset the default..

  114. I’d vote for Obama before I voted for Newt, Herm, Huckabee, or the wide-eyed woman.

  115. I’d vote for Newt over Obama anyday.

  116. Wow. Apparently none of us are truly partisan. Except for Blue.

  117. imnotblue Says:

    Look folks… I have no problem with crossing the aisle. I proudly voted for Cuomo here in NY, over that lunatic (whose name I can’t even remember).

    But forgive me if I remember reading about: Romney the cultist. Romney the bully. Romney the jerk. Romney the rich guy who doesn’t care about the poor, women, minorities, the military, the elderly, and the sick. Romney the amoral. And Romney the liar.

    ALL from the same author… who now claims he’s undecided? No thank you.

    Like I said, there is a difference between “undecided” and “unenthusiastic.” At this point, I can’t see a real situation where Joe would support Romney. He might dislike Obama, and be unenthusiastic to support him… but I find it hard to imagine after all that, he’d change his mind so dramatically. Perhaps I’m a skeptic… so be it.

  118. No, you’re just a partisan tool with an axe to grind, who magically forgets every negative thing I’ve ever said about Obama. I think Romney is a huge jerk. There’s plenty of them to go around in government, and I’ve voted for a few because sometimes huge jerks are your only legitimate choice. So you keep grinding that axe, son. You have a problem.

  119. imnotblue Says:

    An axe to grind? Nah. You could threaten to sue me all day long, and still not make a dent. This supposed to all be fun and games. You can’t (I don’t), take this stuff too seriously.

    Perhaps I should give you the benefit of the doubt. What has Obama done to let you down? Why are you considering moving to Romney? Convince me to support Romney.

  120. Obama wins, he will carry out his threat to veto any bill that extends all the Bush tax cuts. Congress won’t back down, and he will happily blame them when everyone’s taxes skyrocket in January. Hope you all have thousands of dollars to burn if Obama gets reelected.

  121. Short version: He pushed health care overhaul when jobs were the emergency; hasn’t done shyte to change the Bush approach to unconstitutional surveillance of American citizens; supports the killing of American citizens overseas based on “I think they’re terrorists”; supports the Bush doctrine of indefinite detention without trial of people he “thinks are terrorists”; is droning the shyte out of innocent Pakistanis and Yemenis because “there might be terrorists in the area”, which is setting up a new generation of pissed off Muslims to attack us; and lied about Benghazi.

    On top of all that, he appeared disinterested in remaining President at the first debate. So you see, I have significant issues with both candidates, including that I’m not convinced either one knows wtf he’s doing.

  122. imnotblue Says:

    I stand corrected, Joe. That is a fair list of complaints!

    I’m still not sure why, however, if those are your complaints, why you’d vote for Romney, who would do little to address or change those specific issues… but there is more thought and logic behind it than I assumed.

    I apologize (mostly) for doubting you.

  123. I’m not sure, either. Before Tuesday I felt like I was dealing with an incumbent who was done trying, which left Romney the only man standing. Now it comes down to how pissed I am about Benghazi (very), and who I think has a better shot at improving the economy. The fact that big business seems determined to sit on its hands as long as Obama is in office is not helping with that decision. It’s apparent there will be some improvement simply by getting their way. That level of cynicism is hard to vote for…

  124. Won’t matter all that much which candidate’s lever Joe ends up deciding to pull. What does matter quite a bit, though, is that because someone like Joe is even considering a vote for Romney means Obama’s chances for re-election are pretty much screwed.

  125. Well, technically, a vote from me for Mitt won’t “count” because I’m in California, but I vote as if I’m the tiebreaker. As everyone should.


    “In other news, a Bay Area man suffered a broken nose from Rep. Nancy Pelosi when…”

    The fact that big business seems determined…

    Not meaning to be argumentative… these decisions are not made so consciously “anti” anything. While it may be true that many small, medium, or big business execs and investors are not thrilled with Obama’s policies, the business decisions made by them can not and are not due to spite. It isn’t like how an individual decides whether to buy something from a neighbourhood store, from WalMart, or stuff their money under the mattress. It’s competitive and results matter. Major investments are being made now and will continue to be regardless of who sits in the Oval. It’s really the implementation and performance of a president’s policy directives that either encourages or discourages the direction of those investments.

    A change in who lives in the WH brings with it a change in the teams administering regulations and implementing policy. That alone can be very positive for growth.

  127. savefarris Says:

    So it looks like Obama really is gonna run these last 19 days on “We sent Susan Rice out with incomplete intellegence”

    $20 says Bob Schieffer does not have the cojones to ask “How is that different than Bush/Powell?”

  128. savefarris Says:

    Colbert doing a “Mitt Romney is gonna do 800 things on Day 1” bit, borrowing a line from Obama’s 1st debate.

    I realize our current president isn’t capable of doing more than 2 things in a day (especially if those two things are not ‘golf’ and ‘speak in Ohio’), but previous presidents have been able to multi-task.

  129. We need a new president and Romney is our only viable alternative. He does possess solid executive experience and a track record of success. My hope – and at this point it’s only a hope – is that I’ll be pleased with his performance. If not, I’ll be in Joe’s shoes come 2016 holding my nose to vote for… OMG maybe Hillary?

  130. imnotblue Says:

    I hear you, Al. But it would mean more if we had another 2 months. At this point, I’d imagine those on the fence will play the safety… with more time, they’d fall.

    And Joe, you gotta vote even if it means nothing. I live in NY… my vote means nothing, as always. Heck, my vote is only going to negate my girlfriend’s!

  131. If we had two more months we’d have two more months of undecideds, some of which would be a different set.

    People are hurting. Get it done.

  132. imnotblue Says:

    I think Hillary’s sword falling means she’s done running… odd as that sounds.

    Her campaign would be attacked over what she did and didn’t do in Libya, that she’d never make it out of the primary.

  133. I’m feelin’ good about Ralph Nader. I think this could be his year.

  134. Don’t be so sure about Hillary, Blue. She accepted responsibility for something she’s in charge of, and sort of made Obama look bad in doing so. That’s as much a plus as it is a negative. Also, as I mentioned on here not long after it happened, she shut down that embassy tweet thing real quick, essentially agreeing with Romney even though it;s not at all clear that she had any knowledge of Romney’s statement. It was later that she again reversed to go along with that Benghazi “spontaneous” bs when she knew that wasn’t true. Something there does not compute.

  135. “How is that different than Bush/Powell?”

    ^^ Well I don’t think we’re planning to invade Egypt.

    “I’m feelin’ good about Ralph Nader. I think this could be his year.”

    ^^ Ralph Nader – the Democrats Ron Paul.

    “Don’t be so sure about Hillary,…Something there does not compute.”

    ^^ Yeah Al, she’s Obama’s Manchurian candidate. 😉

  136. savefarris Says:

    ^^ Well I don’t think we’re planning to invade Egypt.

    You sure? Plans to Wag the Dog are already in motion.

  137. The US has been using drones in North Africa for years. That they are planing to do it to take out AQ cells in the region is no big surprise.

  138. 143 comments seems like so few. Anybody home?

  139. This space reserved for doucherockets in the dumbassosphere.

  140. Emilio Klein‏@emiliocuero

    @AriFleischer @ErinBurnett @piersmorgan @JohnAvlon @ac360 UNINSTALLING OBAMA █████████████▒▒▒ 90% complete

  141. Fabulous. My memory’s about full.

  142. imnotblue Says:


    So I’m here… in Manhattan, awaiting the storm. The INB Lady friend (already asleep) is a little panicked about Sandy, but INB remains confident that our high rise (which is not in the evacuation zone… yet, we’re Zone B) will be fine. The building already has generators and emergency lighting set up at the front door, just in case.

    We went to Costco today… which was less insane and horrible than one might think. Our supply of deodorant (4 pack), 2 big bottles of olives, and 6 boxes of cereal should help sustain us, if the worst happens. Also, the bottle of blended whiskey, while not as good as INB was hoping for (and is already two glasses less full), will make things more manageable, one way or another.

    As of now, there’s no rain, moderate wind, and it’s chilly but not uncomfortable.

    In related news, INB’s television station (a national sports network) has sent out emails saying they’re prepared for the worst, canceled NYC based studio or pass-through programs, and are ready to transfer master control responsibilities to other remote locations throughout the US, should sandbags, generators, and staffing requirements fail. Apparently expectations are high that this storm will be as bad as predicted.

    And that is all from here! Happy Monday.

    If something catastrophic happens, ya’ll should remember the following:
    Joe you’re wrong
    Fritz you’re very wrong
    Larry, calm down
    And Spud, I’m sure your snorkel would have come in handy. You simply must take better care of your equipment.

  143. Stay safe, Blue! And wrong!

  144. Steve Harrigan should be wearing a hat.

  145. Holy Mary, Mediaite is down. That can’t be good,

  146. Is Mayor Bloomberg aware that spoken Spanish is supposed to be a beautiful language?

  147. Por fay vor?

  148. I like a white guy who doesn’t try to fake an accent. Get the words out so the Spanish speakers can get the message and be done with it.

  149. They don’t get any whiter,

  150. I have no idea what sort of governor Bloomberg is, but he always comes across as extremely competent in these situations.

  151. It’s the flow of the words that he’s missing, not an accent. If you, Mayor Bloomberg, and I each spoke the phrase “on the boardwalk” you’d hear three very distinct accents but the flow would all be quite similar. To my ear, there is a noticeable “New York” accent among many Spanish-speaking people of the area… sounds more forceful and abrupt than you’d commonly hear in southern California, and not quite as… terse as is spoken in the Miami, Fl area.

  152. Bloomberg had considerable executive experience before becoming mayor and is certainly a highly competent leader. His “nanny” mentality can be criticised but the guy knows how to run an organisation.

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