Getting my bearings again after 11 days of running around two islands dealing with Mantas, volcanoes, Tsunami Alerts, and, naturally, lost snorkel gear. Only this time it wasn’t my snorkel that got claimed by Mother Ocean…it was Spudette’s. More on that in the months to come I’m sure…


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  1. Helen Georgia, around dusk. Some guy from local news tweeted it.

    #Helen Georgia #nofilter

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  2. People are dying in NY, and Fox has Dick Morris and Ann Coulter. Just fabulous!

  3. This is not good.

  4. That time when they said all hell would break loose. Then all hell broke loose.

  5. Larry can’t get into WordPress, as luck would have it. He said he’s having 30 mph winds, somewhere in Ohio.

  6. Gotta lay off those beans, Larry.

  7. “We’re counting on Ohio. I know the people of the Atlantic Coast are counting on Ohio and the rest of our states. But I also think the people of the entire nation are counting on Ohio. Because my guess is – my guess is that if Ohio votes me in as president, I’ll be the next president of the United States.”

    Oh shut up, Mitt.

  8. He was talking about donating to Red Cross. My guess is that if Mitt Romney had left that last bit unsaid then the people of Ohio and the rest of our states would have been more open to making that much-needed donation without feeling the need to cringe.

  9. @asiageoff
    That hanging crane in NYC sure looks like it could use some Viagra! 😉

  10. Hmmm… no, I can’t say that here.

  11. “People are dying in NY, and Fox has Dick Morris and Ann Coulter. Just fabulous!”

    Laura, don’t you know this terrible hurricane is going to have tremendous political ramifications? Why, Mika and Joe were on The Today Show this morning and Joe announced that because of the storm Mitt’s momentum has stopped and Obama will probably be re-elected because people will see him this week being “presidential” while talking about the hurricane. Is there any successful Republican that Joe is not envious of?

  12. Politics is fine. Spewing the hateful bile Hannity, Morris and Coulter specialize in on a night like this is out of line.

  13. Even MSNBC cut Romney slack on his comments about the country counting on him despite their partisan coverage, and FOX went full blown partisan during the big one.

  14. How did FOX go full-blown partisan? I’ve been watching all day and evening and all the coverage has been about the hurricane, except for Hannity. And Hannity had on Ty Woods’ dad, Charlie. How is that bile? Greta did two full hours about the storm. I don’t recall any politics. O’Reilly wasn’t on. Shep did two hours on the storm. After Hannity, American’s News Headquarters has been on and I haven’t heard one thing about the election.

  15. Hannity is a full-on propagandist, and refuses to take a day off from it. There’s nothing sincere in his “opinions”, because that’s not what they are. They’re advertising for the Republican Party; repeated endlessly so that his minions will absorb the message, and spread to friends, family, internet. It’s a 60 minute infomercial 5 nights a week, and I have no idea why FNC puts up with it. He should be paying THEM for the time.

  16. “It’s a 60 minute infomercial 5 nights a week, and I have no idea why FNC puts up with it. He should be paying THEM for the time.”

    Joe, how is that different from almost every show on MSNBC?

  17. Joe, Hannity is too stupid to be on television.

  18. Carol, there’s a difference between honest expressions of POV, and advertising for your team. Hannity is like a NASCAR racer who makes sure he rattles off all the sponsor names, and says the correct things about his team. There’s something dishonest about him, like he’s campaigning for something..trying to sell you something.

    The closst I can come to it on MSNBC is Ed Schultz, my least favorite show on that network. I don’t mind POV, but the proselytizing YOU MUST BELIEVE THESE THINGS, I SHALL REPEAT THEM INCESSANTLY approach gets on my nerves.

  19. Fox’s coverage was fine, aside from that one hour, I don’t need to hear Dick Morris, a turd with eyeballs, discussing how this affects the election. Even less do I need to hear Ann Coulter, and whatever nasty thing pops into her head at a given moment. And as valid a story as Benghazi is, he has every other night of the week to discuss it. And he will.

  20. The right wing is riding Benghazi harder than a meth user.

  21. Shame the conservative dumbassophere didn’t care this much about finding out the truth when their guy was in office.

  22. I salute WordPress 😛

  23. Who is Joe Hannity?

  24. ANDERSON LIVE will not be renewed next year so maybe AC360 will get more of his attention.
    Meanwhile CBS will pick up THE QUEEN LATIFAH SHOW:

    No, I will not stoop to using the obvious punch line.

  25. Isn’t it strange, Andy?

    The right “evolves” into being more proactive and concerned about the government, and their role in international defense.

    While the left devolves into not caring about anything, other than the re-election of their candidate, and how hard they can scream “racist!” at everyone who disagrees.

  26. […] Last October I was vacationing on The Big Island with Spudette. The day before we were to leave (and the night before the Tsunami alert) Spudette and I were snorkeling at the Hapuna Prince Resort’s beach when a big wave came in and ripped her snorkel and mask off her head. Several hours of searching commenced and after much salt water and sunburn the search had turned up several pairs of sunglasses, one fin, and a pair of goggles. But no snorkel and mask. The next day searching was not resumed because the beach was closed because of the Tsunami alert the night before. We headed home one snorkel and mask light… […]

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