CNBC Election Day…

CNBC announced its election day coverage plans…


Special Edition of CNBC’s “Squawk Box” at 5PM ET

“Your Money, Your Vote” at 7PM ET

CNBC’s Award-Winning Reporters Live Across the U.S.

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., November 2, 2012—With the economy the No.1 issue in this election, CNBC, First in Business Worldwide, announces extensive coverage of the 2012 Presidential Election.

CNBC’s election night coverage will begin with a two-hour special edition of CNBC’s “Squawk Box” at 5PM ET anchored by Joe Kernen, Becky Quick and Andrew Ross Sorkin. Beginning at 7PM ET, CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo and Carl Quintanilla will anchor the network’s primetime special “Your Money, Your Vote,” with Chief Washington Correspondent John Harwood reporting live from the virtual electoral map room at CNBC Global Headquarters. The primetime special will include real-time results and instant analysis from Washington to Wall Street to the vital battle ground states.

CNBC’s all-star panels of the network’s reporters and distinguished guests will not only provide up to-the-minute election results but push the conversation forward to America’s debt crisis and long-term economic strategy. CNBC experts Larry Kudlow, host of “The Kudlow Report,” Senior Economics Reporter Steve Liesman, Rick Santelli and Tyler Mathisen will offer commentary and in-depth analysis of the impact the election could have on key issues including the economy and health care throughout the night.

In addition, CNBC’s award-winning reporters will be live throughout the day and night across the U.S., providing context and analysis on how the election is unfolding. Live from CNBC headquarters, Eamon Javers will focus on the balance of power in the House and the Senate and Michelle Caruso-Cabrera will report on key gubernatorial races and important state ballot initiatives. Brian Sullivan will broadcast from Democracy Plaza at 30 Rock. Hampton Pearson will report from Romney campaign headquarters in Boston and Phil LeBeau will be live from Obama campaign headquarters in Chicago. Reporters will span across important battleground states, with Scott Cohn reporting from Ohio, Mary Thompson in Florida, Jane Wells live in Nevada and Diana Olick in Virginia. With New Jersey hard hit by Hurricane Sandy, Kayla Tausche will return to the Jersey shore for an on-the-ground look at the democratic process in the wake of the storm.

On Wednesday, November 7th, CNBC’s “Squawk Box” will begin at 5AM ET. will be updating the web site throughout the night with election results. In addition, will feature a real-time results election bar, worked up in conjunction with NBC News, across the homepage showing the latest popular and electoral college results from the Presidential race as well as tabulations of control in the House and Senate as returns come in. will also have stories and blog posts from CNBC’s on-air experts like John Harwood and Larry Kudlow as well as video from ongoing guest appearances on CNBC.

On Election Night, CNBC viewers will have the opportunity to take part in our broadcast in real-time by tweeting using hashtag #CNBC2012. All night, CNBC will feature viewer tweets in our “Twicker,” located at the bottom of the screen where we normally feature stock tickers. Want to share your thoughts on the Election? Tweet us! We’ll also collect tweets from our viewers to showcase on our Storify page.


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