Fair and Balanced?

MSNBC announced its election night coverage plans. Did you spot the change in practice? I did. No, I’m not talking about the all non-journalist pundit team behind the desk. That’s long been cemented in stone. No, I’m talking about the new tactic of putting a journalist on the ground at Romney headquarters but a birds of a feather pundit on the ground at Obama headquarters. Fair and Balanced treatment? I report. You decide.


7 Responses to “Fair and Balanced?”

  1. lonestar77 Says:

    To borrow an oft used sports cliche, it is what it is.

  2. I guess MSNBC figures if they have a “real” reporter in Boston they may actually get someone from the Romney campaign to talk to them. So many of the others from MSNBC have said such vile things that it would be very easy for the campaign to ignore them completely.

  3. I still like how Phil Griffin, the MSNBC boss, still clings to a holier than tho attitude when someone wants to compare them to FNC.. Griffin says he has been approached to run CNN which shows you their secret dreams.

  4. savefarris Says:

    As I said the night before 2010:

    MSNBC: The Place for Schadenfreude

    Here’s the script for Tuesday night:

    Rachel: “This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Citizens United.”
    Ed: “This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Diebold and Tagg Romney”
    Larry: “This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Fox News.”
    Al: “This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for suppressing black turnout.”
    Hayes: “This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Grover Norquist.”
    Schmidt: “This wouldn’t have happened if weren’t for Barack Obama’s record.”
    Matthews: “CUT THAT MOTHERF&#%$ERS MIKE!!!”

  5. NBC has a news outlet to broadcast the election. MSNBC is not that outlet. MHP will do fine as a Democrat reporting from Democratic headquarters for a liberal audience.

  6. What secret dreams? To sink into obscurity?

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