Free for All: 11/02/12

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  1. So.. you lose your house to a fire or being flooded out and now when you could use some help (which you paid for through your taxes) the magnificent Mayor Bloomberg does this!

    “precious city resources were also being diverted to prepare for the marathon, including more than a dozen NYPD flatbed trucks taken from disaster-relief work at sites including Breezy Point, Queens, where more than 100 homes burned to the ground.

    The trucks, normally used to carry metal barricades for parades and other events, had been transporting residents hard hit by the storm.

    But they’re all being recalled to get cleaned up so they can bring the barriers that will line the route of the marathon, a police source said.

    Plans call for up to 100 cops from all around the city to deploy the barricades today.

    Other sources said NYPD and Department of Transportation personnel who had been providing relief on Staten Island were told to drop what they were doing and report to Brooklyn today to get ready for the marathon.

    Staten Island Councilman James Oddo said, “The notion of taking one cop, one first responder, one resource, one asset and diverting it so that they stand at a post to watch runners go by when we’re still searching for bodies? It’s sinful to me!’’”

    Gotta think there are misplaced priorities here.

    (I posted this on the last Free For All early this morning but thought I would repost this here as well)

  2. Message to anyone who voted third party:


  3. Winning or losing isn’t the point of voting third party. The only way to break the archaic and deadlocked two-party system is for people to start trying. Someday..

    “You know me. You may not always agree with the things I’ve may not be happy with the pace of change..”

    That’s a good closing argument. Whoever wrote that for POTUS deserves a raise.

  4. Bloomberg changed the law so that he could have a third term. Because he thinks he’s a prince. When Giuliani wanted a few more months as mayor becaue of 9/11 the media screamed NO WAY! When Bloomberg did it for no other reason than his own ego, we heard crickets from the media. I hope he’s out soon. Continuing with the marathon is an outrage. And the people of Staten Island are finally showing their anger at the dismissive attitude of the mayor. Every borough was mentioned and covered by the mayor and the press except Staten Island. No wonder it’s called the “forgotten borough.” Yes, Pam, there are misplaced priorities.

  5. Jobless number went up to 7.9%.

  6. Been watching extensive coverage of Sandy on NYC local stations and a little cable news. (Streaming about 7 gigs a day.)

    Fancy me this: Why are people crying in beach side communities about no help? Far as I’m concerned: if you’re in a mandatory evac zone, you should be LAST to get help. That said, the scope of this devastation is extremely widespread in the NYC/NJ area and even other states with flooding.

    How much do you think the local and feds can do? Why are troops stationed around the world while they’re needed here at home. Although I’m unsure if we actually ‘want’ these boys here at home:

    Tokyo (CNN) — Compounding the American military’s difficulties on the Japanese island of Okinawa, a U.S. airman is under investigation over allegations he broke into a local family’s home early Friday and assaulted a teenage boy before jumping off a third-floor balcony.

    The incident is likely to further deepen resentment among Okinawan residents about the significant U.S. military presence on the island. The situation was already extremely delicate following the arrest last month of two U.S. sailors accused of raping a local woman.

    Concerning the marathon – complete and utter BS. Although I do understand people coming in will spend money and some of the sponsors are donating millions of dollars. But, taking care of the people should be #1 in my book.

    Also, I think prisoners could help out greatly since there doesn’t seem to be enough laborers on the ground. Although, I realize this brings up the fact they’d need to be babysit. But, I’m sure they’d behave if the NY/NJ added extra ‘gain time’ for help with this disaster.

    By ‘prisoners’ I’m speaking of people in jail or prison that aren’t violent or pervs.

  7. When Giuliani wanted a few more months as mayor becaue of 9/11 the media screamed NO WAY!

    Unless you’re talking about a local media the rest of us are unaware of, this did not happen. Rudy was a revered figure all over America after 9/11. No one complained.

  8. Joe, I was there living in NY. Reporters were furious that Giuliani, who they didn’t like anyway, would even think of extending his mayoral term. I know what I’m talking about. That’s why I was shocked when Bloomberg actually changed the law to suit him and not many reporters complained.

  9. There’s a Facebook page called CANCEL THE 2012 MARATHON, in case anyone is interested.

  10. I’ll take your word for it as per local NY news, Carol. That sentiment was not shared nationwide.

    I’m a little torn about the marathon. Is it really taking resources from someone who needs help? I understand the arguments against it, but I also understand the “we will not be defeated” aspect of running it. Not to mention the hundreds of people who trained for it, and booked a weekend in NY.

  11. CAPS would have criminals help storm victims but questions help from the military citing the arrest of a single soldier.
    Toady’s question:
    a) CAPS is stupider than a dog biscuit
    b) about the same
    c) smarter, but with worst taste

  12. imnotblue Says:

    The, “we will not be defeated” mentality is best left for when the “enemy,” is actually someone… not just “something.”

    Let’s run the marathon! That’ll show those storms… and the moon!

    Other than that, Joe, I think your “torn-ness” is spot on. It’s bad optics, but I’m not necessarily convinced that the resources spent, will impact the resources needed for Sandy Recover… and the net benefit of running the marathon won’t be greater.

  13. imnotblue Says:

    I say “B” but add, “With less purpose.”

    At least something appreciates biscuit.


    1 Corinthians 13:11 – Online Parallel Bible
    When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things. King James Bible …

    There is a time and a place for everthing. And there is a time and a place to cancel some things. A grownup understands.

  15. Clearly, communities that were (for the most part) leveled don’t need electricity before those that still have houses.

    Surprisingly, FBN’s been having better storm coverage than FNC. (Even sometimes simulcasting Fox NY’s coverage.) As you know FNC is mostly politics and FBN is a little biz with still lots of politics.

    Obviously, the subway is of great importance followed by fuel deliveries.

    One thing I garnered from local NYC coverage: Lots of apartment and larger buildings have their OWN electrics in the basement. So, even if power was restored, the owner of the building has to fix their gear for it to work. So, there will still be power out in lower Manhattan for instance even after most if not all homes are receiving electricity.

    Plus I read AT&T and T-Mobile were sorta combing their signal so whichever gives the best connection routes the call. Along with Comcast offering free wi-fi in lots of affected states for a couple weeks at least.

    And Verizon had a flooded building and Cablevision, Time Warner are basically waiting for power to get things working again. So, I figure there will be lots of downed lines (like ‘drops’ for instance) to individual customers.

    CAPS would have criminals help storm victims but questions help from the military citing the arrest of a single soldier.

    Typical Larry Kelly comment. The point being, not sure we want rapists and pervs here. But, why are soldiers stationed in Japan, DMZ and other areas? Couldn’t they be used here at home? Why of course.

    Once again, Larry Kelly thumps his bible but only believes what he WANTS out of it. Hypocrite.

  16. If I could grab CAPS by his commie neck, I’d thump my bible on his head. (or her neck, or its neck?)

  17. Do you actually know if we’re short staffed… or do you just assume we are? Would those soldiers be of any use here? And what is their purpose over there? Are you advocating total isolationism?

  18. ImNotBlue, you must be yanking my chain? Don’t ya think a couple members of the armed forces could drive a tractor trailer from an army base and deliver MRE’s, water, blankets? There is PLENTY to do and the area is obviously overwhelmed.

    I don’t believe in peace keeping by placing volunteers in harms way. Let Japan & Taiwan duke it out. Same goes for North & South Korea. No need to keep troops in these areas 50+ years after the conflict, for instance.

    The US has lots of infrastructure that is very dated. Put these people to work on the homeland. Imagine that.

    Lastly, I’m not saying ‘every single war ship’ should be dry docked or anything.

    Do you actually know if we’re short staffed… or do you just assume we are?

    Don’t you live in the NYC area?

  19. How about using electrical repair/maintenance people from other states and not throwing them out because they are not unionized as New Jersey unions did. Now some people are heading home saying you don’t want our help? Ok then, we’re outta here!

    Really? Do you think that people who don’t have electricity actually care who helps restore their electricity? Are they asking these folks, “are you a union worker?” before they let them starting working?

  20. Good commercial. Reminds me of Harold’s BBQ in Atlanta. 65 years, closed a few months ago.

  21. Of course, our good friend voted Green Party. Remember that when the word “moderate” is used, and when complaints of “how far to the right Republicans have gone” inevitably occur.

  22. I understand the pros and cons of going ahead with the marathon a little more now, having heard both sides. Today I saw pictures on TV of Staten Island (for the first time this week) and I couldn’t believe the heartache and devastation. They lost 19 (out of the 41 people in NY who have died) and are still pulling bodies from the water. I can only imagine how Staten Islanders will feel when the marathon begins in their borough amid all the tragedy. They are saying they have not heard from FEMA or the Red Cross. They are getting no help.

  23. @ caps

    I sure do. You said things are “obviously overwhelmed.” Why is that so “obvious” to you? And are there no other people already in the states available?

    As to your, “in peace time” bit… you are aware our presence ensures “peace time” stays as such. You and others can ignore problems until they knock on your front door, but by then… you may already be underwater. See how these things line up?

  24. “They are saying they have not heard from FEMA or the Red Cross. They are getting no help.”


  25. Of course, our good friend voted Green Party. Remember that when the word “moderate” is used, and when complaints of “how far to the right Republicans have gone” inevitably occur.

    It would be a mistake to assume I’m all in with the Green Party platform. My vote was largely a protest against the major-party candidates, and the status quo. There are no moderate third party candidates. I went with the one closest to my beliefs, especially about getting money out of politics.

  26. You know, I was really stupid for saying who Joe voted for. I’m sorry. If I could, I’d delete it so that he doesn’t have to hear about it, three months from now. The plain;truth is, there are no third-party “moderates”. Keep sniping at FEMA and Obama, and everybody lives.

  27. The, “we will not be defeated” mentality is best left for when the “enemy,” is actually someone… not just “something.”

    Granted. I was on my first cup of coffee, and couldn’t think of a better example.

  28. (NY Marathon)

    I love how the first thing politicians think of is chest thumping… using resources that could go to saving lives to go put on this marathon to show the rest of the country how great we are.

    Problem is, the cameras are in Staten Island and we can see the death and devastation going on.

  29. Why does the media feel the need to air EVERY campaign speech?

    I’m glad there isn’t any news going on.

  30. @ Joe

    No, I get it. No worries.

  31. I don’t think the marathon is disrespectful. It’s not exactly a spectator’s mostly for the competitors themselves, and many of them have come a long way to be there this weekend. Let ’em run, let ’em celebrate a great city.

  32. – campaign speech –

    Ugh, they’re nauseating. MSNBC just aired another interminable Romney speech. That dude is irritating.

  33. SE Cupp just nailed it in regards to the NY Marathon.

  34. Mitt’s stump speech gave me tingles. I’m so Hopeful he will win the election and put this nation on the right path again.

  35. Mitt: “Obama’s motto is ‘Forward’. It should be ‘Forewarned'”.

    Funny and true.

  36. Yeah, Andy, that was pretty convincing. Based on the Twitter response, i’d say I’m in the monority on this. I still lean towards running it, but the opposing view is a strong one.

  37. “MSNBC just aired another interminable Romney speech. That dude is irritating.”

    Yep. I’ve always hated him, with a passion. At least I live in the middle of nowhere where his policies won’t affect me at all.

  38. I sure do. You said things are “obviously overwhelmed.” Why is that so “obvious” to you? And are there no other people already in the states available?

    What are the people in the states going to do? Crap out water and blankets? I’ve been watching NY’s CBS, NBC, ABC along with cable news and reading articles for over 8 hours a day. I have a better grasp of what’s going on than you and I live in Florida!

    As to your, “in peace time” bit… you are aware our presence ensures “peace time” stays as such. You and others can ignore problems until they knock on your front door, but by then… you may already be underwater. See how these things line up?

    How exactly is military stationed in Japan or the DMZ protecting our freedom?

  39. Oh, poor Andy in the middle of nowhere. Wasn’t that a Hanson album? He should invite Fritz over for Thanksgiving. I think there is a recipie for Cheeto-stuffed turkey. They can give thanks that Romney will end ObamaCare.

  40. Yes… if you hate Romney before he opens his mouth, you’ll probably hate and be irritated by him afterwards. Shocking.

    And what will those army folks do? Are they the ones trained to “crap out water and blankets?” It’s not hard to see the flaws in your argument… you just have to pay attention.

    How do police officers walking around the mall, cut down on theft?

  41. I was hoping Joe had voted for Pat Buchannan but found out he hasn’t run for twelve years. Roseanne Barr isn’t that good of a substitute.

  42. Anne Romney was in my home town yesterday. Would have went to see her had I not bee a hundred miles away at the cabin.

  43. Oh goody, Romney’s going to be in Lynchburg on Monday. 😦

  44. NYC has cancelled the New York Marathon.

  45. Guess that makes Bloomberg a flip flopper, eh?

    ImNotBlue, trying to have a conversation with you sometimes is maddening. Its almost as if you really don’t want an answer and just want to stink up the joint.

  46. I think the runners bailed, and Bloomberg cut his losses. At least someone had some sense.

  47. Maybe he will resend his idiotic endorsement now that he has come to his senses.

  48. imnotblue Says:

    @ caps

    I understand buddy. Using your words and logic to destroy your faulty arguments, can be frustrating.

  49. ‏@andylevy
    Naturally, according to @MikeBloomberg’s statement, it was the *controversy* over the race that was the problem. YOU PEOPLE ARE THE WORST.

  50. Wolf Blitzer looks ridiculous with his (new to me) eye wear. On a related note: He can’t look more miffed having a side kick now. When is CNN going to wake up and realize this joker is responsible for their crap ratings? Most normal people can’t stand to watch a second of him and therefore don’t stick around for prime time. Isn’t he still hosting at least 15 hours a week? Does anyone have TSR on their reminder app or DVR? Seriously!

    Also saw Soledad (another dud) this morning sporting some funky eye glasses with some sorta distracting ‘print’ all over the frames. What’s that all about?

    Oh and how can I forget Megyn Kelly or whatever her last name is now. She was interviewing some official the other day and tried to throw in a political question. He completely ignored her and elaborated on an earlier question. Then she quickly ended the interview.

    News conference coming up on canceled NYC marathon. Guess we’ll get to see Bloomberg flip flop with his own lips.

  51. Lke I said, the marathon was a terrible idea. Good for the mayor.

  52. Well, looks like HLN & TWC were the only ones to show PART of the presser. No Bloomberg so far. Had to watch on CBS’s channel for the entire thing. Because ya know, depending on cable news for the whole story just ain’t happening!

  53. Shorter Caps: Bad glasses, bad glasses, seems to think Megyn Kelly changes her name sometimes, something about an interview which makes sense only to him.

  54. Thanks Joe. I was beginning to think it was just my meds.

  55. Remember all the flack Mitch McConnell took A YEAR after Obama was elected saying his first priority was the defeat of Obama in the next election?

    Well, BEFORE this election there is this:

    The Washington Times
    Reid says he will refuse to work with Romney
    Five days before the election, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has ruled out trying to work with Mitt Romney should he win next week.

  56. I’m a little torn about the marathon.

    Let ‘em run, let ‘em celebrate a great city.

    I still lean towards running it, but the opposing view is a strong one.

    Like I said, the marathon was a terrible idea. Good for the mayor.

    Yikes! Joe, was it the coffee you were drinking today – some strong, some weak?

    AC just said there were 100 port a potties set up the start of the race. “Can they reposition them?” I sure would hope it doesn’t take FEMA too long to sign a contract with a port a pottie company since it sounds like some apartment buildings are getting stuff in the hallways that shouldn’t be there! AC was talking to the Staten island borough president. He said help in a good amount finally came today.

  57. imnotblue Says:

    Thanks for the summary, Joe. Spot on.

  58. Completely outrageous that a Catholic school civics teacher wanted to bring 52 students to Ohio to help campaign for Obama. Are non-Americans even allowed to do this? What’s worse is the MSM in Canada are trying to portray this as nothing serious and tried to downplay the severity.
    Example of how the MSM likes to omit certain details or are too lazy to verify certain claims of the article of the above link.

  59. Judd Gregg bailed on Alex Witt today before his scheduled appearance; apparently upset that his segment was preceded by a short live excerpt of Obama’s stump speech.

    Childish doesn’t begin to cover his unprofessional behavior and maybe he should just stick to FNC where his Republican spin on the election will be uninterrupted by the POTUS speaking live.

    I don’t expect we will see him on MSNBC anytime soon and for that we can be thankful. He appears to come from the same school of bad punditry, that fellow New Hampshire spinner John Sununu,belongs to, that believes that bullying a host is good surrogate behavior.

  60. I was hoping to find this clip. Powers does a fabulous job nailing the “independent” press for being cowed by this Administration. Meanwhile, as mentioned on Special Report, they don’t miss an opportunity to go on about an ad from Mitt Romney that they don’t like.

  61. The media isn’t “ignoring Benghazi” and that’s an outright lie. I’ve seen it on CBS, CNN, ABC and NBC EVERY night. They’re just not reporting on stuff that they know isn’t true.

  62. “Judd Gregg bailed on Alex Witt today before his scheduled appearance; apparently upset that his segment was preceded by a short live excerpt of Obama’s stump speech.”

    She did a great job of calling him out and doing so in a classy manner.

  63. Something sounds weird about MSNBC using the NBC News election theme in the background when they say “Death toll from Hurricane Sandy reaches 109”.

  64. 2pm: MSNBC starts with Craig Melvin. They have technical problems and, after a 4 minute commercial break, they cut to Milissa Rehberger in New York.

  65. This chart ; if I linked properly really says it all about how the right wing feels about Obama:

  66. The U.S. Defense Department announced Friday that it will send 24 million gallons of fuel on tankers to storm-ravaged areas of New York and New Jersey.

    The CAPS plan to force-feed beans into prisoners at Riker’s Island and thereby supply gas to New Jersey has been aborted.

  67. That Jones is a mother.

  68. Steve Kornacki and SE Cupp went at it pretty good on The Cycle. Two more minutes and they would’ve literally been in each others’ faces.

  69. Fritz, they forgot that Fast and Furious was an elaborate scheme Obama enacted during the Bush years to take peoples’ guns.

  70. Pam, “like I said” was sarcasm, dear.

  71. I got it, Joe 🙂

  72. Some people get the joke. The rest think I’m schizophrenic. tough call there..

  73. Like I said, the marathon was a terrible idea. Good for the mayor.


  74. The Washington Post opines that what happened in Benghazi “increasingly looks like a major security failure” and argues, “sooner or later the administration must answer questions” about that failure and “the policies that led to it.”

    FNC will go down in history as the TV beacon of truth shining in the darkness of broadcast media biased self-censorship.

  75. For anyone in a state where you have to register as a member of a particular party: Once you register, say as a Democrat, when you go into to vote do you get a ballot with ONLY Democrats listed on it? Or do you get a ballot with ALL candidates, regardless of party? If you do get a ballot with only the party you registered for and you WANT to vote for someone of the other party do you have to re-register before election day or can you do it at the polls?

    Since in WI you don’t register for a party I really don’t know how this works. I’d appreciate it if someone can explain the process to me.


  76. My understanding is that party registration is only applicable in primary, not general elections — for each and every state.

  77. Every time I see that Prius commercial (“hum hum hum”) I feel nostalgia for our old coal furnace and my 1976 Jeep Cherokee Chief that burned leaded gas.

  78. @ fritz

    Wow… what a list! I wonder if we could do something similar about Romney…

    -Rich guy only in it to help his rich buddies
    -Bully from high school
    -Bully from his Governor days
    -Bland robot without emotion
    -Lies about everything
    -Mormon cultist
    -Racist dog whistler
    -Actually a Mexican citizen who can’t run for office

    Hmm… I guess I just made that list. Oh well. Cute link though. I guess it’s important to feel like a victim sometimes.

    @ Andy

    I’ve seen you say the same wrong thing about Fast&F a few times now. The program was stopped under Bush, and restarted with Obama. You gotta get your facts straight.

  79. blue: The thing that makes the Mother Jones list quotable is that they link to all the right wing blogs that are the original sources of the conspiracy theories.

    I know you will agree with me that you need to do that for your list of far left conspiracy theories to be more than just another unsourced random list of stuff you read on Fox News, the Daily Caller or Drudge Report.

    It’s only what you would have asked of us on the left if we had proposed such an unsourced list. 😉

  80. @ Fritz

    The point is that there are conspiracies all over the place. Always have been, and always will be. Where they started is somewhat irrelevant to that point.

    Why the left always has to whine they’re a victim, I just don’t understand. It’s hypocritical at best, and flat out dishonest at worst.

  81. Actually blue most of your list are just character traits; he’s a bully, rich, a liar, a robot etc. You can believe these traits or not.

    That he’s rich is obvious. He’s a liar in the sense that he will say whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear. That could be lying or just good politics. I do find him a bit robotic, but that just me, and I don’t think he’s a bully. The Mexican one I’ve actually never heard of before.

  82. BTW blue you forgot he’s ‘out of touch’. 🙂

  83. Romney is not one of us.

  84. 🙂 <——— stick this somewhere, Fritz

  85. ^^ I do have a place in mind larry. LOL!!!

  86. @ fritz

    The traits are no different than Jones’ list of traits. Calling Obama power hungry, isn’t a conspiracy theory.

    As for Romney… I’m not sure how some is a robot and a bully… bland and emotionless, and angry and pushy at the same time. But that’s a conspiracy theory for you.

    Oh… and look up the Mexico thing. Not hard to find.

  87. And should we talk about other theories? Bush stole the election… twice. Bush let Katrina happen on purpose. Trig Truthers. 9/11 Truthers. Cheney is really in control. Etc.

    Why is this a sudden shock to the left? Do you guys just not pay attention?

  88. Biggest LIE is “Bush tax cuts caused the Great Recession”. Truth is the cause was the burst of a housing bubble fueled by scam banking practices of mortgage derivative trading practices. Both parties share plenty of blame in letting that go on. But liberals and Obama himself campaign using this whopper. In comparison, Romney’s China Jeeps are chump change.

  89. imnotblue Says:

    Perhaps we should start making a list of post-election conspiracies.

    If “XYZ” candidate loses, it’s because:

    The media
    Voter intimidation
    Voter fraud
    Destroyed votes
    Anti-religious bigotry
    Smears and lies
    The storm
    The moon
    People suck

    And while some of those may be true… let’s not be shocked when we hear those things Wednesday.

  90. Pam, here in hippie Communist eat your peas California you can register for any party or none, and vote for anyone in the presidential election. But you have to register a specific party in order to vote in one of their primaries. So, for example, I’m a registered Democrat and voted in the Democratic primary, then was free to vote Romney, Johnson, Stein or whoever else in the general.

    I know Larry gave a short version of this, but I thought a little more detail might be useful. Plus I like to hear myself talk. And I’m smarter than him.

  91. But I’m better looking.

  92. A minor point.

  93. Thanks, joe!

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