Phil Griffin Apologizes for Chris Matthews’ Koch Brothers “Pigs” Slam…But Matthews Won’t…

NewsBusters’ Noel Sheppard writes about a pair of phone conversations between MSNBC President Phil Griffin and Mark Holden, VP and General Counsel of Koch Industries, regarding Chris Matthews calling the Koch brothers “Pigs” on the air Tuesday…

On Thursday, during a phone call with Holden, Griffin apologized for Matthews’ “crass language” aimed at the Kochs, and advised Holden that the Hardball host has been talked to about such behavior in the past and even disciplined.

Holden thanked Griffin, but asked for Matthews to also be required to apologize.

Griffin didn’t believe such a thing would happen, but repeatedly asked Holden to get the Kochs to be interviewed on MSNBC.

This prompted Holden to ask if MSNBC was badgering the Kochs in order to get them to come on the air; Griffin didn’t answer.

On the plus side, Griffin agreed to formally correct on the air the inaccurate statements made by Markey during Tuesday’s broadcast regarding Koch’s position on energy subsidies.

With that, Holden again asked Griffin to get Matthews to apologize. Griffin said he’d get back to him Friday.

Unfortunately, Griffin told Holden Friday that Matthews has refused to apologize and that after reviewing the footage from Tuesday’s broadcast, there will be no corrections concerning the inaccurate statements about Koch’s position on energy subsidies.

The Hardball host acknowledged that he shouldn’t have made these comments admitting that he crossed the line while assuring that it won’t happen again. But he’s not going to apologize, and Griffin isn’t going to force him to.


8 Responses to “Phil Griffin Apologizes for Chris Matthews’ Koch Brothers “Pigs” Slam…But Matthews Won’t…”

  1. This isn’t surprising. Morale must sux at MSNBC.

  2. Network has the class of pigs from the top down.

  3. lonestar77 Says:

    They are juvenile, bratty children. Everybody they disagree with is a pig or a racist or rape promoter.

  4. Generalize much?

  5. “They call everybody a rape promoter” discounts all actual instances of conservative men saying unbelievably stupid things about rape. That’s how LS dismisses any criticism of his beloved party. He throws out “they say that about all of us all the time”, then walks off.

  6. Oh, boo freaking hoo! How pathetic that the Koch brothers are begging and pleading for an apology.

    What are we on the playground here? “Say sorry to Timmy or I’m going to put you on timeout!”

    Name calling goes on all over cable news, and there is an outrage over this? Can you say thin-skinned?

  7. Well then, KEVIN E. IS A PIG!

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