The Hazards of Live TV: #25,178

Now you see him, now you don’t

Witt gets a complete pass from me. The fault lies with the Senator who can’t sit in his chair for five minutes. Awwwwww. Poor baby…


29 Responses to “The Hazards of Live TV: #25,178”

  1. I wonder how much time she’s spent considering Harry Reid’s thoughts on the subject. But I suppose that “bipartisanship” only matters if Obama is reelected.

  2. For future reference, I will say that if he actually did this, he’s an idiot. He never struck me as the type who would act this way, but the same might have been said of Sununu, not so long ago. If the description of events is only coming from Witt, I’ll withhold judgment. She’s as much a part of that fever-swamp as the rest of them. Republicans should know better, and let MSNBC get their “balance” from the fake conservatives that they prefer.

  3. He never should have been there in the first place. Glad he wiped up and left. Not a place for a good Christian boy.

  4. So he bailed on a low rated cable news network. I don’t see the big deal.

    How long before MSNBC goes the way of Current TV, and get’s put up for sale?

  5. Four comments, all directed at how MSNBC is the bad guy in this. Brilliant.

  6. Laura: I’m sorry, but Witt is the last person on MSNBC who should get attacked in any way for being part of that organization. If what is said to have happened did happen, she probably didn’t have control over it, and that representative should have stuck it out and even disputed what the president said if he wanted.

    Shove about 90% of the MSNBC crowd under the bus, but Witt is the last one who should ever be put there. It’s like throwing Shepard under the bus, just not fair to perfectly credible people at otherwise tilted networks.

  7. If Witt is a straight journalist, she’s the only one on that network. Shep is hardly the only on his. She’s chosen her environment.

  8. Geez, Laura. Witt has been there forever..long before the liberal tilt began. She was around for Michael Savage, Rita Cosby and Tucker.

  9. I used to watch Witt fairly regularly on Saturdays, but when MSNBC launched the day with Communists, I found her hard to find and then abandoned her and the rest of that network.

  10. Laura: FOX is like MSNBC these days, I’m sorry. The latest round of “how far were these networks to the candidates” came out in the last couple days and the tilt on each network is amazing. MSNBC relies a bit more on panel shows to talk in circles about nothing, but FOX’s “straight news” hours have plenty of tilt to go around. Behind all of the content though, there are perfectly good reporters working, along with some bad apples, who are perfectly fair, then their work gets through the editorial line and we get the wonders of what FOX News and MSNBC are.

    There are plenty of fair reporters who work for NBC/MSNBC, just as there are for FOX. There are plenty of fair, or semi-fair hosts on both networks. At the same time, there are boats full of punditry and hosts who show their tilt like no tomorrow. I can’t stand to watch MSNBC anymore like I can’t stand FOX anymore, the tilts have become relentless and careless.

  11. Then watch CNN and quit blubbering.

  12. Yeah, Chris..quit complaining about cable news on a cable news blog! Stick with stupid ideological arguments like the rest of us!

  13. That’s telling him, Joe! Dang whiny mush-baby.

  14. Like I said, the marathon was a terrible idea.

  15. Off-topic (sorry): Geraldo did his show tonight live from Staten Island. He did a great job. Those people are really suffering and he gave a lot of them a chance to speak. Of the 41 people in NY who died, 22 were from Staten Island and they think the number will probably rise because so many destroyed homes haven’t been searched. They are still pulling bodies from the water. So sad. I moved from NY about a year ago and I can’t contact my relatives and friends because they have no power. Geraldo’s show made me feel better – so many people volunteering on SI, everyone is coming together, even people who have lost everything. They still want to help their neighbors. And people from other boroughs who had no damage to their homes came to SI to volunteer on this cold night.

  16. FWIW, can’t get a line to Northport, Long Island, but Franklyn Square seems to be doing alright.

  17. motownman Says:

    Eric Bolling, the man who says the Muppets are socialists, critcized Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi and Billy Joel on Fox & Friends for holding a benefit concert for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. He called it an Obama campaign rally and wondered where the Republican artists were. I’m sure it never dawned on him that Springsteen and Bon Jovi are from Jersey and Joel is from Long Island. That Bolling is continually allowed to display his ignorance speaks volumes. At least the artists asked people to donate money, unlike Mitt Romney, who asked for canned goods at his fake benefit supplemented by $5,000 of Wal-Mart cans when the Red Cross does not accept canned goods, only money.

  18. imnotblue Says:

    @ motown

    Sooo… even though the headliners (Bon Jovi and Springsteen) are big Obama supporters, they won’t inject any politics in it? Are you predicting that?

    And really? You’re going to claim that none of this is political, attack Romney for being political, for your own political gain? Do you really think nobody will notice?

    Donate food, donate money… you think those in need care which? Money to rebuild their house is nice, but a full belly is better in the short run. Come on be realistic… stop being so partisan.

  19. The concert/telethon was great and non-political. Eric Bolling is a moron.

  20. The NY Daily News endorsed Romney today. No mention of this on Meet the Press or ABC’s This Week with George S.

  21. Well it’s pretty obvious that both networks are part of the MSM media and thus in the bag for Obama. I did hear Alex Witt mention the endorsement on MSNBC though so i imagine she’ll be looking for a new job tomorrow. 😉

  22. She just missed the memo. Gregg distracted her.

  23. motowndick

    What an intelligent thing to add to the discussion. Boogiewoogie is the biggest jerk on this board but you are DEFINITELY in the conversatiuon.

  24. “I did hear Alex Witt mention the endorsement on MSNBC though so i imagine she’ll be looking for a new job tomorrow.’

    Fritz, I know you’re kidding, but that’s very funny!

  25. I’ll have to look “conversatiuon” up in my DICKiuonary.

  26. Newspaper endorsements are SO interesting!

  27. I think they’re going counter to tradition just to get attention.

  28. “Geez, Laura. Witt has been there forever..long before the liberal tilt began. She was around for Michael Savage, Rita Cosby and Tucker.”

    Alex Witt was anchoring MSNBC Weekends when I started watching the network … I remember watching her (and having a crush on her) during the Battle of Tora Bora.

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