MSNBC Blowback…

We’ve been waiting for it to happen. We’ve speculated it would happen. Now it’s happening. Buried in Jeremy W. Peters’ New York Times article on the political histrionics plaguing cable news this elections season is this nugget…

Such stridency has put NBC News journalists who cover Republicans in awkward and compromised positions, several people who work for the network said. To distance themselves from their sister channel, they have started taking steps to reassure Republican sources, like pointing out that they are reporting for NBC programs like “Today” and “Nightly News” — not for MSNBC.

Tell that to Chuck Todd who has to work there. Tell that to Chris Jansing who has to work there. Tell that to Alex Witt who has to work there. Tell that to all the NBC talent who have to appear on MSNBC’s liberally charged air and put up with the occasional loaded question. Trying to distance yourself from MSNBC isn’t like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It’s throwing the bathwater out while trying to keep the baby from flying out with it. It’s impossible.

If you want to see a glimpse of what NBC’s future could be, especially if Romney wins tomorrow night, just look at the last few years of the Obama Administration’s relationship with FNC. Peters did.

At Fox News, there is a palpable sense that the White House punishes the outlet for its coverage, not only by withholding the president, who has done interviews with every other major network, but also by denying them access to Michelle Obama.

This fall, Mrs. Obama has done a spate of television appearances, from CNN to “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC. But when officials from Fox News recently asked for an interview with the first lady, they were told no. She has not appeared on the channel since 2010, when she sat down with Mike Huckabee.

There can be no argument that FNC gets punished for its coverage. If NBC News keeps putting its journalists on MSNBC, one day there may be no argument that NBC gets punished for MSNBC’s coverage.


20 Responses to “MSNBC Blowback…”

  1. Best thing about a Romney Presidency? Hearing liberals whine about how “different” it is when a Republican does it, after denying or being tacitly okay with it happening to Fox. Cuz racism, or something.

  2. It’s hard to take NBC seriously as even Meet The Press is losing its stature because of MSNBC.

    NBC may lose some adminsitration sources but President Romney will still give NBC interviews. To do otherwise would be out of character for him. Repubs bitch and moan but seldom boycott.

  3. Denying access to a cable news network who broadcast BS about the administration all day makes sense (the anti-Obama teases for upcoming shows are a nice touch, too); denying access to a brodcast network because of a cable one is stupid.

  4. It’s about time some of these sites are starting to take the measure of MSNBC and by extension NBC– all you ever hear is libs bit**ing about how FOX is in the bag for the Republicans… it’s not even close– if i were a lib i’d start buying stock in FOX NEWS NETWORK… as a wise man once said: “Obama will look like he’s winning until the Republican’s get out of work and start showing up at the Polls”–

  5. It’s hard to take NBC seriously as even Meet The Press is losing its stature because of MSNBC.

    I think the choice of show host is a bigger factor…

  6. I agree with Spud, David Gregory is not Tim Russert.

  7. Nor is George Stephanopolus David Brinkley. Nor is Keith Olberman Edward R. Murrow. Nor is Dick Sargent Dick York.

  8. When the church also runs a whorehouse it’s hard to look sanctimonious.

  9. See? I told ya it would be “different”!

  10. Wait…Dick Sargent wasn’t Dick York?????

  11. Don’t even get me started on Sandy Duncan. Or Marilyn Munster, for that matter..

  12. I’m so sorry, Spud.

  13. and be sure to skip the season John Hart was the Lone Ranger.

  14. “I think the choice of show host is a bigger factor…”

    I had originally thought Chuck Todd was a better choice but in the end prefer CT having his own show that accents his strength; political analysis.

    In the end I think Gregory will be replaced by Luke Russert but not for at least 5 years.

  15. Luke Russert will never be a headliner.

  16. I gotta agree with Spud and Fritz – it’s more the host. I’m not a big fan of Gregory – he seems like a preening jerk to me. I was very impressed when Savannah Guthrie filled in for Gregory. She was a pitbull – I loved it! Too bad she is going to be wasted on the fluff show Today.

  17. Show was really sumptn when Lawrence Spivak was alive.

    (copies of this blog available from Merkel Press)

  18. As a liberal and MSNBC viewer, I am perfectly fine with MSNBC being the liberal version of Fox, even if the people at MSNBC can’t/won’t admit it. I can also draw a line between MSNBC and NBC News, cuz, I’m a grownup and can make such complicated judgments. CNBC has become increasingly political and ideological the last several years and I would say most would agree that it leans some to the right. The demographics of the CNBC viewership is unmistakably republican. Does that make NBC, who often has CNBC contributors, a tool of the conservative financial establishment? The same argument against MSNBC’s influence on NBC can be made about CNBC. CNBC rather infamously sent their hacks on NBC selling the idea that this whole financial crash had NOTHING to do with the sweet, kind, hard-working folks on Wall Street. *eye-roll*

    I think most viewers can make a distinction between MSNBC,CNBC, and NBC News. If they can’t, well they are probably already watching a lot of Fox News anyway.

  19. I remember when NBC News and MSNBC were reputable news organizations; back in the day of the old MSN MSNBC group; I miss those days…

  20. NBC News is a fine organization, and the MSNBC you so fondly remember was a third string FNC/CNN clone with no viewers.

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