Free for All: 11/07/12

Well it’s over. So what’s on your mind now?


74 Responses to “Free for All: 11/07/12”

  1. On my my way to a24 hour binge. Clinging to my Wild Turkey bottle. The people have spoken. The bastards.

  2. Early this morning on MSNBC Chris Matthews said:

    Good work for them, good work for him, a good day for America. I’m so glad we had that storm last week because I think the storm was one of those things. No, politically I should say, not in terms of hurting people. The storm brought in possibilities for good politics.

    When is he going to get psychological help?

  3. He’s become Ted Turner.

  4. imnotblue Says:

    Aaaand after an hour of being open, the DOW is down almost 2%.

    This tells me two things: (1) the economy isn’t really people’s focus right now; social issues and charisma are still more important… (2) we could be in for an even longer and slower “recovery,” because businesses are not happy.

  5. Matthews took to Twitter twice to “clarify”, but do those words come out of your mouth. I couldn’t get through ten minutes of MSNBC’s coverage last night because of that guy. He needs to retire.

  6. blue; Obama winning is not the cause of the market decline. The down stock market is because a top leader in the EU said Germany was in trouble financially. Until his comment the markets were up.

  7. “I have political capital, and I’m gonna use it. That’s my style.” – George. W. Bush, 2004

    Obama cleaned up last night. Now get over there; grab Boehner by the bronzer; and get some work done. ALL of you.

  8. imnotblue Says:

    @Fritz… at what point today were the markets up? It dropped from opening bell. Come on.

    Bush v Kerry = Difference of 3,012,166 votes
    Romney v Obama = Difference of 2,646,819 votes (currently)

    We’ll know how much “capital” Obama has to burn once the final votes are tallied.

    Although, I’ll never understand why the left screamed that Bush was so terrible for 4 years… and then wants to justify Obama by pointing at Bush. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

  9. Both Fox and MSNBC encourage and reward people for saying whatever stupid thing pops into their heads. I anticipate a change in direction at Fox. I wouldn’t put money on it, but I think that there will be sufficient embarrassment over the echo-chamber that they seem to have created, as it regards campaign predictions. There are a few people who should never be seen again.

  10. Blue, my point is the President and Congress need to stop screwing around and get some work done. And that means compromise on both sides. No more “our first priority is to kick that guy out”; no more “compromise means my way or the highway”. Ask for everything, accept something, and get on with it.

  11. Oh… Joe, you should also ask for a unicorn. Because none of it will happen.


  12. “at what point today were the markets up?”

    I got it from Becky Quick on DR. She may have been referring to pre-market numbers. Sorry the video not up yet.

  13. As bad as this is, I would hate to someone who only watched Fox, listened to Rush, and believed what they wanted to believe. Aside from Sandy, I knew we were screwed when we got back to arguing sampling-error, at the end of last week.

  14. savefarris Says:

    It’s been almost 24 hours. Time to start … 2016!


  15. In today’s edition of what MSNBC, FNC, CNN, NyTimes, WSJ, ImNotBlue aren’t talking about:

    Olmert: Netanyahu bolstered Hamas

    Former PM levels harsh criticism at current premier; says Netanyahu ‘has taken several steps that weakened PA, made Hamas stronger.’ Olmert insists Abbas still partner for peace,7340,L-4301081,00.html

    Olmert: Netanyahu interfered in U.S. elections on behalf of Sheldon Adelson

    Speaking to U.S. Jewish leaders, the former PM, who is considering a return to politics, says Netanyahu might not have ‘a friend in the White House’ after he publicly backed Republican nominee Romney.

    What? You mean to tell me the MSM which includes FNC are ignoring these stories? Shocking, eh?

  16. Poor President Obama. He inherited a real mess from himself.

  17. I just read that Gov. Romney streamed President Obama’s victory speech on his site last night. What a classy thing to do. Makes me even more depressed that he lost.

  18. That’s a good point, Caps. I wonder why nobody’s talking about that.

    It’s almost like there was something important that happened yesterday. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I know I heard about something somewhere…… hmmm….

  19. Some Senate notes:
    Final count in the Senate looks like D53 – I2 – R45 a 2 seat pickup for the Dems. This means it will be almost impossible for the Senate to flip in 2014 where the Senate map favors the Republicans again. In 2016 it goes back in the Dems favor.

    Joe Donnelly will join WV’s Manchin as the Senators that will drive the Dem supporters crazy over the next few years.

    I expect there will be some form of Senate reform passed in January to restrict Republican obstruction including the filibuster reform. I don’t expect the filibuster to go completely but rather to go back to the days when you actually had to speak for hours on end. I doubt Reid will be fooled by Mcconnell saying he would only use it rarely; like he was in last time.

    There are a lot more women in the Senate; including the first openly g*y Senator; so maybe decorum will improve, but I’m not holding my breath.

    The added Dem seats will also have a small effect on committee leadership but I’m not sure how it will play out yet.

  20. I haven’t listened to the entire clip, but on the surface, Newt appears to outclass the many people who were wrong in their predictions. “I was wrong.” Simple, declarative. No “The media”, no lashing-out, no “I could have done it better”. “We were wrong and we have to figure out why.” People actually talk like rational human beings on CNN, and it’s a damn shame that no one wants that.

  21. ImNotBlue, I sat on the first story for several days.

    So, should I assume ya have no comment on either one?

  22. “‘Outreach’ is when five white guys have a meeting and call you. Inclusion is when you’re part of the meeting”. This is why we should love Newt Gingrich. He’s still brilliant, and Dick Morris is still a buffoon. Book accordingly.

  23. Laura, thanks for the link to Chris Matthews on MJ praising Romney’s speech. That was interesting to watch. I think Chris meant every word he said, too. He wasn’t crazy about Obama’s speech and didn’t want to talk about it because he didn’t want to be negative the day after the election. I agree with him about Romney’s speech – it was pitch-perfect. When I watched the speech last night I thought it was very strange that Romney stood there alone, without family or Paul Ryan. But Chris’ take was that it was a masculine thing to do – he lay the blame on himself, not on anyone else. That’s why he stood there alone. I never expected such insight on Romney from Chris Matthews.

  24. I have always liked Chris Matthews, and such observations as that used to be the norm for him. I hate to see what he’s become.

  25. @imnotblue The DOW being down isn’t entirely on the election. There’s major news within Europe about, I believe, the head of the EU talking about a possible economic slowdown in Germany.

    Anyhow, just forced myself to watch through Dick Morris eating crow about being entirely wrong, and it’ll be interesting to watch O’Reilly to see how everyone on there spins what they said the day before.

    Either way, not sure if Chris Matthews being, yes, disappointed in Obama’s speech, or Karl Rove getting testy about Ohio numbers would top the night for weirdest moment. Interesting piece from the New Yorker saying that Ailes purportedly talked that “if things don’t go your way tonight, don’t go out there looking like someone ran over your dog.”

    In the end, it’s over, thank heavens.

  26. Since 2am the general theme of the shows on FNC is “Why did Obama get re elected as President?”.
    They had a real cranky panel arguing 2am-4am.

  27. savefarris Says:

    Either way, not sure if Chris Matthews being, yes, disappointed in Obama’s speech, or Karl Rove getting testy about Ohio numbers would top the night for weirdest moment

    No love for the 2 minute tracking shot of Megyn Kelly walking down a hallway?

  28. @Chris
    No, the DOW isn’t entirely related to the election, but “some thing” happening in Germany isn’t entirely it either. I think we’d be foolish to assume the biggest factor on the DOW wasn’t the election.

    No, I have no comment. I don’t know enough of the back-story, the reporters, or the papers, to render an educated opinion. Tell us all what we should think, Caps. Wow the class.

  29. ImNotBlue – Never thought you would claim ignorance of the matter at hand!

    Then again, guess it beats trying to play the anti Semitic card when you can’t find your pants as a result of an election hangover.

  30. Matthews just apologized on the air for his moronic comments. He really needs to retire.

  31. Governor Palin and Karl Rove should never be heard from again.

  32. imnotblue Says:

    Even the room of Republicans I was in, groaned when FNC put Palin on. Enough of her already.

    It’s sometimes fun to try to decipher what the heck you’re babbling about. But most of the time, it’s just annoying. If you want to talk foreign policy, perhaps this isn’t the blog for you.

  33. I heard much last night about how super awesome Obama’s speech was. Pfft, Matthews was was a dull rehash of his 2004 convention speech, delivered with a toasted voice. Like when that ’70s band re-records their old hits, and you’re like. “Uhh…thanks..”

    Dick Morris’ “mea culpa” today was hilarious. He said he missed it because he underestimated…everything. In other words, he was wrong because he was wrong, so it’s all good. Got it.

  34. Every Fox-viewer/Limbaugh-listener needs to read this. Always love it when someone puts in words what I’ve been thinking for awhile.

  35. ^ Well!

    I see a coalition that has lost all perspective, partly because there’s no cost to broadcasting or publishing inane bullsh!t.

  36. imnotblue Says:


    While I agree that some in the media did a disservice, and took the most right-positive news / polls, I have a feeling that article was written without much information. Case in point:

    How many hours of Glenn Beck conspiracy theories did Fox News broadcast to its viewers?

    Answer? None. Beck hasn’t had a show in over year, well before anyone knew Romney was going to go up against Obama.

    It now reads to me, as if this person wrote the article prior to the election.

    That said, in the weeks leading to the election, I had grown highly suspicious of the “Drudge Report.” Every day was another screaming headline about how well Romney was doing, or how poorly Democrats and Obama were doing. But when I’d check other sources, it just didn’t line up.

    So while I agree with the premise, I’m not sure I agree with the author.

  37. How many hours of Glenn Beck conspiracy theories did Fox News broadcast to its viewers? How many hours of transparently mindless Sean Hannity content is still broadcast daily?

    Read it again. Beck is presented as past tense, as opposed to Hannity’s “content is still broadcast daily”. It’s an overall summation of the years “facts as you would like them to be” have been bandied about in the echo chamber, which led to viewers/listeners/readers being shocked that reality was quite different from what they had been told.

  38. I appreciate Matthews’ apology but it’s not enough. The man is senile.

  39. Meanwhile, here in reality, Nate Silver’s stock went up bigtime today.

  40. Florida is still too close to call.

  41. What if Florida had a recount, and nobody showed up?

  42. There’s no point to recounts. They aren’t even challenging the results in Ohio. Obama won this election decisively.

  43. Big Ed wasted no time gloating.

  44. In the section of Ohio where my cabin is… and God is, we had high turnout.

    my nearest village, Graysville, Village Renewal Tax Levy With Increase: For: 21 Against: 20 (every vote counts in some places)

    my county, Monroe, President: Barack Obama (D) – 2,299; Mitt Romney (R) – 2,620 (first time an R has won Monroe in history)

    Fun fact, if Obama had had the same number of black voters in 2012 as he had in 2008, he would have lost Ohio. Black turnout actually increased. Ground game decided my state.

    Sobering up is a b*tch.

  45. ^ Moral: If you keep shouting “voter registration fraud” at people who are convinced you’re really just trying to scare the poor and minorities away from the polls, a previously unenthused electorate may get pissed off and choose to stand in line all day.

  46. “Ground game decided my state.”

    ^^ As it turns out the Obama ground game appears to have won most of the swing states. The early reviews are saying this was one of the best run campaigns, if not the best run, ever.

    Working off the successes of the Karl Rove 2004 campaign and refined in 2008 by the Obama team this campaign seems to have targeted particular supporters; Latinos, youth, blacks, educated women etc. and figured out how to get them to vote in the election. They didn’t do this everywhere just in the nine swing states.

    The other big thing the did was to spend much of their campaign cash over the summer defining Romney, again only in the in the swing states, as a rich, out of touch venture capitalist. Romney was mostly broke at the time after a debilitating primary and never recovered.

    Much more will be coming out in the next few months and I expect it will be just as interesting as the 2008 post mortem.

  47. “a previously unenthused electorate may get pissed off and choose to stand in line all day.”

    ^^ Couldn’t agree more Joe. This whole, lets make it hard for the poor and minorities to vote, campaign backfired big time in the swing states and probably cost the republicans one or two of those states.

  48. Unless perhaps it never got implemented and a huge percent of these votes were fraudulent.

    (just kidding, boys)

  49. Rachel’s fun to watch tonight.

  50. icemannyr Says:

    Sean Hannity still insulting the President by calling him “The anointed one.” and he talks about Democrats having not civility.
    Can we stop the childish name calling?

  51. Hannity’s an ignoramus.

  52. The Anointed One? Still? SERIOUSLY?

  53. “Can we stop the childish name calling?”

    No, he can’t. All he can do is parrot talking points.

  54. icemannyr Says:

    Putting their political affiliations aside in comparing the two shows, Rachel Maddow does a much better show then Sean Hannity.

  55. Maybe you guys should be watching Rachel. I hear she’s fun to watch. If Hannitty is irritating you… good.

  56. I got irritated watching the neighbor dog taking a dump, so I found it helpful to not watch.

  57. New Black Panthers!! THAT’S why we lost!

  58. At least that one. He was the problem.

  59. I especially enjoyed the CNN clip of the NBPP guy holding the door for an old lady..

  60. Good point from Mara Liason tonight on Special Report. She said Romney maxed out the white vote. He really could not have done better. Demographics now and in the future will make it next to impossible for Republicans to win the Presidency if they can’t appeal to non-Caucasian races. But how to do that without robbing the rich to give to the poor and becoming the agents of destroying the economy, that is, Democrats. Ah, there is the rub.

  61. – old lady –

    It’s all a front.

  62. The brightest note of the election to me was that the Republicans had some real dicks defeated. Some of these folks were so far out there I would have voted for the Democrat.

  63. Republicans blaming non-whites for losing. Too bad, deal with it. There’s a way of reaching out to ethnic minorities without selling out conservative values but all they want to do is sit around and hoping for the same demographics back in the 80s. It can and it has been done before elsewhere. Many ethnic minorities share in many of the socially and cultural conservatives the GOP holds, they tilt slightly to the right on fiscal issues but some of the exclusive comments from some on the right pushed them away.
    As Europe is collapsing, maybe they can allow more white immigrants. To expect more white immigrants when Europe was still standing strong was kind of ridiculous. More white immigrants isn’t going to solve the problem either as most Europeans would vote democrat as they are more socially and fiscally liberal than non-whites.

  64. The implication that minorities exist to “get money from the rich and government” is deeply racist, and already being passed around rightwing media. If that side ever expects to appeal to them, they better find a better argument right quick.

  65. Not good enough when the other side is offering free stuff.

  66. “But how to do that without robbing the rich to give to the poor and becoming the agents of destroying the economy, that is, Democrats. Ah, there is the rub.”

    Quit barking about food stamps when like tens of thousands of dollars are being given to oil companies each time someone on food stamps buys a candy bar. Quit barking about abortion, contraception and gay marriage. And quit telling us that we should give more to the rich and wait for it to trickle down.

  67. Time for the whites to leave and colonize Mars.

  68. I bet the 1% could buy Mars.

  69. Boy, The Five started ugly today. Beckel was civil and gracious, and Gutfeld was an ass. I mean, seriously. I guess I agree with him, but could ya wait a few minutes? “Bitter and angry” does not have an expiration date, and you could at least let Beckel’s moment of niceness settle in before attacking Obama for the umpteenth time.

  70. I’m guessing Gutfeld’s approach has been like most of what I’ve seen on Twitter. People are practically throwing themselves out of buildings with weeping and gnashing.

  71. The nice thing about not living in a dream world is that I’ve had almost a week to adjust, a day to be depressed, and probably could have been dignified by 5pm. Three minutes into the show, and the only ‘dignity’ is from Bob. If anyone has an excuse to gloat, it’s him.

  72. God, could this show be any more predictable. Beckel and Perino are the only ones who say anything remotely worth hearing, and it’s an extremely low bar.

  73. And Beckel makes a point of mentioning that all the polls were right…except for Gallup and Rasmussen, the ones they all kept focusing on. Ahem. Funny, I remember O’Reilly saying that on Wednesday, we would hear about how far off the polls were. He had Rasmussen on, but I don’t recall specific mention of his numbers.

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