Free for All: 11/09/12

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  1. Comment from a local doctor at a rally in my town that pretty well sums up why Obama has taken the country in a direction of eventual job loss:

    Dr. Adrian Dan, a surgeon with Summa Health System and co-owner of a small business with his wife, came to the rally from Sharon Center. This was the first local event they’ve been to that drew politicians of national stature, he said.

    “I was born in Romania under communism,” Dan said. “There’s no incentive to be an individual, to be an entrepreneur, to be successful. … Now I see small businesses drowned by regulations. My ability as a doctor is affected.”

  2. Yes, it’s a slippery slope, as the annoying Hungarian Wall Street guy said for weeks. Yawn.

    Republican contenders may come and go, but Alice Stewart lives on. She’s on with Thomas Roberts, as usual. They couldn’t be further apart ideologically, and they genuinely like each other. It’s kinda cute.

  3. Yeah, all those doctors are just lying about leaving the practice. “Romania under Communism” is a bit much, but all the indicators are that this “law of the land” is going to be more bad than good. As one who’s sweating the possible loss of a local hospital, I might be speaking from actual knowledge, not “talking points”.

  4. If you’re gonna try to instruct me about the evils of Obama winning, “Romania under Communism” is not a good place to start.

  5. That’s where the guy came from and what formed his thinking, asshat. It’s a real person in my small community, not some stooge running for office or sitting in MSNBC wearing makeup.

    You aren’t my target audience on this subject nor his I would suspect. This is just reinforcement for anyone sharing my value system and beliefs… like the doctor.

  6. And that’s been one of our problems. When you build up the problem as being that overwhelming, no way are people going to believe that Mitt Romney is going to fix it. I mean, seriously. I like him, I won’t dump on him, but who really believed that he would turn the tide on all this? Most of us only hoped that he would slow it, if that.

  7. Most regulars on this blog know the life bedrock of Joe and to what forms his beliefs. That is what makes him interesting and his opinions worth listening to. Know nothing about many of the others leaving them as invaluable as random riffraff.

  8. I had higher hopes for Romney.

  9. CNN anchor Don Lemon says Jonah Hill is a rude, arrogant a-hole who treated him like “the help” when he tried to shake the actor’s hand during a recent run-in at a hotel … and now he’s trashing the actor to anyone who will listen.

    Be careful there, Don.. I doubt you’d want to get labeled anti semitic and lose your job, eh?

  10. I had higher hopes for Jon Huntsman. I thought either he, or one of the True Believers (Santorum, Newt) had a better shot than Romney. After looking at the turnout it’s clear one of the Believers still would have lost, ony with a smaller margin because of a stronger base vote. In retrospect, it’s stunning how perfectly awful Romney was as a candidate in this cycle. Not to mention his useless campaign staff, who seem to have had no idea what Obama’s team was up to.

  11. “I had higher hopes for Jon Huntsman.”

    ^^ Me too. Of the candidates that actually ran for the Republican nomination Huntsman and maybe Pawlenty, to a much lesser extent, were to only ones the Obama campaign feared in any way. But because the Republican primary was so flawed they were forced out at the start. Romney was the best of the rest but as Joe says he was a “perfectly awful” candidate. The thing is everyone else was worse.

  12. Now why would Don Lemon react so loudly? Pehaps he had a crush on the guy?

  13. I think a large part of Obama’s win was that a large segment of the population just felt that he deserved more time… that it was unfair to throw him out.

  14. Axelrod and Plouffe would have fileted Huntsman like a fish, and the base would have been more turned off than with Mitt.

    Do you know that Bush got 80% of the Mormon vote and Mitt got 78?

  15. I think Lemon is trying to raise his profile by punching up.

    With that in mind, I have no idea if Jonah Hill is an a-hole or not. But, he was good in Superbad & Moneyball.

  16. George Bush made a huge effort to win over Latinos and solve the “illegals” problem. What did he get for it? The conservative base handed him his teeth and the liberal media enjoyed every minute of it.

  17. I think a large part of Obama’s win was that a large segment of the population just felt that he deserved more time… that it was unfair to throw him out.

    Agreed. When I contemplated voting for him again, this was my strongest reason for doing so.

  18. I want to believe that the days of blaming Bush for everything are now over.

    I want to believe that the days of people believing Obama and the Democrats, when they point the finger at Bush and the Republicans, has come and gone.

    I also want to believe that most of my hair will grow back.

    Experience and cynicism has be believing otherwise.

  19. Eh, I don’t think “Bush’s fault” will have much legs now. History will always show that Obama inherited a global economic meltdown which started 3 months before inauguration, but he’s standing on what gains have been made in the first term now.

  20. Right… until things start to (continue to) suck again.

  21. A good start to fixing this country would be:

    1. Strict term limits, you serve one term (in each branch of government) per life time.
    2. Outlaw all lobbying, period.
    3. Stop giving away billions in welfare to foreign countries. Spend the money at home on infrastructure, creating jobs and taking care of veterans that are unable to pick up a bayonet anymore.
    4. Increase exports to more evenly match imports.
    5. Put an end to outsourcing.
    6. Ramp up the ‘chain gang’ in all states and ‘work release’ them in positions illegals usually fill. And they can then pay for their extended stay in the joint. Therefore, reducing taxpayers from footing the entire bill.

  22. 4) good, government just needs to turn on the export faucet. An easy one.

  23. 2) Outlaw lobbying period.

    You had better rip up the Constitution and execute the Supreme Court first, dumbass.

  24. 3) Yeah, let the bastards in Haiti die!

  25. 5) can do now that we have ripped up the Constitution. Will have to implement Central Planning to make it work. Who needs private ownership of business?

  26. 1) Leaves the government full of the inexperienced, with no cause to govern, and far too much personnel change to accomplish anything
    2) Prevents the exercise of free speech
    3) Isolationism results in world wide condemnation
    4) Limited ability of government to control this
    5) Impossible for government to control
    6) Then what happens to the “illegals?” And how do you convince the SCOTUS that it’s not “cruel and unusual?”

    Other than those concerns… great list.

    *rolls eyes*

  27. 6) Let the illegals manage the chain gains. They have a better work ethic. Solves two problems.

  28. We have term limits in California, and they suck. The only people in the halls of the Capitol with experience, historical knowledge, and chits to play are the lobbyists.

  29. 1) and last but not least, lets make it retroactive. Obama and Harry Reid are out.

  30. See there, we have all learned something about CAPS today.

    (as if we didn’t know)

  31. Was CAPS plan the prelude to PLANET OF THE APES?

  32. Better to have inexperienced people in office than to have a bunch of hacks on the take. Lobbying is what prevents things from getting accomplished in Washington. Why would cutting off welfare be isolationism? Are you trying to tell me every country/state in the world besides Iran, North Korea, and Syria doll out welfare to other foreign entities? Yeah, right.

    How is putting an end to outsourcing impossible to control? Pretty simple, you outsource, and you’re out of business in this country and we won’t allow your imports if you relocate.

    Not all illegals are bad and many just want to support their families back home. However, I’m more than a little miffed at the number of illegals with ice detainers in Florida prisons (not strictly Mexican but Cuban and other nationalities — illegals nevertheless) that have committed heinous crimes and shouldn’t have been here in the first place.

    We have a system for entering the country legally. I realize no president I know of has really taken this seriously but if illegals are taking jobs, sending money back to another country, that’s less cash flow back into our economy.

    Whether you admit it or not — lobbying is a major problem for our society. The people with the most money always win and therefore elected officials are not free to vote their conscience — just a bunch of hacks getting paid to show up and getting paid to vote a certain way. Double dipping at its finest.

    Larry Kelly – Next time try and consolidate all your inept thoughts in one post.. It’ll make ya look just a little less like you were home schooled in a cabin.

  33. Caps’ plans are idealistic at best, but discount reality, legality, and logic-ality.

    I can sympathize (to a degree) with they’re intent. But that’s about it.

  34. “they’re” whoops… “their”

  35. there there, Blue

  36. I didn’t catch President Obama’s speech earlier, but I caught some of Chris Matthews’ reaction on Andrea Mitchell’s show. Chris didn’t seem too happy. Anyone know why?

  37. “Winning” Democrats Celebrate Gridlock

    The results from Tuesday night’s election tally means, we are in for at least two more years of gridlock. Voters voted for status quo. The democrats hold the presidency, and the senate, the republicans hold the house, so no change. It’s going to be like ground hog day up in here for the foreseeable future.

  38. ImNotBlue – how many of the six examples I provided would make this a better country?

    Btw, nice job on dodging my questions in the previous post which were directly connected to your rebuttal. You almost had me going off on a tangent about other things until I realized who I was talking to.

    Why would cutting off welfare be isolationism? Are you trying to tell me every country/state in the world besides Iran, North Korea, and Syria dole out welfare to other foreign entities? Yeah, right.

    How is putting an end to outsourcing impossible to control? Pretty simple, you outsource, and you’re out of business in this country and we won’t allow your imports if you relocate.

  39. The meat to the answer to all your questions are in previous posts. Your proposals are so stupid they deserve no further waste of anyone’s time.

  40. David Petraeus just resigned; not over Benghazi affair but because he had an affair. Kinda bigfoots the POTUS recent address.

  41. well, I must say, Fritz, darn.

  42. CNN has the story. FNC seems not to know the reason why. Very odd.

  43. imnotblue Says: is only saying “personal reasons.”

    What’s your source, fritz?

  44. imnotblue Says:

    Drudge just linked to NBC New York… CNN and FNC websites are still “developing.”

  45. It’s in his Petraeus’ resignation letter. Affair.

  46. Somewhere Bill Clinton is muttering, “so what’s up with that?”

  47. imnotblue Says:

    You work for the CIA… an intelligence gathering group… and you have an affair?!!!

    Yeesh, good move there, Dave.

  48. imnotblue Says:

    Better or worse doesn’t really matter with most of your list, and they are either illegal or impossible. Conquer those issues, and we’ll talk.)

  49. You President of the United States… the most watched man on the planet… and you have an affair?!!!

    Yeesh, good move there, Bill..

  50. imnotblue Says:

    (and they = as they… too much leftover Halloween candy, yeesh)

  51. The strongest most powerful men on the planet are weaklings when it comes to, well you know.

    Sampson, Julius Caesar , KIng Kong, Dick Morris

  52. Interesting discussion on FOX between Gallagher and Chris Wallace. Gallagher and others seem to want to make his resignation all about Benghazi but as Wallace pointed out ‘You don’t cover up an scandal by saying your having an affair’.

    BTW when I first tuned in to Fox i thought I saw in the lower third a statement that Petraeus resigned because of the affair while Trace was saying they didn’t know why he quit. I’m not sure if i was seeing things or not.

  53. imnotblue Says:


    That’s possible. Sometimes that happens when the graphics person gets information the talent doesn’t. Remember, they have to somehow tell the talent the updated info, which isn’t always easy… especially if they’re talking while info is coming in.

  54. “Yeesh, good move there, Bill..”

    Larry, Petraeus is a gentleman and Clinton is not.

  55. My first reaction was that it was cover, but yeah, covering Benghazi with “affair” is silly.

  56. Has Petraeus flip flopped on his positions in the past? Maybe he was being blackmailed.

  57. I saw Col. Jack Jacobs on Newsnation and he said there was never any love lost between Obama and Petraeus. Jacobs thinks that the minute the WH heard about the affair, it pressured Petraeus into resigning. Jacobs thinks Petraeus would have resigned anyway, but he got a little push from the administration.

  58. “Jacobs thinks Petraeus would have resigned anyway, but he got a little push from the administration.”

    The timing would have been worked out by the WH but I doubt they pushed Petraeus in any way. Why would they push him out when they knew about the affair ? Just doesn’t make any sense.

    I do have a question about the timing. Not about the Petraeus announcement; that seems to be the standard Friday PM bad news dump; but rather about the timing of the POTUS speech. Why would you schedule the President’s speech 30 minutes before a huge news story like the Petraeus one was dumped? It wipes any coverage the speech might generate from the news for hours, if not days. Maybe that was the plan but I can’t see the logic in the timing decision.

  59. I also saw someone from Politico on The Cycle (Jonathan Allen?) say that his sources tell him there is more to this story than the affair, but he couldn’t confirm it. So don’t blame FOX for being the only news outlet where a few are questioning the story and the timing. BTW, John Bolton on FOX said he doesn’t think Petraeus resigned to get out of the Benghazi hearings because he will probably be called to testify anyway.

  60. “sources tell him there is more to this story than the affair,”

    ^^And that would be – what?

    John Bolton is the foreign affairs version of Donald Trump.

  61. I can’t believe Karl Rove still has a job at FOX after the circus he orchestrated.

  62. Speaking of outsourcing.. Just busted open a new package of Hanes socks. I look at the front and it says ‘Made in El Salvador’ and the back has a company address in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

  63. The woman in the Petraeus affair is his biographer Paula Broadwell. Seems to be a long time affair and not a one night stand. The FBI is investigating so there may be more to the story.

    MSNBC is going with her name CNN seems not to know yet. Not sure on Fox but it will be interesting to see if they go with it or not.

  64. Petraeus’ biographer Paula Broadwell under FBI investigation over access to his email, law enforcement officials say

  65. I believe her name was mentioned on FOX. I’m confused, as usual. Because Gen. Petraeus resigned, he doesn’t have to testify in the Benghazi hearings? Why can’t he be subpoenaed (sp?)? I keep hearing a different story on each network.

  66. Nice to see that Liz Cheney is continuing her transformation into the lost Crowley Sister.

  67. imnotblue Says:

    Don’t you mess with my Monica, Laura.

    Them’s fightin’ words.

  68. I saw a commercial on FOX a little earlier and it said something like: CNN Claims It, But We Did It! We Were #1 on Election Day in Both Daytime and Primetime. With Our Biggest Audience Ever – over 12 million viewers.
    So who’s right?

  69. “So who’s right?”

    ^^ Both. CNN won the 7PM – 2AM slot and FNC won primetime 8PM -11PM. I assume FNC also won dayside. You can pick your own winner.

  70. Thanks, Fritz.

  71. Petraeus may not testify Thursday, but Rep. King seemed determined that he will soon enough. Btw, I heard this on Erin Burnett OutFront on the radio driving home from the Bond flick. Sheesh, what a fawning bunch of pablum that was. Did Erin write a book about him, too?

  72. Memo to self:

    If you are having an affair, it is best not to take the one job in government where having an affair is verboten.

  73. FNC & CNN are battling it out for bragging rights to election day and night but the demo numbers for the two days following are just as interesting.

    On Wednesday CNN continued to lead until pre-PT hours. Their morning show even beat F&F; an unusual happening in recent years. But in the evening hours MSNBC took over winning all the slots with the exception of Billo’s two shows. Overall CNN won dayside and MSNBC the PT hours.

    On Thursday MSNBC again led the way winning both TD and PT in the demo. To start MJ beat F&F; the first time I can remember that occurring. In the evening MSNBC won every slot except for ‘The 5’ beating HB’s 1st hour and and Billo’s first hour.besting Schultz.

    The real surprise was that Schultz edged out Billo in the repeat show; something I don’t think has happened in many years. I think Laura Ingram was in for Bill that night so that may have played a roll in the low numbers.

    Fridays numbers won’t be in till next week but I don’t expect a return to normal, if that happens, until sometime next week.

  74. And IF that’s true, the massively failed ‘get out the vote’ might have made the difference. Here’s one of many stories on that.

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