What’s Hot/What’s Not: 11/11/12

What’s Hot:

Cable News Hits the Cycle – We started the week with heavy political coverage due to the presidential election Tuesday. We closed out the week with a high profile government resignation because of a sex scandal. In between there was continued coverage of the fallout from a natural disaster (Sandy). Cable News fantasizes about hitting the trifecta of a big political story, a natural disaster, and a sex scandal. This week, it did.

Karl Rove vs. FNC’s Decision Desk – It was the most interesting thing to happen all election night, coverage-wise.

What’s Not:

Chris Matthews – Matthews shot his mouth off on the air and had to apologize for it.

Donald Trump – Trump shot his mouth off on Twitter but will never apologize for it.


6 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 11/11/12”

  1. Surprised MSNBC’s ratings didn’t make the list. I’m sure things will return to normal next week, but it was a good week.

    I suspect FOX might have lost some credibility with some of their followers and I wonder if people will begin to question what they hear on FOX more… especially since FOX’s pundits can’t just come out and admit they were wrong.

  2. What I’m currently loving about Fox is that after his all-too-brief “Whoops, my bad”-tour, Dick Morris seems to be continuing his circuit of all the evening-shows. Every conservative that I hear speaks of him as a buffoon. As surprised as some may have been at the outcome, NO one really believed that if would be a landslide for Romney, Michael Barone aside. I would really like to know the basis of his job-security at that organization, since appeal and prescience doesn’t seem to apply.

  3. Dick Morris says bad things about the President. This seems to be all that’s necessary to remain a part of that ridiculous network.

  4. ^ That’s an interesting development. The Ed Show is a weak link in an otherwise strong primetime lineup. If you’ve seen one Ed Show you’ve seen them all, which is what happened to Keith Olbermann: It got to where you could write the show in your head just from watching the opening segment announcing topics. Boring.

  5. What’s after “trifecta?” Because that’s what happened this week.

    They had ample time and reason to talk about themselves and their competition. And there’s very little cable news likes more than that.

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