Free for All: 11/12/12

Forgot about this. So what’s on your mind?


65 Responses to “Free for All: 11/12/12”

  1. The more I learn about the FBI’s handling of the Petraeus case the more I’m swinging back to Joe’s side of the fence. Other than horrible and reckless judgement, it seems just a shameful example of human frailty with no other there, there. Played well by the FBI in a tricky situation

  2. The FBI should investigate ELMO. I’m betting this poor guy is getting the bum’s rush. Tickle me innocent:

  3. @donsurber
    “The good news: Kevin Clash was not scheduled to testify on Benghazi.”

  4. Garbage runs on Mon & Thurs but of course it doesn’t today because Veterans day is being observed.

    Several houses on my block that are sporting American flags had their garbage to the curb this morning.

    This is what I call FNC patriots. Not to be confused with REAL PATRIOTS.

    Translation for those faux patriots in the house:

    People flying American flags should know the garbage doesn’t run on Veterans day.

  5. Caps, when I was living in NY this happened all the time because many companies are open on Veterans’ Day. I always worked on Veterans’ Day. People get very confused about what’s open and what’s closed. Same on Columbus Day. And on my block, the sanitation trucks usually came around at night ON Veterans’ Day, so many of us put our garbage out on the sidewalk in the afternoon. Don’t blame “FNC Patriots.” What a ridiculous term. My dad was wounded on Iwo Jima, received the Purple Heart, watched FOX News, and was confused about which holidays had garbage collection.

  6. CAPS garbage apparently runs on Veterans Day.

  7. carolmr – I live in a Florida county that ALWAYS votes republican. Therefore I think ‘FNC patriots’ fits like a hand crafted boot.

    Besides, the city also sends out a newsletter which has the garbage/recycle/trash collection schedule and clearly specifies which days are observed as holidays.

  8. I still don’t see the connection among “real” patriots, “FNC” patriots, and garbage collection.

  9. I hear ya, Carol. I have no clue what that guy is talking about.

  10. You don’t see the correlation between flying a flag at your house year round and Veterans day? And on the observed holiday you put out your garbage even though it doesn’t run until tomorrow? Its quite a disconnect which leads me to believe the flag flyers are faux patriots.

    To further explain – FNC is pro-government when a ‘R’ is in office and anti-government when a ‘D’ is holding down the fort.

    Therefore, FNC viewers are a bunch of flip flopping hypocrites. Guess its sorta like being pro-life before the baby is born and then anti-welfare once the children arrive. (And not exactly lining up to adopt either.) It makes no sense.

  11. Way Too Early was painful to watch. Joe and Mika just aren’t of the same mold Willie Geist is. They tried to crack the same punchlines and use the exact same format and it was just bizarre.

  12. I saw that, Andy. It was very weird. They should let Barnicle do it.

  13. Is it like when people used to sub for Gutfeld, and do the same schtick? I can imagine.

  14. It was exactly like that. Same script, different voices. Weird.

  15. It appears CNN got their once every four years ratings win, getting them to run ads saying “CNN: America’s Choice When It Really Counts.” I somehow don’t see this as an achievement.

  16. Welcome to CNN.. Where you can watch 15 hours of Wolf Blitzer a week because he’s just so palatable.

  17. Special Report had the caption ‘Meltdown’ underneath the BBC logo. What’s happening in the UK is a real meltdown, not Karl Rove last week. BBC Newsnight scrapped plans to broadcast a report on Jimmy Savile and then it decided to air a report falsely accusing one of Thatcher’s aides of sexually abusing a child last week. The main hosts of the BBC Newsnight apparently refused to read the apology and had a fill-in to read it on air instead. We’ll see if Mark Thompson, who’s now in charge of the NYT and was the BBC’s Director General at the time of the cover-up will be forced to appear before a parliamentary committee.

  18. I’m too lazy to put up the link but on the Daily Telegraph’s website, the BBC is allowing outgoing Director General George Entwhistle, who resigned over the latest BBC scandal, to receive millions despite the fact he only worked in that position for only a few months.

  19. “The Fight” from yeterday’s NASCAR race is getting a lot of play on the news today. 🙂

  20. “I hear ya, Carol. I have no clue what that guy is talking about.”

    Thanks, Joe. I thought I was losing my mind.

  21. Nothing makes my day like the return of the Fox mole.

  22. lonestar77 Says:

    Garbage trucks came today in my neighborhood as well as in my parents.

  23. FOX doesn’t seem to be as interested in Benghazi since after the election ended. I wonder why.

  24. They are, instead, trying to prove that the voter fraud (see: boogeyman) is the only reason Obama won.

  25. Everybody else seems more interested. Wonder why.

  26. The only holiday garbage trucks don’t run in my town is Christmas Day. They run on all other holidays.

  27. Andy, you might want to actually watch Fox before you make idiotic statements.

  28. “It appears CNN got their once every four years ratings win, getting them to run ads saying “CNN: America’s Choice When It Really Counts.” I somehow don’t see this as an achievement.”

    Chris, well said. Sad, isn’t it? I see those commercials and I just think, awe, poor CNN. They try so hard. Their ratings plummeted back to the their “normal” in record time. How can they possibly celebrate that? Someone here, might have been you, said Shep would be good at CNN if they didn’t suck the life out of him. Yeah, that’s exactly what would happen.

    Speaking of sucking the life out of someone, this Petraeus story is getting stranger by the minute. Ugh, this is just depressing. I miss the days when sex scandals were humorous and mildly entertaining. This is just sad. 😦

  29. Poor Ohioans are about to be dumbfounded by their Obama victory reward:

    Yeah, we know it would have happened no mater who won, but try telling that to them.

  30. It may shock you to learn that your average liberal knows budget cuts are happening all over the country regardless of who is President. But you keep selling that “they voted for free stuff” crap, sparky. The GOP will never win the presidency again as long as they keep talking like that.

  31. The average liberal isn’t the guy on food stamps who thought voting for Obama would keep the wolf from his door. And you know what, two months later the wolf eats his food.

  32. That is an imaginary straw man created by idiot conservatives with no understanding of what life on food stamps is like, or what poor people vote for. Keep shoveling.

  33. Expectations will evaporate as Obama’s term continues as the 47% straw man finds the nice credit he got from his income tax return fling is now kept to pay for his health care benefit. And the straw man is surprised that the deal Obama makes to tax the rich also bites into government programs to ease the debt. The straw man finds with his Obama what he found with his Lyndon Johnson, an IOU in his straw pile.

  34. So, the head of the CIA and his gal pal were trying to be clever:

    Petraeus and Broadwell apparently used a trick, known to terrorists and teenagers alike, to conceal their email traffic, one of the law enforcement officials said.

    Rather than transmitting emails to the other’s inbox, they composed at least some messages and instead of transmitting them, left them in a draft folder or in an electronic “dropbox,” the official said. Then the other person could log onto the same account and read the draft emails there. This avoids creating an email trail that is easier to trace.

    Now they should have used my old trick of writing notes in lemon juice and then holding the paper over a candle fame to render the invisible ink visible. Worked great for we Boy Scouts.

  35. savefarris Says:

    Where’s Big Ed on this one?:

    Maybe if Ed took a pay cut and “did his fair share”, these people wouldn’t be looking for work today…

  36. “Doing your fair share” is code for, “put your hands up… this is a stickup!”


    You might want to sell some stock or move a hunk of your 401-K to money-market funds as the Obama governance is about to hurt the stock market.

  38. This may get it’s own post – or not but MSNBC won the PT demo three nights in a row last week; for the first time since 2001. Not sure it means a lot as it was the three days after the election but if MSNBC demo numbers continue to beat FNC this week then we may have to discuss this story as more than an anomaly.

    The biggest ratings shocker in the numbers is that Billo lost to Ed Schultz, in the repeat show, two nights running. I don’t know if there were sub-hosts on those nights but even so Billo’s show is the firewall at FNC primetime and any loss by him must be worrying to Roger Ailes.

  39. Conservatives are depressed and aren’t watching cable news. Liberals are invigorated and enjoying reinforcement of their Obama victory. Independents still trying to decide who to vote for and are watching sitcoms.

  40. This Petraeus scandal has so many angles that you can come up with a dozen conspiracy theories for the ‘conservative media complex’ (love that term) to spin for months to come. Currently they seem to be focusing on bashing the FBI for launching the investigation in the first place but I assume that FBI head Mueller scalp is not the big prize but rather that of Eric Holder.

    Most of the current conspiracy theories out there focus on the FBI/Obama timeline: in that he must have know weeks ago what happened but delayed it to either win the election or hide the ‘real story’ behind the Benghazi attack. The fact that this didn’t happen is, of course, part of the conspiracy.

    Missing are any attacks on Petraeus for causing this mess in the first place. He seem to have gotten a free ride by everybody because of his reputation. I hear military pundits and politicians tell us, all the time, what a great man he is, how smart he is and how he must have been under great duress to allow this slip to happen. I’m sorry but having an affair with a military groupie is just not that smart and makes me wonder what other times he’s let his **** do his thinking.

  41. Like Bill Clinton.

  42. “Like Bill Clinton”

    ^^ Exactly.

  43. I haven’t seen (although, I haven’t been watching) any of these “voter fraud” stories, what are they saying?

    The only thing I heard (which was mildly interesting… but only mildly) was some awful talk radio host Sunday night, who said that Obama lost every state where voter ID laws required a picture ID. Again, mildly interesting… although, most likely coincidental.

    But isn’t that the way these elections almost always are? In the weeks leading up to voting, both sides scream about “voter fraud!” and “intimidation!” and “faulty machines!” and then whichever side wins, they forget what they had said, and mock everyone else for even suggesting such a thing could happen.

    It’s only cheating if you get caught.

  44. “It’s only cheating if you get caught.”

    ^^ The only case I can find where someone was actually charged was the father in NM who tried to vote Republican for his son in what, he said, was an attempt to prove voter fraud existed. Looks like it does.

  45. I shouldn’t be enjoying this whole ‘scandal’, but the potential for humor is too great. You got the FBI with the shirt up and the Generals with their pants down and it’s quite a show.

  46. I’m betting everybody’s-pal-Jill is damn sorry she complained to shirtless-G-man.

  47. Saw a story on UPS dumping their funding for the Boy Scouts because they’re anti-G or something along those lines.

    Let me translate it for you sheep:

    Having ‘perversion files’ and playing ‘hot potato’ with the boy scout leaders just like the Catholics did with their booty thieves is cool..

    But, BY ALL MEANS, don’t oppose G people (ya know the ones that don’t rape children) or we’ll cut your funding.

  48. Caps, shut the fck up.

  49. The day us “sheep” need your advice will be the day that Obama heads back to Kenya for a family reunion.

  50. Thankfully, I don’t even know what “hot potato” is, and I was a Scout. Wasn’t a CAPS in my troupe

  51. Hot potato is when you pawn off molesters to new cities so they can get fresh meat. Which IMO, is just as bad as doing the deed yourself.

    Who knows. Maybe Laura & Larry Kelly can pool their money together and help the Catholic church & boy scouts pay off their rape debts.

    Now that would be a very ‘patriotic’ thing to do, eh?

  52. Maybe we can pool our money and get your well capped.

  53. @brianstelter
    The man who accused Kevin Clash (Elmo) of underage sexual conduct has RECANTED. His lawyer now says it was “adult consensual relationship.”

  54. ^ Which is exactly what Mr. Clash said. Douchebag’s lawyer is now explaining the term “slander” to his client..

    Caps, you need to find a reasonably grownup way to discuss cable news on this board. So far all I see is a creepy troll.

  55. I was on #TeamElmo from the minute I read the details of the story. Nothing should ever have been made public.

  56. Strike the pose.
    @MichelleFields Jill Kelley leaves the shades of her home windows open for photo-op. Desperate much?

  57. I tried that to attract the widow Cosgrove, but she just pulled down her shades.

  58. Jesse Waters is an annoying troll.


    Fox News Channel was the number one ad-supported cable network for the fourth consecutive week, the first time that has ever happened in the network’s history. FNC averaged 3.55 million viewers in primetime, and 1.78 million viewers in total day. In the adults 25-54 demo, FNC was second only to ESPN.

    CNN cracked the top five in primetime and the top 10 in total day, thanks to Tuesday’s election coverage and coverage in the days that followed. CNN placed fourth overall in primetime with 1.96 million total viewers, and eighth overall in total day with 1.04 million. MSNBC was also in the top 10, placing fifth overall in primetime with 1.83 million viewers, and seventh in total day with 1.04 million.

    As we noted, MSNBC made gains in the demo toward the end of the week, but still finished behind FNC for the week as a whole. Yesterday, with the regular hosts back on duty, FNC was again number one in total and demo viewers.

    (from TVNEWSER)

  60. Another example of the fine FNC patriots here in Florida:

    Homeowner’s upside-down flag brings distress to Palm Bay neighbors

    From the article:

    The residents of the home did not respond to phone calls, but when FLORIDA TODAY knocked on the front door, they posted a sign on the door explaining why they were flying the Stars and Stripes upside down.

    It points out how the inverted U.S. flag is recognized as an official signal of distress, and not meant as disrespect when done for the “right reasons.” It cites the U.S. flag code, Title 36, chapter 10 — which despite advising against it, does not include penalties for flying a flag upside down. The code was amended and approved by Congress in 1976.

    The sign goes on to read: “As a result of the many traitors and enemies we as a free people have, both foreign and domestic, as a result of unconstitutional acts, legislation and atrocities passed and/or committed against the US citizens and their life, liberty and property, and as a result of policies that have allowed (and continues to allow) enemies of this nation to enter in large numbers through porous border policy, I believe the life, liberty and property of US citizens are in dire danger and distress.”

  61. a mind is a terrible thing to lose.

  62. savefarris Says:

    Jill Kelley leaves the shades of her home windows open for photo-op

    Everyone knows that if you really want your privacy respected, you pose for Vanity Fair. #LeaveValeriePlameAlone

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