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Betty Liu Profile…

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The New York Observer’s Patrick Clark profiles Betty Liu while her program In the Loop does  post Election drill down…

It was the morning after the presidential election on the set of Bloomberg Television’s In the Loop, and Leo Hindery Jr., a partner at InterMedia Partners and a sometime adviser to Democratic officials, was pumping his arms in an off-air shimmy.

“Ohio, baby,” he said, naming the point in the previous night’s returns when he’d begun to celebrate. Then the cameras rolled, host Betty Liu repeated the question, and the private equity investor stifled a smile.

Mr. Hindery’s giddiness aside, there was reason to believe that Ms. Liu’s Wednesday morning show would be gloomy. During the run-up to the election, much had been made of Wall Street’s support for Mitt Romney and its antipathy toward President Barack Obama, the turncoat who banked the financial sector’s support in 2008, then chided banker “fat cats.” And so Off the Record arrived at Bloomberg’s Lexington Avenue headquarters to take in the news outlet’s weekday morning television show, looking to gauge the Wall Street’s morning-after mood. (Disclosure: this reporter was an intern at Bloomberg News during the summer of 2011 and the winter of 2012.)


Free for All: 11/14/12

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C3 Out, C7 In?

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MediaPost’s Wayne Friedman writes about how C7 ratings are increasing in importance for TV networks…

Although advertisers don’t pay for seven days of viewing, more top network TV shows are grabbing big week-long DVR viewership — with many programs now getting a 50% increase from time-shifted viewing.

Many shows until recently were only gaining 30% to 40% higher numbers when including a week’s worth of time-shifted viewership. But now, many programs are registering much higher numbers, for the most recent reporting week in late October.

This growing research has pushed senior TV-media executives to seek a change in the way they make deals with advertisers — possibly looking to extend from the current three-day media deal model, the live average commercial ratings plus three days of DVR playback metric (C3).