Out Muscled…

That FBN got outmuscled by CNBC on a Simpson Bowles interview does not surprise me. You can blame the PR people partially for not standing up to CNBC and saying, “We already committed to FBN, we aren’t going to back out to please you.” But, let’s face it, CNBC can get away with this muscle work because of its penetration, both in terms of providers and channel placement and reach compared to FBN’s. If it were a booking war between CNN and MSNBC it would be a different story because the playing field is more even. Maybe one day that will change and CNBC won’t be able to throw its weight around quite so easily and, therefore, PR people won’t be as easily cowed.

That said, the on the air reaction could have been handled better than it was. “Apparently, David, they don’t want to fix the debt that badly”?????? Come on. As if fixing the debt had any greater chance of success had Simpson and Bowles done any TV today vs. doing no TV today. Simpson and Bowles got marginalized by Congress and the White House long ago. Periodic TV appearances aren’t going to alter that fact. FBN has a right to be pissed. But hyperbole makes for a poor counterargument.


9 Responses to “Out Muscled…”

  1. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    I was shocked that FBN was so shocked that S&B ditched FBN. According to the Oct ’12 Nielsen ratings, Liz’s 4pm show got a paltry and microscopic 28k total viewership. I mean seriously…if CNBC, the leader in biz news, is offering you a whole hour of undivided attention…why would you NOT bail on FBN?

  2. Do honorable people bail on CNN because they are at the bottom of the ratings? A deal is a deal, of course of course, and no one should welch on a deal, of course. Wilbur!!!!!

  3. starbroker Says:

    As usual, Where’sTheBeef (shill for CNBC) can’t even read a basic Nielsen Ratings. Here’s a hint: P2+ = Total Viewers


    What they should have done is said screw CNBC, you can be an Cavuto (FNC) and you’ll have 1,428,000 more eyeballs than Maria has.

    Also, we’ll re-air it on Cavuto’s FBN show

    Poor WheresTheBeef … he’s still upset FBN hit profitability ahead of schedule. He kept acting like the channel would fold under because it was a loser. =) And yet, 20+ year non-rated Bloomberg is still around. Of course, FBN has more ad revenue and a much larger carriage fee than Bloomberg.

  4. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    According to your OWN link, I was right – Liz Claman’s show (the one Simpson & Bowles was supposed to be on, not Cavuto on FBN) gets 29k viewers. Pathetic. But thanks for making my point for me.

  5. Where’sTheShill wiffs again:

    According to the Oct ’12 Nielsen ratings, Liz’s 4pm show got a paltry and microscopic 28k total viewership.>>

    Of course WTB used the HH number and not the P2 (Total Viewers).

    So when pointed out that he can’t read Nielsen Ratings what’s WTB do? He blows it yet again!!

    WTB: According to your OWN link, I was right>>

    No, you were totally wrong. You didn’t know the difference between HH and P2, but thanks for really showing your true ignorance!

    WTB: Liz Claman’s show (the one Simpson & Bowles was supposed to be on, not Cavuto on FBN) gets 29k viewers.

    Wait, before you claimed the HH number was Total Viewers, so you admit you blew it and were wrong. Now go LEAN FORWARD!

  6. wheresthebeef09 Says:

    Ok, so now you’re arguing over 1,000 viewers – a rounding error? You’re obviously delusional and in denial, just like your pals at FBN.

    Now shoo…those floors ain’t gonna mop themselves….

  7. whine whine whine..why does fox and all its chronies seem to do nothing but whine when things don’t go their way. they are sounding too much like the republicans. blame who ya want gee whiz. fbn is irrelevant. only way they are surviving is by programing non business related programming. fox lite.

  8. Weren’t you in Harry and the Hendersons?

  9. […] Bloomberg. I think we may have witnessed just such an incident a while back when Simpson and Bowles bailed out on FBN to be exclusive for Maria Bartiromo. All FBN could do is take the the air and whine about […]

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