Free for All: 11/16/12

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  1. Obama is very prepared to take us off the fiscal cliff and blame the Republicans. With loss of Bush tax cuts, raises in dividend taxes, & return of payroll taxes, the middle class tax payers will see themselves with $4,000 a year less to spend. Even the free-loading 47% will get some love.

  2. And no Twinkies for which to drown their sorrows.

  3. UNIONS EAT THEIR OWN (Twinkies)

    Saw it happen at my company. Strikes mixed with violence. Crippling work rules. Suddenly South Carolina looked very inviting. Closed 50% of the business and moved the rest from Ohio there. 100 years of Ohio employment over. As the workforce was older, few could find jobs that paid at all close to what they had earned.

  4. In today’s edition of what ya won’t be hearing about from the MSM which includes FNC.

    BBC forced to make another apology as Chief Rabbi’ microphone is left on during Radio 4 interview – and he blames Iran for Gaza conflict

    Appearing on the Today programme broadcast this morning Lord Sacks was asked by presenter Evans Davis for his reaction to the situation in Gaza immediately after delivering the daily Thought for the Day.

    He initially sighed and responded: ‘I think it’s got to do with Iran, actually.’

    Presenter Sarah Montague was then forced to interrupt Lord Sacks and tell him: ‘We’re live’ before Davis added: ‘Yes we’re live on air. Any thoughts?’

    A clearly flustered Lord Sacks then issued a plea for ‘continued prayer for peace, not only in Gaza but the whole region’. He added: ‘No one gains from violence – not the Palestinians, not the Israelis. This is an issue where we must all pray for peace and work for it.’

    Hundreds of people took to the social networking site asking him to expand on his comments, although he has not yet responded.

    One user @SimonSiThornton wrote: ‘Too bad though, I would have loved to have heard Chief Rabbi Sacks attempt to explain how Israel’s attack was ‘to do with of Iran.’

    ‘Just hoping you could kindly expand on your comment about Iran being to blame for Gaza on,’ wrote @ourmaniniran.

    @NeilRBristol wrote: ‘Whooops! Chief Rabbi Sacks said Israel’s attack was “to do with of Iran”. Told he was live on air and began to pray for peace!

  5. Iran funds Hamas, Duh.

  6. @bdomenech
    RT @NathanWurtzel: Story in @TheTransom about Obama’s Optimizer is interesting. Romney had one: The Randomizer; it bought ads on Canadian TV.

    This might be a joke..not sure.


  8. Obama lied and Rice fried.

  9. I’ll bet she was steamed about it.

  10. Cost her flavor.

  11. I hope Candy Crowley chokes on her Twinkie,if she can find one. Local newspaper reports run on them at stores.

    Another lying POTUS. Different color, same shade.

  12. Rice-baloney, the San Francisco treat.


    ^^The who isn’t as interesting to me as the why.

    Why would it matter if the assault was a terrorist attack and not just a bunch of, out of control, hooligans and thugs; the result was the same four dead Americans.

    I don’t see any political advantage, for the WH, of it not being called a terrorist attack for a few days and I’ve never heard a logical reason what the WH would gain politically by deliberately not calling it a terrorist attack from the start. Certainly not as much as they would lose if this silly conspiracy theory was ever proven true. It just makes no logical sense.

    BTW: Why are you screaming? Your caps lock broken?

  14. ^ Because if it was called a “terrorist attack,” Team Obama couldn’t use the, “we haven’t had a successful terrorist attack on our watch,” talking point. Instead, they could keep spiking the football, and avoiding the subject of international terrorism all together (since that that didn’t poll as well for them).

    Remember, these are the same folks who called Fort Hood “workplace violence,” or whatever. Admitting that terrorism is a real thing and a threat to us and our way of life, isn’t part of the agenda.

    “…and I’ve never heard a logical reason…”

    That’s what happens when you watch television that promotes one idea over another, instead of debate them.

  15. Oh lookie, a Twinkie joke at Candy Crowley’s expense because she dares to not look like a supermodel on television.

  16. Blue is right about why the administration hedged on the “terror” word. I no longer see much point in freaking out about it, though. The timeline shows an attack that started out spontaneous and chaotic, and became a more concerted military-type operation as the day wore on.

    What I see is a confused security situation which went very bad, then a confused explanation to the public consisting of murky intel and spin. They screwed up. What are we supposed to do now besides scream about it for four years? It’s not worth the trouble.

  17. Dead people only deserve outrage if they wear hoodies?

  18. The idea that terrorists struck USA property successfully on the 9-11 anniversery so panicked the White House they panicked and lied about it. Anyone that doesn’t understand the significance of this is either, dumb, blind, or a partisan hypocrite. And just begging for mor lies.

  19. if women are strong enough to take criticism without resorting to “sexist” or “racist” as a supportive defense, the maybe they just should hold important positions. That is Democat women. The other Rice, the Republican one, stood up to waves of criticism without her defenders resorting to such crap.

  20. This is what happens when two idiots and one weak candidate undermine an issue that we were starting to win.

  21. So lets see if I got this straight. Right after the Benghazi attack the Obama administration decides to lie and pretend Benghazi wasn’t a terrorist attack for a week or so until the truth is know for sure. And in exchange they accepted they would be in for months of wacko conspiracy theories by the right wing blogs and FNC and that there would be ‘Fast and Furious’ type investigations by Darrell Issa’s committee in the House. and others

    In what crazy world would you do that. Why not take the bad right wing press, about it being a terrorist attack, for a few days and then move on. They had to know if they lied it would lead to this circus. It just doesn’t make logical sense.

  22. Hint: If you’re going to be 100% against abortion even in cases of rape, you talk about the life you profess to be protecting, not the rape. This isn’t complicated.

  23. Fritz, the information thay had was murky, and they decided to have Susan Rice answer questions about it anyway. No one remembers this now, but her statements were full of “appears to be” qualifications that showed the administration’s hesitancy about the details of what happened. They apparently felt like they needed to say something, or the right would be the only ones talking about it that Sunday. It didn’t go well..

  24. “In what crazy world would you do that”

    The world in which on 9/12 the eunochs that call themselves a press corp directect their entire attention to bashing Romny for his Egyption riot statement. Obama advisors calculated the press would let them get away with the lie. Wrongly as reporting by a few, FNC, CBS, and Jake Tapper eventually forced the truth to squeeze out.

  25. Blaming unions for the demise of Hostess is like blaming the Community Reinvestment Act for the recession. Neither one actually caused the negative event, but they sure make delicious scapegoats.

  26. CNN, the most trusted fraud in broadcasting:

    Wil these people ever regain stature?
    and ratings
    and integerty

  27. You mean the Community Reinvestment Act that caused the housing bubble? Not making much of a case there, bubba. How about comparing it to the mindless blaming of George Bush for the recession? That might be more apt.

  28. Andy tosses out catch lines of crap as usual without any reasoning.

    Baker’s union demanded raises the company, already in bankruptcy, said they could not afford to pay. Said they would close the business if bakers did not end their strike. Bakers didn’t. Company did. What part of that is not clear?

  29. JAY LENO:

    The economy is so bad MSNBC had to lay off 300 Obama spokesmen. That’s how bad it’s gotten.

    The economy is so bad President Obama sent Susan Rice out to defend it. That’s how bad the economy is.

  30. Joe, are you shipping off to Austin this weekend?

  31. Maybe, if you go to Austin for F1, you can meet Larry Kelly for a beer summit. 🙂

  32. “Because if it was called a “terrorist attack,” Team Obama couldn’t use the, “we haven’t had a successful terrorist attack on our watch,” talking point.”

    ^^Yeah that’s it. Romney would have one if they had only known the attack was done by terrorists before November 6th. Oh yeah; the voters did know and still elected Obama in EC/swing state landslide. ”

    “That’s what happens when you watch television that promotes one idea over another, instead of debate them.”

    ^^Yeah this story hasn’t been mentioned in the news at all.

    I’ll help you out here with a conspiracy theory that actually passes the logic test. After the Benghazi attack the Obama administration is really worried that the press is going to go after them for not protecting the Benghazi consulate before the assault.

    They decide to put out a red herring story that it wasn’t a terrorist attack at all and then send out someone, the UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who the right can’t really attack very successfully.

    They know that the far right blogs will jump on the fake terrorist attack or not story and ignore the real story; the lack of protection for the consulate before the attack. They do it and it works to perfection. No on the right one discusses the consulate protection and instead they go after Ms.Rice and her Sunday morning news show appearances as the the big story. it didn’t happen that way but it makes more sense than the crap theories out there now.

  33. @larrykelly Read something that challenges your pre-determined opinion and educate yourself.

  34. Give ’em hell Fritz..

  35. So the CIA signed off on Susan Rice’s talking points. Fine, take it up with them.

  36. Greg Gutfeld is subbing for O’Reilly tonight.

  37. @ fritz
    Your ability to use information you now have, as evidence you would use in history before you had it, is impressive. The fact is, Team Obama didn’t know they were going to do so well in the election, knew it was close, and didn’t want to take away one of their strongest tools.

    Furthermore, if you believed you knew the answer to your question, why ask it?

    And if you think the folks on the right (because apparently the left is unconcerned with such things) aren’t talking about the pre-attack security, you’re not paying attention. Or yet again, still watching too much MSNBC.

  38. “The fact is, Team Obama didn’t know they were going to do so well in the election, knew it was close, and didn’t want to take away one of their strongest tools.”

    ^^ That’s your opinion, not a fact, and it still makes no sense as a political strategy as it was always bound to fail and blow up in their face. The truth of what happened (at least as a theory) was always suspected even at the start so why put out a second theory when you know it;’s bound to be exposed and attacked. It just doesn’t make political sense.

    “And if you think the folks on the right (because apparently the left is unconcerned with such things) aren’t talking about the pre-attack security, you’re not paying attention. Or yet again, still watching too much MSNBC.”

    ^^The story about the lack of preparedness is being discussed on MSNBC and CNN. It’s the Susan Rice conspiracy theory that’s playing wall to wall on Fox. It’s about as relevant to the real Benghazi story as the NBP’s are to election fraud in PA.

  39. I read the article from the Forbes “contributor”. A big SO WHAT. Any company that fails owes some blame to bad management, but the unions dealt them a losing hand. Bakeries by nature have to be regional because of product freshness. Outsourcing to China gives you one stale loaf of Wonderbread or pack of Twinkies. No, the unions had the company by the short hairs and simply refused any concessions since 2004 in an era of competition and lack of capital for modernization that sealed the doom. NPR reported tonight that work rules negotiated in many areas demanded the company could not have bread and snacks in the same delivery trucks. Many local baker’s union chapters wanted to cross picket lines, and some did though threatened with fines by the National union. They felt a lower paying job was better than no job… which is what they got…18,500 of them. Happy Thanksgiving boys and Merry Christmas from Fritz. Y’all write Andy and ask how to earn money from home. Send them both a Twinkie. Feel comfort they blame your bosses. (ex-bosses)

  40. Would only Fritz and Frack stop with the idiot metaphors.

    “It’s about as relevant to the real Benghazi story as the NBP’s are to election fraud in PA.”

    Does nothing to advance your argument. You look like a reject from MEDIAITE.

  41. Speaking of Mediaite, what the heck happened over there? The dreadful righty-soaked comment section has been replaced with a dreadful lefty one.

  42. Everyone is dreadful there including me when I post.

  43. No worries,’re dreadful here, too.

  44. Do we bring guns or knifes to the beer summit?

  45. No weapons with beer. That’s the rules.

  46. lonestar77 Says:

    I don’t like your rules, Joe.

  47. -No weapons with beer rule-

    If you choose not to follow the rule please carry your health insurance card on your person so I get paid sooner. I’d prefer you follow it, though, onnacuz I don’t really want your money.

    Saw on Twitter he’d be hosting so I watched… for five minutes. That was all I could take. I like Gutfeld but that format is not for him. I’d try Andy Levy.

    Outsourcing to China gives you one stale loaf of Wonderbread or pack of Twinkies.

    Seems to me the expiration date of a Twinkie should be based on its half-life. Seriously, has a one ever gone stale?

  48. Chris Matthews is on Leno tonight if anyone is interested. Seemed entirely reasonable and sober for the minute-and-a-half of it I watched.

  49. Twinkies don’t last long enough to go stale. That’s where the confusion comes in. If you’ve ever found one under a carseat during a trade-in…never mind.

  50. Al and LS finally chimed in. We’re almost close to an intelligent conversation now. Almost.

  51. Would be there if you weren’t a moron and an idiot.

  52. Chrissy Tinglelegs honestlly said Obama has the potential to be Washington, JFK or Lincoln?

  53. Of course he does. Just needs some slaves to free, Brits to kill (story Al), or a PT Boat to wreck.

  54. Wasn’t Tinglelegs one of the people outraged over Bush’s civil liberties record? And he he’s saying Obama is up there with Lincoln? C’mon man! Obama’s been Bush on Steroids when it comes to civil liberties violations.

  55. OOO! – that makes my leg tingle.

  56. ABC News reports there are 37 ingredients used in making a TWINKIE including some used in Hair gel, envelope glue, and rocket fuel.

  57. ^ Slanted reporting by ABC. Same is true for many common foods.

  58. Twinkie haters. Twinkists.

  59. Apparently Twinkies will continue to be sold in Canada because the rights to sell Hostess brands are held by different Canadian companies so the Twinkie is not exactly extinct just in America, well at least that’s what I’m being told.

  60. All those people who’ve raided stores should be aware that a brand like Twinkies will be quickly bought by another company, of course it wouldn’t have made a great story if they mentioned that.

  61. Word is that Canadian Twinkies are made with back-bacon.

  62. What we learn from this is that A. They’re worried about Jindal, B. Referencing :”given” names is now acceptable. When do we start wondering where he was born?

  63. MHP is from New Orleans. She has a legitimate right to not be happy with Bobby Jindal. Extrapolating that he will be birthered is a stretch.

  64. We already know that some on the left will have no problem mocking Jindal.

    Remember the radio host and his wife (Malloy, I think) who spent some time a few years back doing their best Indian accents to mock Jindal. Respect is only afforded to those who vote “correctly.”

    And referencing his birth name is fine… no racism there. Referencing Obama’s middle name, well that’s just awful… apparently.

  65. Malloy is a lunatic, and does not represent mainstream liberalism. I listened to his show once for a half hour. That is one bitter dude.

  66. If liberals could repeal the 2nd amendment, would they do it?

    If liberals could restrict capital punishment to just one crime, what would it be?

    If liberals could raise income taxes rates on individuals earning over a million dollars to any percentage they wished, what would they raise to?

  67. Yes.
    Voting Republican.
    A lot.

  68. No.

    It’s already restricted to one crime, so I have no idea what you’re babbling about.



  69. MSNBC desperately needs new graphics.

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