Mark Shapiro a Candidate for Top Job at CNN Worldwide?

The LA Times’ Joe Flint writes that Mark Shapiro, former chief executive with Dick Clark Productions, is in the mix to run CNN Worldwide…

Former Dick Clark Productions Chief Executive Mark Shapiro has emerged as a candidate for the top job at the cable news channel CNN, according to people familiar with the matter.

Shapiro, who prior to running Dick Clark Productions was a top programming executive at ESPN, would be an unusual choice for the CNN job, given that he does not have a traditional hard news background.

However, Shapiro has strong production chops from his days at ESPN, which has its own large news division. He is seen as an innovative executive unafraid to take chances. He also is known for having sharp elbows and for being confrontational at times with talent and other executives.


2 Responses to “Mark Shapiro a Candidate for Top Job at CNN Worldwide?”

  1. And blog readers, you heard it from ‘ol Larry first, otherwise known as ICN 2.01

  2. Possible future for CNN:

    Join the Situation Room for ROCK’N BLITZER EVE!

    Watch the John King Obama special, RATE A RECORD.

    Don’t miss Jessica Yellin, CNN Chief White House Correspondent. She has a great beat and is ….

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