What’s Hot/What’s Not: 11/18/12

What’s Hot:

Roger Ailes Speaks – Ailes gave an interview to TVNewser and it was classic Ailes. You can tell how newsworthy an Ailes interview is by how much it gets picked up and regurgitated. This one got heavily regurgitated…

What’s Not:

Ed Schultz – Whether Schultz loses his 8pm timeslot or, worse, his show entirely, is not known. But the fact that it’s out there being discussed is not good for fans of Ed.

Ezra Klein in at 8pm? – One of the Schultz scenarios involved Ezra Klein taking over the 8pm hour. Bad idea. Klein isn’t 8pm material.

Screwjob – FBN got screwed out of a seemingly innocuous interview with Simpson – Bowles. The screwer was Simpson – Bowles PR team but pressure had to have been applied by CNBC. And for what? So that the network could call its interview an “exclusive”?


2 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 11/18/12”

  1. “Klein isn’t 8pm material”
    Maybe that’s the problem.

  2. “regurgitated” is such an ugly word. Why does Spud hate Roger enough to use that verb? Makes me want to puke.

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