The Hazards of Live TV: #25,179

Borderline homophobia, blatant ignorance of subject matter, and equating child rape with a desire for nudism…and all in one sentence. Bob Beckel has ceased being a parody of himself. He’s now crossed over into the world of walking human tragedy. He’s a bigger embarrassment for FNC than Glenn Beck ever was…


28 Responses to “The Hazards of Live TV: #25,179”

  1. Too risky to put this guy on live television.He`s just not in control of himself or his mouth hence the 10 second delay fox have had to implement in case he swears on air again.

  2. Oh my, the politically correct police pull out their swords of outrage. Beckel is a lovable rouge no one takes seriously. Once liberals get their hackles up, their hypocritical intolerance is unparalleled.

  3. I gaurantee you that victims of sexual assault find nothing funny about sexual assault jokes. “PC police” my a$$.

  4. It’s not “politically correct” Larry to ask that a host to know what the hell he’s talking about before he speaks….

  5. The Left has had Beckel in its sites for years, haven’t they? Fight the imaginary power.

  6. Why was this a subject of discussion in the first place? My guess; to make fun of people who live with an alternative lifestyle. It could just as easily have been the Amish or vegans.Nothing like a bunch of rich white people making fun of those living a life not exactly like them.

  7. Half of Fox’s existence revolves around deriding things that can be, even vaguely, identified as “liberal”. Conservatives, as we know, never take our clothes off. Certainly not with other people around.

  8. The law making public nudity a crime in San Francisco a crime dida pass for anyone who care. There were some real problems that had to be addressed, not forbidding nudist camp beach volleyball as the Kelly family once enjoyed. No, this was obnoxious people doing some pretty obnoxious stuff. Those that left their clothes in the city by the bay push a lenient public too far.

    No if you can’t have some fun with this story, you are quite the bore.

    Finish the joke: an Amish, a vegan, and a nudist walk into a bar.
    The bartender says, which one of you has had the biggest pickle? The xxxxx says …….

  9. Follow up note: Amish ARE rich white people.

  10. No, I can’t have fun with a story that makes a joke of how childhood sexual abuse can affect an adult. You don’t know what you’re talking about, and you should leave this subject alone.

  11. Joe at his most pompous.

  12. Joe may be pompous but he’s not wrong…

  13. Well, it’s settled then.

  14. I’ll take “pompous” over repellent.

  15. Jeez, you can’t live your life worrying about offending someone. Beckel made a stupid joke. Lighten up. It is the definition of political correctness gone mad.

  16. The voice of liberal outrage is that of convenience.

    The crusading defender of the honor all the traumatized children of the world world, at the bat of an eye, jumps as a religious bigot sliming a major religion. The angry reaction toward a buffoonish joke dwarfs that toward a “news channel” dishonestly editing a tape that could send a man to jail. The repeated characterization of an opposition Presidential candidate half the country voted for as a feminine hygiene product is the height of non-repellent humor. Funny stuff.

  17. You all don’t get it.Beckel is the token Dem/Lib on this show right?He’s the “voice of the opposition” right?And this is on Fox News right?Doesn’t it make sense that they would pick the kookiest mouthiest stupidest Dem Lib they could possibly find?The whole point of Beckel being on this show is to do two things,one is to make the point that FNC can include non republican voices,they other is to make those other voices look like idiots.

  18. You never think, do you, Kelly? No filter. Whatever BS enters your brain makes it to the keyboard, and it’s all based on ideology and “winning”. You’ve been given several strong hints, and blow blithely by them so you can make your precious point about “politically correct”.

    Maybe you should ask yourself a question. What are the chances that a victim of childhood sexual abuse actually reads this site? What are the chances at least one may comment here? Go look up sexual abuse statistics, then do a little math; add a dose of logic; and ask yourself what qualifies you to be the arbiter of how a disgusting joke at the expense of childhood sexual abuse victims should be treated. THINK.

  19. Jeez, you can’t live your life worrying about offending someone. Beckel made a stupid joke

    If that’s all it was, we wouldn’t be here talking about it with such passion. This Beckel…the bozo with no internal modulation. How many times has he made the Hazards list now? Five? Ten? This isn’t an outlier. It’s not an isolated incident. It is part of a pattern that has gone on for years. The time is past due…fire his ass.


    Beckel, “Fire His A$$”

    *courtesy of the great Johnny $

  21. If they want to keep Beckle, they need to stop doing the show live. Do a “live to tape” like O’Reilly, and keep Bob’s mouth under wraps.

    Or fire him. Problem solved.

  22. To the many fellow blog readers that have been abused, take comfort the guy who has been the voice of Elmo since Cookie Monster was flour and eggs, was fired yesterday for accusations of abuse by two men when they were teens. Guilty until proven innocent, that’s the American way. What, you say he resigned? Believe that and I have a children’s television workshop to sell you,

  23. He shouldn’t be Live. That’s all. You can’t depend on some intern to follow every train-of-thought, and to know what goes over the line. A word here and there is easy. Some demented bit of wandering brain fart is tricky.

  24. Beckel said he now as sorry if he offended anyone with his “nudists” remarks yesterday. Now aren’t you all ashamed of your vitriol?

  25. No. The apology was warranted, and you should be ashamed of the disgusting things you’ve said in this thread.

  26. I take it you don’t want to hear the punch line of the bar joke?

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