Bob Beckel Apologizes (YET AGAIN) for (LATEST) Embarrassment…

(via J$)

Bob Beckel read a dictated from management apology at gunpoint apologizes for being the embarrassment to FNC that he is yesterday’s gaffe…


7 Responses to “Bob Beckel Apologizes (YET AGAIN) for (LATEST) Embarrassment…”

  1. All’s well that ends well.

  2. Next up Andrea Tantoras for her insensitive ‘food stamp’ remarks.

    Maybe ‘The Five’ could make this – apologizing for crude, insensitive and/or offensive gaffes – a regular segment on the show. They could call it “We’re Sorry, So Sorry”.

  3. No, that belongs to the network of appologizes, MSNBC.

  4. He really needs to wear a “I apologize for my offensive statement” shirt.

  5. “I apologize if I offended anyone with a stupid joke at the expense of rape victims. Hehe..lighten up, losers!”

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