Gobble This…

So it’s like a Thanksgiving tradition at the Spud family. Thanksgiving comes around and Spud’s family has to battle the plumbing. I kid you not. Over the decades there have been numerous events with the septic tank and/or the house plumbing. Spud’s parents don’t have the septic tank any more (thank God!) but the house acting up is still a semi annual Thanksgiving tradition. Once it was Spud’s father who did battle with the house with a wrench, a snake, lots of swearing, and a shower to clean off the stinky mess. I inherited the position as chief plumber about a decade ago. I know, I know…”Why don’t you call a plubmer?” It’s THANKSGIVING!!!! You can’t get a plumber to come around for four days. You want to wait around four days with a backed up sink?

This year is no exception. Usually the problem is cured within an hour after a wrench, a snake, lots of swearing, and a shower to clean off the stinky mess take place. But this year the house has come prepared for battle. The plug is in a new location in a pipe between the sink piping and the main drain pipe under the floor. Not easy to get at, especially when Spud’s mom is busy working on the Turkey. In fact the House has won this round tonight. Dish washing will have to be done downstairs in a smaller sink tonight. Well I guess I can use the exercise.

Happy Thanksgiving…


4 Responses to “Gobble This…”

  1. If this reminds the rest of you of the CHRISTMAS STORY battle with the furnace, you might imagine like I do that Spud has a lamp in front of the living room window in the shape of a woman’s leg.

    Careful with the pipe wrench… you could put your eye out.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Keepy the neighbor’s dogs away from the turkey.

  2. It’s closer to the furnace fighting scene. And yes, A Christmas Story crossed my mind while I was typing this…

  3. And the sequel, Gobble That.

  4. I have saved this to be resurrected every Thanksgiving as a most worthy tradition.

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