6 Responses to “BOOOM!”

  1. like CNN?

    for those that like their liberal bias, but want to deny it.

  2. If Billo worked at almost any network but FNC (or MSNBC) you could think he was serious; but here he just sounds idiotic. Can’t wait to see what Jon Stewart has to say about this bit of nuttiness.

    Costello struck just the right note in her reply.

  3. I like Bill, but he’s going to turn himself into Sean Hannity, if he’s not careful.

  4. “Hi, I’m Bill O’Reilly, and I’m here to lie to you about what we do here so you can lie to yourself about what we do here, and everybody goes home deluded and happy. Time for your Thorazine.”

  5. ankle biting fleas

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