The Bob Beckel Hall of Shame…

Since FNC seems to want to keep walking Hazard Bob Beckel on the air, I think it only fair to remind everyone just how much a Hazard Beckel has been for the network…

Feb 2010 – Flips the bird on Hannity…

July 2011 – Beckel’s first of many profanity bombs on The Five…

Sept 2011 – Bombs Away…

Oct 2011 – Bombs Away Again…

Apr 2012 – Where’s he Bleep?…

Aug 2012 – So many Bombs, so little time…

Nov 2012 – No Bombs…just offensive commentary…

Beckel has stolen the crown of “Biggest Foul Mouthed Loose Cannon” away from serial offender Chris Matthews; something I didn’t think was possible. Thanks to Beckel, The Five has yanked the crown of “Show Most Deserving of a Permanent Seven Second Delay” away from Morning Joe. You can understand why Matthews and Morning Joe are still around…they’re key to MSNBC’s success. But Beckel is small fry. He’s an interchangeable cog for FNC. And the network has never punished him ever for being such a negative attention magnet and his inability to change his ways. FNC can’t keep sticking its head in the sand and hope things change. They won’t.


21 Responses to “The Bob Beckel Hall of Shame…”

  1. The pipes are clogged,
    the dishes dirty,
    Beckel outrage,
    so much butt hurty.

  2. Becjel was carefully chose to make the left look stupid,he was the perfect choice.

  3. Call me crazy but I like Beckel the way he is

  4. I just heard you.
    You might be crazy.
    Leave your number.
    I’ll call you, maybe.

  5. Hey, it’s Lurker!

  6. Bob Beckel is one of the biggest bigots I have ever seen on T.V. He hates anyone and everything from the south – he has NO understanding of our culture / history and has no desire to gain any knowledge of such. He is a jerk.

  7. “Bob Beckel is one of the biggest bigots I have ever seen on T.V. He hates anyone and everything from the south – he has NO understanding of our culture / history and has no desire to gain any knowledge of such. He is a jerk.”

    ^^ I thought this was a bit harsh at first but then I checked out your facebook page and found that, for you, this a pretty mild reaction. The hate posted there is just scary.

  8. My Bonnie lies over an ocean of rage.

  9. Does anyone think LarryKelly is in fact the WordPress equivalent of a Twitter bot? Seems like it sometimes…

  10. For his sake, I hope so.

  11. Larry’s not the only pain in the bot around here. Eh?

  12. TWINKIES!! Oh, sorry..

  13. […] ICN has the Bob Beckel hall of shame highlighting multiple on-air incidents and apologies from the FNC contributor and co-host of “The Five”. Last week’s over-the-top commentary and apology — or as Beckel describes it “one of my typical wisecracks” — had to do with San Francisco’s public nudity ban. […]

  14. FOX is in the tank for the Messiah. Just look at Hannity and O’Reilly. Both living in beautiful estates, loaded with money, exploiting the anger of the ever decreasing conservative numbers. They get paid only be expectorating their crap without stating what actually needs to be done with the Messiah. O’Reilly is so stupid he thinks that a press announcement of a birth in a Hawaii newspaper is proof of citizenship. Hannity spews and rants, but never states what has to be done to bring to its just termination the Messiah. The same with Levin. They are all excrement pussed. The sooner idiots realize the FOX deception, the better for all.

  15. It’s a shame that Facebook dropped their literacy test.

  16. Beckel!

  17. Yo Dorothy, if you’re gonna drink in the morning, stay off the internet.

  18. Dorothy, you’ll never find a more truthful and honest channel than Fox. Fox rocks. Are friggin kidding me saying that Bill is stupid? Yeah right, we only all wish we were as stupid as him. You ah-le. I don’t watch anything but Fox. Now, about beckel, he’s a slob, a boob. I watch the five faithfuly everyday, I wonder everyday why they have this man on. No matter what the subject is, he finds away to defend obama, it is most sickening.

  19. “No matter what the subject is, he finds away to defend Obama, it is most sickening.”

    ^^ I’m not sure why someone defending the POTUS is sicking but Beckel is the only kind of defender of Obama that you would expect to see on Fox News.

    He’s a gaffe prone slob who embarrasses supporters of the POTUS almost every time he speaks. It allows Fox to say they’re fair and balanced with their choice of hosts while, at the same time, pointing out how idiotic liberals are.

    It would be like having Donald Trump or Orly Taitz in te SE Cupp role on The Cycle. MSNBC would be showing us how they have hosts that are ‘conservitive’ while real conservatives would be saying these people are idiots – and they would be right.

    Bob Beckel is going to be FNC’s only liberal host as long as he wants or until Michael Moore becomes available.

  20. ^ And conservatives defending him only proves the point. He’s Chris Matthews with an audience.

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