Free for All: 11/26/12

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  1. ‏@brithume
    So Boehner & other GOPers say new revenue can be part of budget deal. Obama & Dems have responded on entitlements by saying….?

  2. MT @SeanGHiggins: Buffett’s fortune comes from estate planning, so higher taxes on rich benefit him:

    One more and I’ll officially be subbing for Larry.

  3. Just wanted to say, I really like Mediaite’s new “winners and losers of the week.”

    I wish ICN had something like that. That would be really hot.

    Or not.

  4. This is how a real story with many layers and not a small amount of outright confusion, becomes simplified hackery so Fox News can amp up The Outrage. In the meantime, everyone else stops caring about it. Note the lower third with “new concerns”. Really? Whose? FNC’s. When they say “some people are saying”, they mean themselves.

  5. Is it just me or did MSNBC downsize their graphics (which are still annoyingly large BTW) a little bit?

  6. Here’s the video from FOX News Watch where they cut off someone’s mic for criticizing FOX.

    It’s a shame because FOX News Watch used to be a good show that wasn’t afraid to criticize all parties. Now, it’s becoming an extension of the “everyone else is biased, Obama’s out to get you” mantra.

  7. ^ That was the clip of Ricks, not Fox News Watch. Hard to tell, since Jon Scott anchors/hosts both.

  8. savefarris Says:

    joe, I’d be remiss in pointing out that FNC is hardly the only entity to pull that trick. Here: let Rick Perry show you how the game is played:


  9. Uh, Farris…my post has nothing to do with Rick Perry ignoring a reporter.

  10. kirstenpowers10
    Thomas Ricks logic: “If you don’t know how many security contractors died in Iraq, then stop talking about Benghazi.”

  11. Why do people still say Kirsten Powers is a liberal? She’s the most conservative liberal I think anyone will ever meet.

  12. Kirsten is a liberal with a serious problem when that craphole she works for is criticized. FNC’s hysterical attempts to find a coverup in the Benghazi situation have made a mockery of a real story involving real lost lives. The people running that joint are straight-up a$$holes.

  13. Kirsten is liberal and she’s honest. Unfortunately, that “honesty” is limited when it comes to criticizing her employer.
    She goes on Hannity to discuss Benghazi or whatever, and does she ever question what else happens on that show? The free-flowing outrage, night after night, and the fact that it clouds what would otherwise be a legitimate issue? The fact that Sean gets just as “outraged” over a stupid video as he does over four dead Americans? The fact that he tacitly approves of every conservative nutburger, like Trump, and then wonders why he isn’t taken seriously?

  14. Saying, “FNC is an arm of the RNC,” or similar such nonsense is the equivalent of looking in the camera, and saying, “I don’t really have the answers, don’t care about them, and am not a very serious thinker… but I heard someone on the internet say that, and maybe this will get me a little publicity.”

    WTG Tom. You’ll be a left-wing hero for a day, then go back to the dime-a-dozen bin.

  15. Calling FOX News Channel “Fair and balanced” is as comical as calling MSNBC “Fair and balanced”.
    Can we agree FNC has a conservative agenda and MSNBC has a liberal agenda?

    Why does Varney on FBN pander to the right wing loons by interviewing today a gun store owner in Texas who says no Obama voters are allowed in his store?
    Imagine if MSNBC had a guest on who said no Romney voters allowed in my store.
    FNC and FBN would be all over as liberal hate speech.

  16. savefarris Says:

    I could have sworn the election was over:–finance.html

    If you’re trying to persuade House members to go along with your agenda, wouldn’t it make more sense to talk to … House members? And not holding a public rally in a District currently represented by a Democrat?!?

  17. @icemanny

    I will never ever be able to understand the left’s obsession with FNC’s slogan. Really… that’s all that it takes to rile you guys up… a slogan?

    McDonald’s… “Billions served”
    And the left screams, “Outrageous! How do you know that?! And they’re not served, they’re handed to! Boycott! Send in the FDA! Outrage!”


    FNC’s slogan is as much a commentary on their place within the rest of the media, as it is their insistence on allowing alternative voices (ie: people other media outlets ignore) to give their opinions.

    But in other news… GET. OVER. IT.

    As for the gun-store guy… are you sure MSNBC hasn’t already talked about this? Are you sure Chris Matthews hasn’t already called it racist (as he calls everything racist)? And what was the content of the interview? Was it pandering, was it just an opinion, or was it a confrontation?

  18. Uh, no, Farris..that’s not how it works. Do you really think a House member not already on the president’s side will be persuaded by a visit? What moves politicians to change a vote is public pressure. A smart president builds consensus within the country, then takes his argument to Congress.

    You need to get over your derangement about liberals in general, and President Obama in particular. All your posts are “righty good, lefty bad”, and it frequently leads to inaccuracies or outright misunderstandings of the topic at hand.

  19. Ricks knew exactly what he was talking about, and gave Jon Scott a well deserved tongue-lashing for participating in this “new concerns” crap. It is obvious that Susan Rice was telling the public what the CIA had cleared, and her comments (which I mentioned at the time, and are roundly ignored now) were peppered with “appears to be” and “as far as we know”.

    There was no coverup, no matter how hard FNC tried to promote one to defeat the president. It wasn’t news; it wasn’t opinion. It was a campaign tactic, and they’re holding on to it after the election so they won’t look like complete grandstanding idiots. It’s not working.

  20. Gun Store Owner: If You Voted for Obama, Don’t Want Your Business.
    Southwest Shooting Authority’s Cope Reynolds discusses the business boost he has received since the president’s re-election.

  21. Do you really think a House member not already on the president’s side will be persuaded by a visit?

    I’m pretty sure going to a place where they already agree with you isn’t going to change any minds either.

    If Obama really *WAS* interested in “building consensus” and wouldn’t/couldn’t do it via personal interaction (as does everyone else), he’d be going to places that Republicans squeaked by in the last election (where, presumably, people would be easier to flip) or to anywhere represented by a Republican who’s publicly hedged on the Norquist pledge (Chambliss/Graham, etc).

  22. Yeah, but a smart president knows the visuals on TV are the point, not the few hundred who might show up in person. If you want good visuals, you go where the good crowd is.

  23. Why does Hannity have an obsession with MSNBC and trying to equal them to NBC News.

    MSNBC does not = NBC News.

    That was true when MSNBC started as they promoted having “The power of NBC News” and NBC News anchors and correspondents had more appearances on MSNBC.

    Hannity can keep trying to bash them by referring to MSNBC as NBC News, with the exception of two people that appear regularly as hosts on MSNBC and reporters for NBC news it’s not true since MSNBC became a liberal talk channel and NBC News distances its self from MSNBC.

  24. On an unrelated note the Hannity segment on decriminalization of marijuana with Tamara Holder and Noelle Nikpour was awkward and funny.

  25. Hannity says BS for an audience which revels in BS. It’s a giant circle of Stupid.

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