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Press Releases: 11/27/12

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Bloomberg (1)


-Airing Wednesday, November 28th at 4pm ET-

Every part of the economy is bracing for the fiscal cliff, now just a month away. Tomorrow at 4pm ET/1pm PT, Bloomberg Television sits down with four preeminent voices for their perspectives on how the economic, defense and financial industries are preparing.

Guests include:

· Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers
· Former U.S. Army General Wesley Clark
· Kynikos Associates President and Founder Jim Chanos
· Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick

“The Fiscal Cliff Summit,” a one-hour “Street Smart” special report, will be hosted by Trish Regan in New York.

Preview video here.

The program will repeat tomorrow at 8pm ET, Thursday at 9pm ET and multiple times over the weekend. To find Bloomberg Television in your area, visit Follow Bloomberg TV on Twitter at @BloombergTV.


CNN is Dead, Long Live CNN…

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The New York Times’ Brian Stelter moves the needle on the replacement for Jim Walton story…

Several news executives close to Mr. Zucker said this week that they believed he had been chosen to run CNN, and they expected the appointment to be announced soon. People close to the Time Warner chief executive, Jeffrey L. Bewkes, also identified Mr. Zucker. A Time Warner spokesman declined to comment.

Stelter then offers up this…

In considering candidates to run one of the world’s best-known, but beleaguered, news organizations, Mr. Bewkes and his deputy Phil Kent have also been considering their own legacies. They are cautious about not undermining CNN’s journalistic heart and soul, even as they strive to resuscitate the channel’s prime-time lineup, according to people who have met with them about the search. That means the channel’s programming will remain nonpartisan in nature.

“They want someone who has programming and management and cable expertise; someone who can be credible to the staff and to the business community,” one person said. “They know that this is a pretty tall order.”

Well, then why Zucker? Stelter then makes an argument…

Mr. Zucker could check off all those boxes. As a young NBC News producer, he helped start what became a 16-year winning streak for the “Today” show. He had mixed results as he moved up the rungs of NBC, but he can point to cable programming successes even as the NBC broadcast network struggled.

The problem I have with this line of reasoning, as I’ve mentioned before, is that Zucker’s cable news track record shows a history of brand dilution in order to boost ratings with a “whatever gets eyeballs” approach. For MSNBC that meant gutting news almost completely and airing non-sequitur crime docs. For The Weather Channel it meant more reality TV and movies. CNBC lost its primetime identity of live programming in favor of boring tape.

For Zucker to succeed at CNN and keep CNN true to its roots and not succumb to “undermining CNN’s journalistic heart and soul” it means Zucker would have to adapt himself to the CNN legacy and not do what he did to NBCU’s cable news properties. Can he do that? Sure. Will he do that? I’m highly skeptical. Until I see it actually happen…until I see Zucker build on CNN’s strengths without destroying its news brand, I will continue to believe that a Zucker led CNN Worldwide could very well mean the death of the network as it has been known for 30 plus years. For CNN’s sake I hope I’m wrong…

Dressing The Part…or not…

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The Washington Post’s Katherine Boyle pens a lengthy article on female anchor fashion that covers quite a wide area…

For decades, the suit jacket transformed women into workers. With jackets required for entrance at male-dominated clubs and boardrooms, women bundled up their breasts to blend into a professional culture that predated their arrival. But in recent years, even as men continued to assume corporate uniforms of suits and ties, newswomen — one of the last vestiges of female suit wearers — have resoundingly dismissed them from their closets. They now flank themselves in bright sleeveless sheath dresses and stiletto heels, renouncing the once hard-and-fast edicts of television news: no bare legs, no long hair, no feminine distractions from the news. The revision of the female anchor’s dress code happened swiftly and broadly on network and cable television. And if newswomen are the most visible barometers of workplace fashion, the women’s suit may one day go the way of the petticoat.

“Ten years ago, professional dress meant a Talbots suit for women,” said Dave Smith, president of SmithGeiger, a market research firm that consults with news networks. “What’s appropriate for female talent on television has evolved because of familiarity. The audience has equal regard for female and male anchors. It’s given women far more liberty to be feminine.”

It’s also gotten out of hand…especially on cable news. This topic is one I had been mulling over doing a story on for a while now. If, ten years ago, the female cable news wardrobe situation skewed too heavily towards a cookie cutter suit sameness, now things have gone too far in the other direction. Now we see an over abundance of bare shoulders which itself has become the ‘new suit’ in terms of its ubiquity and boring sameness. Five years ago you could make a drinking game where you took a shot if someone wears a sleeveless dress and not get hammered. You try that now and you’ll be comatose by mid-day.

Sleeveless-mania is so out of control now it has broken though traditional seasonal patterns. The summer dress and its cousins would traditionally pop up in mid spring and hang around into the early fall when more winter style clothing like turtlenecks and boots would start appearing. No longer. Now the sleeveless or short sleeved dress appears year round.

Including right now. It’s 33 degrees in New York City today. All you NYC female anchors wearing sleeveless or semi-sleeveless dresses this week I have just one question for you, “Are you nuts?!? IT’S 33 DEGREES OUTSIDE! Why are you dressing for weather that doesn’t exist within a thousand miles of you?!?!”

We viewers aren’t stupid. We know when someone is trying too hard in the fashion department wearing clothing they wouldn’t normally wear this time of year. I was actually planning on waiting for the first big NYC snowstorm and then video capture every cable news talent that wore a sleeveless or semi-sleeveless dress and post them on the blog and call them out for it. I may still do that.

We need some sanity returned to cable news fashion. Dress sensibly. Dress for the occasion. Dress for the season. Dress for the weather. Don’t dress like you have no idea what occasion, season, or weather there is.